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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 5 Recap

It is less than a hundred miles away from the Hot Spring Palace. Two carriages are climbing each other’s feet. One looks luxurious, and the team is going away in a mighty way, while the other is detouring from the trail. to people. At this time, Ren Rusong and his son were waiting for King Yong at the entrance of the Hot Spring Palace. Feng Ju was sure that the second brother was not in the room at all. As a result, he opened the door and found that he was lying on the bed with a sick face and looked extremely weak.

The accompanying physician Wu examined the pulse of Hei Fengxi, and determined that his pulse was weak and his body was quite cold. It should be due to the relapse of the old disease caused by many days of hard work. When King Yong heard this, he was angry and questioned, and Hei Fengxi told him frankly about this, saying that he had not stayed in the hot spring palace all the time, and occasionally went out to go to Anyu Mountain to mourn his mother.

Hei Fengxi’s original name was Feng Lanxi, and his biological mother was Princess Yige of the Eastern Dynasty, who was later buried in the nearby Anyu Mountain. Over time, he had this hot spring palace. The reason why he deliberately concealed his outings is to avoid causing the father and king’s sadness, and secondly, for fear of causing misunderstandings in the court and the people. King Yong knew that he was ashamed of the former queen, and also remembered his son’s filial piety, so he simply did not pursue it. .

Seeing that autumn hunting was about to take place in a while, King Yong ordered Hei Fengxi to pack up and accompany him back to Yongjing. After the incident, the brothers of the Ren family felt that the young master could save danger every time. It seemed that he had divine power to help, but Ren Rusong was extremely cautious. When he learned that Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi had been together for a long time, he explained Zhongli and others. Be sure to pay attention.

In fact, Ren Rusong, as Feng Lanxi’s master, also knew him well, including why he showed weakness in front of others, and why Zang Feng was sharp. In fact, there is not much father-son friendship between Hei Fengxi and King Yong, including him in the hot spring palace, he can clearly detect that King Yong’s eyes seem disappointed.

If Hei Fengxi is not in the palace today, the position of the prince will definitely fall into the hands of the old San Feng Ju, which is also the result that King Yong most hopes to see. But Hei Fengxi would not give up easily, otherwise he would endure for many years to fall short, and Ren Rusong hinted at the side that there would be a daughter of the Feng family involved in three days.

And this female Feng Qiwu is the head of the family and also serves as the Minister of History. Now that she has reached the age of marriage, several elders of the Feng family have urged her. Ren Rusong naturally hopes that Hei Fengxi can marry Feng Qiwu, so that he can get the support of the Feng family. Hei Fengxi understood what Ren Rusong meant, but if he wanted to openly marry the Feng family, he would probably attract hostility from Feng Ju and Bai Li’s. As for how to cooperate, he would come up with a solution.

This time, Huanniang was also able to calm down the turmoil smoothly. Hei Fengxi took the initiative to care about her injury, and asked people to find a hairpin from Tiangongfang, which attracted the envy of other maids. The maids knew that Hei Fengxi never cared about the things that these daughters were married to, and being able to gift them with their own hands was enough to show their importance. Huanniang felt very sweet to hear these words.

King Yong ordered someone to send the Qiu Hunting text. After Hei Fengxi read it, he found that the so-called Qiu Hunting was just a son-in-law selection test. It seems that the Feng family’s face is indeed not small, and he could actually allow King Yong to modify the rules himself. The original hunting ground is divided into three entrances, which means that the three His Royal Highnesses can personally lead ten personal soldiers, and see how they govern in separate courts.

Duanhunmen suddenly attacked Luoyanmen, causing fifty-seven people in the whole door, and only three survived. Tianshuangmen wanted to uphold justice for Luoyanmen, and master Bai Jiande informed Bai Fengxi to gather his disciples down the mountain. Unexpectedly, the Peicheng Tiejia was also destroyed. Before they left, Bai Jiande ordered everyone to investigate in two separate ways, and met at Xuanyi Inn in the east of the city when it was dark.

Hei Fengxi learned that Bai Fengxi had returned to Tianshuangmen, but recently the rivers and lakes have not been peaceful. More than ten rivers and lakes sects such as Lieyangmen, Luoyanmen and Xuanyuan Sect were all massacred by Broken Soul Sect. Considering that Tianshuangmen was involved in the storm, Hei Fengxi asked Zhongli to arrange Cang Yi to monitor the movement, so there should be more discoveries.

Bai Fengxi followed the master to Yizhuang to check the Tie family’s corpse, and confirmed that they all died at the hands of Broken Soul Gate. It seems that the forces behind it are resurgent and must be removed first and then quickly. That night, Bai Fengxi analyzed the real purpose of Duanhunmen through the clues she had so far.

Her thoughts coincided with Hei Fengxi, and she was shocked that Duanhunmen wanted to create a strong army. One of the targets is most likely to be the Majia family in Jizhou. Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Hei Fengxi immediately notified Zhong Li to let Cang Yi send a letter to Bai Fengxi, and at the same time ordered the Jizhou sub-helmsman to rush to support.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the Autumn Hunt. His Highness and the Third Highness were in high spirits. On the contrary, Hei Fengxi was still sick. Feng Qiwu observed the three sons of King Yong not far away, and found that the eldest son, Feng Chang, was hunting the deer king, and he did not hesitate to use the young deer as bait. Such a person who is very happy, but it is only because of the successor Queen Baili that he is so rampant.

When Feng Qiwu’s eyes turned to Hei Fengxi, he also looked down on him, feeling that the other party was just a sickly seedling with no strength. However, when Feng Qiwu was hunting, she was accidentally surrounded by wolves. Fortunately, Hei Fengxi rescued her in time, which changed her stereotype and unconsciously developed a love for her.

It is precisely because Hei Fengxi’s real state is not as weak as it appears, it arouses Feng Qiwu’s interest and is willing to keep a secret for him. As the hunting game came to an end, King Yong announced on the spot that the winner would get the cloud-cutting sword left by his ancestors. Feng Chang distributed some prey to his second brother, and finally scored 20 points. As for Feng Ju, he won two elk and two jackals in a row. , with a total score of thirty.

It seems that there is no prey around Hei Fengxi, so it will not be counted in the score for the time being. Just when King Yong was about to reward the third child with the Cloud-cut Sword, Feng Qiwu suddenly asked for a lottery, and her score was actually higher than that of Feng Ju. It is ten points higher, with a total score of forty, which can be described as a woman who does not allow men.

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