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The Novel “The Little Ancestor of the Group’s Pet, She is Charming and Seductive”


Novel: The group pets the little ancestor, she is charming and sultry, 团宠小祖宗她娇媚撩人

Authors: Su Qingwan, Xiao Changhe

Protagonist: Su Qingwan

Type: Rebirth through time


Dressed as an ugly and dumb peasant girl, and instead of her cousin married a hunter who had no land and no land and carried three oil bottles. Who knows, it can become a group pet just like this. Treating the mute, becoming beautiful, and earning money to support the family, she accidentally raised a second brother of the champion, a third brother of a wealthy businessman, and a fourth brother of a fierce milkman, all of whom took care of her.

“Sister-in-law, if someone bullies you, tell us, and we’ll hit him!” Su Qingwan: “They’re all civilized people, so what about fighting and killing!” The second brother of Zhuangyuan Lang: “Convince others with power, anyway, the elder brother has a high position!” The third brother of the wealthy emperor and businessman: “Break people with money, anyway, sister-in-law is rich enough to be an enemy of the country!” The fourth brother of the fierce milkman: “Bite him, I… Big brother is here!” A certain powerful man in power finally calmed his anger, his own Daughter-in-law, pamper yourself, others stand aside!

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Chapter 1 Dressing up to marry a peasant girl

Su Family Village, Su Dalin’s family, should have been a good day to marry their daughter, but a group of people in the house were arguing endlessly, and there was no joy in having a wedding at all.

“Third, listen to me, anyway, Wan girl is a mute, she kowtowed again, broke her face, and married a normal person, it is impossible in this life.

Instead of letting her marry a widower or a fool, let her marry Xiao Changhe for our Xiangxiang!

Even though Xiao Changhe was a hunter, he was neither deaf nor dumb, nor stupid, so he was the perfect match for Wan Wan! “

Su Dalin looked at the huddled third brother and offered good advice.

Su Dacheng, also known as Su Qingwan’s biological father, had a bitter look on his face, “No way, big brother! The second child of the Xiao family is a medicine jar, the third child is useless, and the fourth child is still young, so marry later and eat big. loss.”

Hearing this, Su Dalin changed his face and made an accusation, “The third child, you have no conscience, are you just like this, watching our family Xiangxiang die?”

Su Qingxiang is the eldest daughter of the Su Dalin family, and has been married to Xiao Changhe, the boss of the Xiao family since childhood.

But since Xiao Changhe’s parents died unexpectedly and the Xiao family became a broken house, Su Dalin’s family was reluctant to recognize this marriage.

In addition, Su Qingxiang and the youngest son of the shopkeeper of Pinju in the town are fighting hotly. One is the hunter’s family who has no land and no land, and the other is the richest son of the richest family in town, a fool. Everyone knows how to choose.

So even on the day of getting married, Su Dalin’s family still refused to accept their fate, and they wanted to let the dumb girl from the third brother’s family marry instead.

“Brother, that’s not what I meant, I…” Su Dacheng hurriedly explained to his elder brother with a sad face.

“Third, don’t forget, you don’t have a son, and even if you die and cry, you will have to ask our boss.

If you let Wan girl marry instead of Xiangxiang now, we will remember your kindness from the third room in the future.

Otherwise… if you die, don’t even think about living a good life! “Su Dalin said fiercely.

Su Dacheng burst into tears.

His wife Lin was also crying, but neither of them dared to refute Su Dalin.

“Cry, cry, cry, you know how to cry, but you nod your head, is it possible that you really want me to marry that hunter?

Don’t forget, the young master of Yipinju has specified that he wants to marry me.

If I marry him and become the daughter-in-law of a wealthy family, what will be the benefits in the future, won’t I also have your share? “Su Qingxiang was very dismissive of her third uncle and third aunt’s awkward attitude.

The people in the family, including Mr. Su and Mrs. Su, are persuading Su Dacheng to marry Su Qingwan.

Old man Su: “The third child, don’t hesitate, marry a dumb, what will our Su family want in the future, why are you worried?”

Madam Su: “That’s right, think about the girl Yue, your little girl. Wan girl is a mute, but she is not. If girl Xiang marries a big family, then girl Yue will get married and the dowry will be settled. This is not very cost-effective. thing?”

Su Dacheng: “I…”

Before the word ‘no’ was uttered, Mr. Su made the decision, “Okay, wipe away my tears, the one sent by the Xiao family to pick up the relatives will be here soon, don’t leak the stuffing before the worship hall. Son.

You also hurry up and dress up Wan girl, this red hijab is covered, the hall is worshipped, people are dead or alive, but they are all members of their Xiao family, and it has nothing to do with our Su family! “

Su Dalin’s family got a positive answer from the old man, and started busy with Su Qingwan.

As soon as the wedding dress is put on, the head is covered, and the face is wiped a few times, regardless of whether the blood on the forehead has been cleaned.

Chapter 2 Dumb Su Qing Evening

Su Qing woke up in a turbulent night.

Before opening his eyes, he only felt a splitting headache, as if his head was about to explode.

There was also the sound of trumpets and suonas blowing and beating in his ears, like a battle that was only available for brides in ancient times.

When Su Qing opened her eyes in the evening, she found that she was in a sedan chair, still a happy sedan chair, and scattered on her chest was the red hijab that should have been placed on her head.

what’s the situation? Is this a movie?

Where is she?

Su Qing opened his mouth late, and found that something was stuck in his throat, and he didn’t utter a half-full sentence for a long time.

What’s even more terrifying is that when she raised her hands, she found that her hands were thin and black, like a handful of dry wood.

This… this is not her hand!

what’s the situation?

Ignoring the doubts, a memory that did not belong to me flooded up in my head.

Only then did Su Qingwan know that she had crossed over and was dressed on the body of a little mute.

The original owner lived in an ancient village called Sujia Village. Both his parents were legendary soft buns. They were bullied. Not only did they not know how to resist, but they also apologized to others who took the initiative to seek peace.

As for the original owner, it was the eldest daughter of Su Dacheng from Sujia Village. Because of the cowardice of her parents, the original owner and her younger sister had a harder life than others since childhood.

Even the one who was supposed to get married today was not the original owner at all, but the original owner’s cousin Su Qingxiang.

Just because the original owner’s parents did not dare to resist the people of the Su family, the original owner was made a scapegoat!

Su Qing was a secret agent all his life in the evening, living in the 21st century, and the tasks he did were all dangerous and impossible for ordinary people to do.

She grew up so big and never suffered any grievances. In the end, God not only let her wear it, but also became a poor dumb cabbage who was bullied since childhood.

Thinking of this, Su Qing was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood.

Just when she was still angry about her situation, the sedan chair suddenly stopped.

A harsh female voice sounded outside, “The bride is here, the groom is here to pick up the bride!”

As soon as the voice fell, the sedan chair was opened.

Su Qing was going to do something in the evening, but it turned out that this body was terrifyingly weak. He hadn’t eaten a full meal at ordinary times. In addition, before going out, he was beaten with a sap, which not only ruined his appearance, but also caused dizziness. Say what to do, even if you don’t have the strength to reach out.

The matchmaker opened the sedan chair and saw Su Qingwan who had lost her hijab. She quickly picked up the hijab and quickly put it back on.

She received 100 pennies from the Su family. As long as this stinky mute and Xiao’s family are married, she will have nothing to do with her.

In the evening, Su Qing was almost the door of Xiao’s house that was carried by the matchmaker.

Several times, he almost fell, but the matchmaker relied on her own strength to stabilize Su Qingwan’s body.

After a while of dizziness, she heard the matchmaker shouting, “Worship the heavens and the earth!”

Su Qing was forcibly held down by the matchmaker in the evening.

“Two thanks to the high hall!”

“Bye husband and wife!”

At the moment when the couple finished their worship, the matchmaker couldn’t wait to push Su Qingwan into Xiao Changhe’s arms, “Boss of the Xiao family, we have worshipped with you, but they are your family members, no matter what happens in the future, you But you can’t go back!”

While talking, he looked at the Xiao family.

Xiao Changjin, the second child of the Xiao family, tsk tsk tsk, a paralyzed man.

Xiao Changyu, the third eldest of the Xiao family, has never been a positive person since he was a child.

This kind of person has no future in his life.

As for the fourth elder of the Xiao family, Xiao Changsheng, a little bastard, he can’t make a contribution just by eating food.

In the entire Dashan Village, who does not know that if the Xiao family did not have Xiao Changhe, they would be inferior to even beggars.

Not to mention now, he has married an ugly and useless mute!

Chapter 3 The Xiao Family Don’t Want Her

The moment the person was pushed into Xiao Changhe’s arms by the matchmaker, he subconsciously reached out to catch the person and wrapped his arms around Su Qingwan’s waist.

The touch of the hand is very thin, like a handful of dry wood, as if he can break her waist with a single effort.

Is she… so skinny? Xiao Changhe’s heart trembled, and he suddenly felt a little heartache!

At this moment, Su Qingwan was dizzy and painful, but she was being held by the waist again, with a sturdy arm across her waist.

That must be the man the original owner was forced to marry on behalf of his cousin.

No, she Su Qing is a modern independent woman, so she doesn’t talk about other things. How can marriage be decided so hastily?

“Aah…” She opened her mouth, trying to tell the man holding her that she was not Su Qingxiang, but no matter how hard she tried, there were only a few monosyllables in her mouth, and it was muddy.

Su Qing night couldn’t help but let out a foul language. Damn, she forgot that the body she passed through was a mute.

Since it is dumb, how can it be possible to say complete words?

But Su Qingwan didn’t want to let her get married like this. At this moment, she didn’t know where the strength came from, and her head slammed into the man’s chest.

This collision almost prevented Su Qingwan, who had died once, from being completely rebuilt. The man’s chest was as hard as iron. The only good thing was that the red hijab on her head fell off after the collision.

The four brothers of the Xiao family were dumbfounded when they saw Su Qingwan, who had lost the red hijab.

The third son of the Xiao family, Xiao Changyu stood up in surprise, pointed at Su Qingwan and said excitedly to the matchmaker: “This is not Su Qingxiang, the eldest daughter of the eldest Su family, this…this is the dumb, the eldest daughter of the third family of the Su family! Marry this woman to my eldest brother.”

The matchmaker Song was caught on the spot, and she scolded Su Qingwan that she had nothing to do with her, so why did she lose her hijab?

If this is the wedding room, the candle blows, as long as it is a woman.

However, in terms of momentum, the matchmaker Song is still not bad at all, “I’m not saying, Xiao Laosan, you don’t know what’s going on in your family? Your second brother is a paralyzed man, and you are not upright, your family is just like your eldest brother. Personally, do you think anyone is willing to marry into your Xiao family and be scolded by your four brothers?

It’s not bad if the Su family is willing to marry a mute to you, no matter how long-winded you are, the mute won’t marry you! “

Xiao Changyu was so angry that she almost vomited blood when she was told by the matchmaker Song, “Then Su Qingxiang has been married to my eldest brother since she was a child, she should marry my eldest brother, we don’t want this dumb, you take it back and give it to the Su family! Tell them, it’s not Su. Qingxiang, this is not over!”

The fourth child of the Xiao family, Xiao Changsheng, is still young and doesn’t know anything else, but he will follow the third brother and shout slogans, “That’s right, we don’t want to be stinky, we want Su Qingxiang!”

The matchmaker Song rolled up her sleeves and became angry, “Hey, give you face, don’t you? This person has worshipped with your elder brother, and that is your Xiao family. Whether you want it or not, it’s still the same sentence. As the old saying goes, the item has been sold and will not be refunded!

If you have the ability, you can sell this stinky mute, and then re-marry a good-looking one to be your eldest brother’s daughter-in-law! “

“If you sell it, you will sell it, you think we don’t dare?” Xiao Changyu was about to be mad, “But even if you sell this stinky mute, then Su Qingxiang will have to be our sister-in-law!”

The matchmaker Song sneered, “Whatever you want, do whatever you like, the old lady won’t wait for you!”

After speaking, no matter what the Xiao family thinks of him, he twisted his butt and rushed out.

Xiao Changyu wanted to catch up and bring the person back to continue the theory, but was stopped by the elder brother Xiao Changhe, “Forget about the third brother! Since people have worshipped, they are your sister-in-law. No one can change this.”

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