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Novel: The Emperor is Furious, The Emperor’s Wrath, 帝师一怒

Author: Ye Fan, Yin Hong

Protagonist: Ye Fan

Type: Urban

Introduction: “Ye Fan! Please! Save July!” “Your daughter, the blood all over her body will be taken away by others!” “Please! Save her! Save her!” I daughter? ! My Ye Fan’s daughter? ! For his daughter, Ye Fan, the god of war, was furious, and with thousands of siblings, he ruled the world!

“The Wrath of the Emperor Chapter 7” Free Trial
Chapter 7

“Another one to kill?!”

Shen Yunlong’s eyes suddenly turned cold: “How big a wave can you handle alone?!”

At this time, Ye Fan’s laughter suddenly sounded!

The laughter was very light, but it was very cold. It fell to everyone’s ears, like snow in the cold winter, making everyone feel cold!

“He’s not enough, what about adding them?!”

After the words were finished, suddenly, there was a shrill scream from behind!

Looking back, there are countless younger brothers of the Shen family, several powerful figures, like the gods of death, mercilessly harvesting life!

The god of death who roams the battlefields of East Africa, the Overlord Mercenary Corps!

Such a mad slaughter directly caused the younger brother of the Shen family to cry and howl in horror. Shen Yunlong watched all this in a stunned manner. After a long time, when the thick smell of blood again spread throughout the hospital, he finally woke up and shouted. Said: “Kill so many people of me, what can I do?!”

“My Shen family has money. You can kill a thousand people, and I can spend another 10,000 people!”

“Patriarch! It’s not good!”

Suddenly, a middle-aged man next to Shen Yunlong hung up the phone and hurriedly said, “On the Internet just now, all of our Shen family’s shady transactions and black-box operations suddenly broke out!”

“Even the evidence of our bribery and murder has been exposed on the Internet!”

“Now the Shen family has become the focus of the whole country!”

Shen Yunlong was stunned on the spot!


“Isn’t that evidence encrypted layer by layer?! How could it be exposed?!”

“Ha ha……”

At this time, a middle-aged man stepped out: “As long as there is an Internet in this world, there will be no secrets in front of me!”

“You… who are you?”

“Heimen Alliance Leader, Gu Changge!”

Shen Yunlong suddenly trembled!

The leader of the Black Alliance, the man who hides in the darkness and is definitely called the king in the online world!

Once alone, the three countries that coveted the Celestial Dynasty collapsed in an instant, and their strength was regressed by more than ten years!

Why would such an aloof man do something to himself inexplicably?

“You… what can you do even if you expose me?!”

“It’s a big deal if I give up these industries, and rely on the remaining enterprises of my Shen family, I can still reign as king in Qingshan City!”

“I’m afraid, your wishful thinking will fail…”

A middle-aged man in a suit stepped out with a cold expression!

Shen Yunlong was about to speak, when the phone rang, and after connecting, one sentence made him cold from head to toe!

All the industries of the Shen family have been strongly suppressed by the big chaebols, all the partners have withdrawn their capital, all the suppliers have been out of stock, and all the executives have resigned!

At present, all the properties of the Shen family have been legally transferred!

“How… how could this be?”

Shen Yunlong staggered and almost fell to the ground!

Suddenly, he raised his head sharply and stared at the middle-aged man: “Yes…you did it?!”

“Who are you?”

The middle-aged man said proudly, “Song Zhidong!”

Shen Yunlong’s eyes trembled deeply!

Song Zhidong, God of Wealth in Jiangbei!

The wealth of the nine provinces under its control, the assets exceed 100 billion!

“Chairman Song! You and I have no grievances or enmity, why did you take action against my Shen family?!”

“You are illegally occupying! I want to sue you! I must sue you!”

“Sue? Then how about letting me play with you?”

A man with golden glasses suddenly came out with a smile on his face, looked at Shen Yunlong, and said with a smile, “Introduce myself, my name is Chu Siqi, I’m a lawyer!”

Shen Yunlong’s face turned pale!

The first debate of the Celestial Dynasty, Chu Siqi? !

This is a legendary figure in the legal world. He has been in the business for 20 years and has gone through thousands of lawsuits, and he has never lost a single one!

What the hell is going on here? !

Why are so many big people who can’t even climb up to their own heights, appearing here to do something to themselves? !

However, in the current situation, I don’t have to think too much. Shen Yunlong is also a ruthless person, and his eyes are cold now, revealing a strong killing intent!

“Okay! You forced me to do this!”

After he finished speaking, he picked up the phone and dialed a number: “Brother, I’m in the third hospital, please bring someone here!”

After a while, there was a mess of footsteps outside, and then, countless soldiers with real guns and live ammunition surrounded them. Five hundred people, all real guns and live ammunition, at your disposal!”

“Ha ha……”

Shen Yunlong suddenly laughed wildly: “What happened to the leader of the Black Alliance? What happened to the God of Wealth in Jiangbei?!”

“Isn’t your lawyer Chu the most eloquent?!”

“I tell you! Take back all the things you did to the Shen family before, or else, I will let all of you high-ranking people die here today!”

“Just you?”

At this time, a majestic figure stepped out and looked at him with disdain!

The five hundred generals behind Shen Yunlong said arrogantly: “Just because I have five hundred guns! Even if you kneel on the ground and call your ancestors, you have to call me obediently!”

“Haha, five hundred guns are so good, so what about me?”

The voice came to the ground, the sound of rumbling came, and the earth was shaking slightly, everyone looked at the sound, and suddenly their hearts were broken!

In the darkness, more than a dozen tanks came slowly, and the dark gunholes were aimed at everyone in the Shen family!

In the sky, roaring, ten Black Hawk fighter jets, staying in the sky above the Shen family, slowly stretched out the cold barrels!

And when the arrogant legion leader saw the face of the person who spoke, he fell to the ground in fright on the spot: “Tie… General Tie…”


Tie Zhennan’s eyes were like falcons: “Are these enough? If not, there are 30,000 iron cavalry in the north of Qingshan City. Would you like to bring them over to play with you?!”


Shen Yunlong’s eyes were lost, his whole body softened, and he was completely paralyzed to the ground!

At this time, no matter how stupid he is, he will react!

Looking straight ahead, Ye Fan, who was sitting in a wheelchair with a calm expression, said with a strong fear in his tone: “You… Who are you?”

Ye Fan didn’t speak, and saw everyone, facing his direction at the same time, kneeling on one knee!

The respectful voice resounded throughout the night sky!

“Disciple, meet the teacher!”

The Wrath of the Emperor Chapter 8


Shen Yunlong knelt directly to the ground, trembling all over!

He is afraid!

Really scared!

The capital that he is proud of is simply a joke in front of Ye Fan!

Shiveringly swept over the figures who were kneeling on the ground, the muscles on their faces couldn’t stop shaking!

One by one, in the entire Celestial Dynasty, they are big men with hands and eyes reaching the sky!

But it is such a high-ranking top dignitary, at this moment, they are all kneeling in front of Ye Fan, their faces are respectful!


The sound of the wheelchair pushing was particularly harsh at the moment, Shen Yunlong raised his head and saw Ye Fan’s figure appearing in front of him, condescending, with a touch of noble arrogance on his face!

“I heard that you need panda blood?”

“My daughter is so young and doesn’t have much blood on her body.”

“I’m her father, why don’t you come and smoke me?”


Like a thunderbolt from the blue, it exploded in Shen Yunlong’s mind!


Got it all!

This terrifying man turned out to be the father of July? !

Shen Yunlong is in chaos at the moment!

How could this be? !

Isn’t that girl a bastard with no background?

Why did such a terrifying father suddenly appear? !

But at this moment, it is obviously not the time to think about this issue, Shen Yunlong no longer has the half arrogance before, facing Ye Fan, bowing down tremblingly: “Yes… I’m sorry!”

“I shouldn’t covet your daughter, it’s all my fault, please, let go… let me go this time!”

Ye Fan was smiling, but his smile contained a chill like hell.

He shook his head gently: “If I didn’t show up, who would come to spare my daughter?”

“Your son’s life is life, and my daughter’s life is not life?”

While speaking, Ye Fan stood up slowly, as if a king was coming to the world, at that moment, the king came to the world!

“God knows what you did!”

“If you remember a wrong sentence, if you do a lot of injustice, you will kill yourself!”

After he finished speaking, he turned around slowly, just as a cold wind blew past, like a king’s trial, he sounded faintly: “This sin should be atonement with blood!”

The next day, when the sun shone on the land again, an explosive news spread throughout Qingshan City!

The Shen family, the first clan of Qingshan City, caught fire in the middle of the night. All one hundred and thirty-two direct descendants of the entire clan lost their lives, and no one survived!

No one has investigated the authenticity of this fire. For ordinary people, it is just an extra talk after a meal!

In the ward of the hospital, Ye Fan smiled into a crescent moon, looking at the little girl in front of him, his soft voice sounded: “Are you really my father?”

Ye Fan nodded: “July, it’s Dad!”

“Dad is here to see you!”

As soon as the voice fell, the little girl’s eyes suddenly lit up, and then collapsed, crystal tears filled her eyes immediately, and then poured into Ye Fan’s arms, with a strong cry in her voice: “Woooo, Dad is here! Dad is finally here!”

“July is no longer a wild child without a father!”

In the joyful voice, with a strong sense of grievance, Ye Fan’s heart suddenly ached, he hugged Qi Yue’s thin body deeply, as if to rub all the tenderness into this girl’s body, and use the most kindly The voice slowly said: “July, I’m sorry, Dad is late!”

“From now on, my father will never leave again. I will be with you and my mother.”

Qiyue raised her bright eyes and looked at Ye Fan with endless hope: “Really?”

Ye Fan nodded: “Of course it’s true!”

Qi Yue suddenly smiled and smiled extremely happily.

She stretched out her little finger and said to Ye Fan, “Then… let’s pull the hook.”

“Dad wants to promise July that he will never leave July and mom again, okay?”

Ye Fan smiled and stretched out his hands, two hands, one big and one small, closely linked together.

“Okay, Dad promises you!”

The emperor’s teacher promises, no money can be exchanged!

Seeing the long-lost splendor on Qiyue’s face, He Sining couldn’t help but redden her eyes!

She bit her lip deeply, her eyes complicated!

She thought that she would never have any interaction with Ye Fan in her whole life, but for July, she decided to give Ye Fan another chance!

Give yourself a hope!

The laughter of the father and daughter quickly spread throughout the entire ward. Looking at the two who had no sense of disobedience, He Sining also had a shallow smile on his face.

At this moment, her phone rang suddenly, and the content of the call was very urgent. After hanging up, He Sining’s face became slightly ugly.

Ye Fan keenly noticed her expression and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

He Sining thought for a while, then slowly said, “My dad, let me take Qiyue back!”

Hearing this, a faint light flashed in Ye Fan’s eyes!

The first time he saw their mother and daughter, Ye Fan had already sent someone to inquire about their life for the past five years!

He Sining’s family is also considered a second-rate family in Qingshan City. His mother died early, and after his father married another, he gave birth to a daughter who was only three years away from He Sining.

She could have lived a carefree life, but five years ago, she became pregnant out of wedlock and insisted on giving birth to July. The father who had always loved her, Lei Ting was furious and expelled her from the He family. No funding!

This stubborn little girl used her thin body to forcibly carry the life of the mother and daughter!

In the past five years, He Sining has brushed dishes in the cold winter, set up a street stall in the scorching sun, been bullied, humiliated, and even endured countless molestations and scorns!

At the age when she should have been pampered, she has endured countless hardships!

Thinking of this, Ye Fan felt a deep pain in his heart!

All of this is self-inflicted!

“Ye Fan, you say, should I go back?”

He Singing suddenly raised his head, confusion flashed in his eyes.

“That’s your home, why don’t you go back?”

Ye Fan looked at her tenderly: “This time, I’ll go back with you!”

There is a sentence, he did not say it!

According to his investigation, He Singing’s father, He Chuang, actually loves He Singing very much. In the past five years, he has also secretly funded her countless times!

But He Sining is completely ignorant, and all this is caused by her stepmother who seems to be kind and kind…

Thinking of this, a gleam of light flashed in Ye Fan’s eyes!

Si Ning, don’t worry, since I found you, I will definitely hold up a sky for you!

Everything that belongs to you, I will help you fight it back with your own hands!

With Ye Fan’s encouragement, He Sining’s eyes gradually flashed with determination, and nodded: “Okay! Let’s go home together!”

The Wrath of the Emperor Chapter 9

He Singing looked at the time and said, “Today is the first time for He Syue’s boyfriend to visit the door, and the luncheon is scheduled for twelve o’clock!”

“There’s still more than an hour, I’m afraid it’s too late!”

“Ye Fan, take Qiyue to wash a little and change into clean clothes. I’ll go home and clean up, okay?”

He Siyue is He Sining’s half-sister.

“it is good!”

Ye Fan smiled and nodded: “I’ll pick you up at home later!”

He Sining left in a hurry, Ye Fan completed the discharge procedures for July, and carried her out of the hospital!


Outside the door, Greedy Wolf respectfully walked to his side.

Ye Fan said lightly: “The notice goes on, prepare enough gifts, and pay tribute to the He family!”

“Today, I want Si Ning and Qi Yue to return to their hometown!”


Afterwards, Ye Fan came to Qingshan City’s largest and most upscale bathing center with July in his arms, at the door of the Emperor’s Bathing Center.

Looking at the splendid dress, Qi Yue shrank into Ye Fan’s arms and whispered, “Dad, what are we doing here?”

Ye Fan fondly scratched her little nose: “It’s the first time I go to my grandpa’s house, of course, let our little Qiyue wash clean and dress up as beautiful as a princess!”

“Dad, such a good place must be expensive, right?”

“July is very economical. You can take a towel and dip it in water to take a bath.”

Seeing her sensible appearance, Ye Fan felt a pain in his heart!

My daughter, what kind of hardships have you endured in the past five years?

He took a deep breath, held Qiyue tightly in his arms, and said affectionately: “My daughter, don’t worry, Dad assures you that from today onwards, you will enjoy the most honorable treatment in the world!”

“My Ye Fan’s daughter deserves the same respect as the princess!”

Entering the bath center, the welcoming man at the door immediately showed a flattering expression: “Respected guest, welcome to the emperor bath…”

Looking up, the welcome words stuck in his throat.

A man dressed in ordinary clothes was holding a little girl with a dirty face and a sick suit in his arms. The smile on his face suddenly turned into contempt.

“Hey! Look at it clearly and then go inside. The big bathhouse for five yuan is on the next street!”

“I know!”

Ye Fan said lightly, “Give you ten minutes!”

“Empty everything here, I’m going to wash my daughter!”

“What… what?!”

The man almost bit off his tongue, looked up and down at Ye Fan in disbelief, and then sneered disdainfully, “I think you’re crazy, right?”

“See what this place is!”

“Even if one person comes in to take a bath, it will cost nine hundred and ninety-eight, and if everyone is emptied, no two or three hundred thousand won’t come down!”

“Looking at you dressed like a beggar, are you rich?”

“You don’t need to worry about money, just do as I tell you!”

“Emotional I met a lunatic today! Go ahead! Don’t delay my business here!”

Ye Fan’s eyes sank slightly: “I just want to give my daughter a bath!”

“Your daughter?”

The man glanced at Qi Yue in Ye Fan’s arms. Although his face was dirty, it didn’t hide the aura of her beauty embryo at all.

A silver light suddenly appeared in the man’s eyes, and he smiled: “Give a bath to your daughter? Hehe… Whoever makes Laozi feel good, he will send kindness and wash your daughter in person!”

As he said that, he reached out and touched Qiyue’s face, Ye Fan’s eyes were deeply cold!


A figure flew out directly, and even with the thick glass door of the bath center, it smashed into pieces!

The man clutched his chest and struggled to get up from the ground. His face was full of horror. He took out the walkie-talkie with trembling hands, and shouted loudly, “Brothers, come out! Someone is smashing the field!”

Seeing this scene, many onlookers showed gloating expressions in their eyes.

“Isn’t this kid crazy, he dares to make trouble in the Wang family’s place?”

“Tsk tsk, it’s a pity that such a young guy is so desperate to go to death, hey…”

After a while, seven or eight big men rushed out from the bathing center, and immediately surrounded Ye Fan!

The first person, Leopard’s head and eyes, looked at Yan Xiao, and said angrily: “You dare to make trouble on my Wang’s territory?!”

“Brother Hu, it’s him!”

Wang Hu glanced at Ye Fan, and said coldly: “Bring a little bastard to dare to run wild on my Wang family’s territory, boy, are you courting death?!”

Ye Fan’s eyes suddenly flashed with killing intent: “Do you say it again?!”

Wang Hu answered arrogantly: “How about saying it again?!”

“Boy, I don’t care what kind of nerves you have, now, bring the bastards around you, kneel down to me, respectfully kowtow three times, maybe I will show kindness and let you go, or else…”

Ye Fan didn’t lift his eyes: “Otherwise, what about you?”

A flash of killing intent flashed across Wang Hu’s face: “Otherwise, I, Wang Hu, will let you know what it means to be alive rather than dead!”

“What? Wang Hu?!”

“Tsk tsk, I heard that this guy is an evil star. There are not hundreds of human lives contaminated by his hands, but there are dozens!”

“It’s a pity that the child in his arms is too bad to follow him…”

The discussion of the crowd naturally entered his ears, and Wang Hu smiled arrogantly: “Boy, how about it, kneel or not?”


“There is no one in this world who can make me kneel!”

“It’s just you, it’s not worthy!”

“Good boy!”

Wang Hu was instantly furious, and a pair of palms the size of a fan immediately grabbed at Ye Fan, and said sharply, “Then I will beat you to your knees!”

Feeling the coolness coming from the top of his head, Ye Fan felt a deep chill in the bottom of his eyes: “Looking for death!”



A scream resounded through the space, I saw Wang Hu’s sturdy arm like a pillar, twisted into twists and turns like a twist at this moment, and the sound of broken bones was like a rustling bean. Scalp tingling!

“Hand! My hand!”

Wang Hu, who screamed twice, couldn’t bear the pain in his hand, rolled his eyes and passed out.

Seeing this scene, everyone fell silent!

With one move, Wang Hu’s hand was abolished? !

Is it possible for a person to twist a person’s hand like this?

“You…you abolished Brother Hu’s hand?”

The waiter who shouted at the beginning now looked at Ye Fan with fear on his face.

Ye Fan held Qiyue with one hand, his eyebrows lowered, and he said lightly, “You guys still have five minutes!”

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