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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 2 Recap

Liu Ling’s carriage fell into a pit, and the Jinlinwei’s people not only didn’t help, but also watched jokes on the side, Lingbi went head-to-head with Luo Fan. Shen Yan chased Liu Ling all the way to the lake and asked for a waist card. Liu Ling proposed to go with Shen Yan to Yejing in order to return the waist card to him. Shen Yan did not want to be teased by Liu Ling but had to get it back. The waist card, and Liu Ling stored the waist card close to the body, unable to forcefully take it, so he had to agree.

The crowd went to a post in Jinlinwei, but there was a sound of fighting inside. Shen Yan found that the person who came was very good at martial arts. Liu Ling made a statement to stop the two sides from doing it, because this person was her bodyguard Yang Ye. In front of everyone, Liu Ling bluntly stated that the purpose of her trip was for Shen Yan.

Shen Yan was shocked by her bold and enthusiastic behavior, and really did not want to be too entangled. The inn was shabby, Liu Ling wanted to live in Shen Yan’s room, but Luo Fan didn’t want to, but Shen Yan turned and walked to a more rudimentary room. Luo Fan was puzzled, and Shen Yan said that he wanted to use Yun Yi as bait to invite you into the urn, but it was difficult for Jin Linwei to act easily, and now Liu Ling’s appearance could drag out Jin Linwei’s footsteps.

The prince’s attention to the Jiangzhou case made Lu Gong very anxious. Lu Mingshan, the son of the Lu family, wanted to show his face in front of his grandfather Lu Gong, so he helped Lu Gong analyze the current situation. feast.

The air in the mountains is fresh, and Liu Ling got her wish, which made her very happy and couldn’t help dancing in the courtyard. When Shen Yan went out to do business, Liu Ling felt that the two were really destined to meet each other, and Shen Yan ignored Liu Ling without changing his face. Lingbi felt that it was not worthwhile for Liu Ling to spoil herself like this for Shen Yan, but Liu Ling was very happy and felt that this was love.

Shen Yan passed his ideas to Shen Yu, the commander of Nan Dian Zhengsi with a carrier pigeon, and Shen Yu lamented Shen Yan’s plan. The subordinates reported to Shen Yu that there were no details, from the prince’s diet to the banquets of officials in the city.

Shen Yu went to the tavern to listen to the music, and when he was sitting by the railing and drinking alone, he saw a figure wearing a hood. The woman who played and sang felt that Shen Yu was the most infatuated and most affectionate person.

Liu Ling, who had always been pampered, had a little cold. When she saw Shen Yan going out, she still followed. Shen Yan asked her to go back, but she refused to listen, so Shen Yan had no choice but to speed up. Liu Ling couldn’t catch up with Shen Yan, so tired sitting on a stone in the forest to rest, a snake slowly swam over, and the frightened Liu Ling was at a loss. Fortunately, Shen Yan appeared in time to hug Liu Ling. Liu Ling reminded Shen Yan that he had touched a place he should not have touched, and Shen Yan hurriedly let go. Instead, Liu Ling hugged Shen Yan’s arm and asked him to be responsible for his innocence.

Shen Yan sent Liu Ling back to the inn and then left. Liu Ling decided to call on the iron and continue to chase Shen Yan. In the rainy night, Shen Yan solved the dangerous people who appeared in the forest one by one, but the appearance of Liu Ling surprised Shen Yan, so he could only take Liu Ling to the mountain hut to avoid the rain. Liu Ling wanted to help Shen Yan take off her wet coat, but Shen Yan asked her to rest. Liu Ling was lying on the bed chatting with Shen Yan, and Shen Yan remembered the scene when he met Liu Ling when he was a child.

It was early morning when Liu Ling woke up again, and Shen Yan stayed outside the house all night. After the two returned to the inn, Liu Ling asked Shen Yan to be responsible for his innocence. After all, the two spent the night together, and Shen Yan felt helpless.

Lu Mingshan suddenly appeared and introduced himself as Liu Ling’s fiancé. Liu Ling tore off the token that Lu Mingshan took out and said that he had made a deal with Shen Yan, and Shen Yan shied away. Liu Ling was so angry that he came to Shen Yan’s theory. Shen Yan didn’t want to see her, but was worried that she would cause misunderstanding by speaking out. Shen Yan was very cold when they met, and Liu Ling was a little sad, but on second thought, Liu Ling felt that Shen Yan must be jealous.

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