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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 16 Recap

Zhu Yunwen suddenly said to Mrs Lv that King Yan’s actions against Jie and Zhou were plausible, how could such a person help the prince to govern the world. The corner of the master’s eyes jumped, as if shocked, but he didn’t say anything. The prince asked Zhu Di to take the imperial physician Wang in the palace back to treat Zhu Gaochi.

After the diagnosis and treatment, the imperial physician said that Zhu Gaochi could recover from the disease, but he could not ride horses and practice martial arts in the future, and his physique was worse than ordinary people. Zhu Di complained that Miaoyun hurriedly brought the sick child back to Beijing, which caused such a situation. Miaoyun in turn questioned him, clearly saying that he went back to the capital, why did he go to Fengyang. Zhu Di didn’t want to tell her that Miaoyun was angry and asked him to go to bed in another room.

Many illegal officials were investigated and punished by Jinyiwei, and everyone in the court was in danger. As far as the chariots came, the officials were in a panic, and the crown prince said that he could not let the fourth brother come here any more. However, Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t take it seriously, he knew that what he was afraid of was good, and he had fear in his heart, and it was not harmful to these officials.

After reading a letter with a heavy expression on his face, Hu Weiyong went to see the old prime minister overnight. Lao Xiangguo promised to help him, but he also reminded Hu Weiyong that if he is not upright, how can he be upright? Hu Weiyong bowed and saluted, expressing his mind, and he wondered if he had listened to this.

Huang Jing, a member of the Ministry of Housing, committed suicide at Chengtianmen after beating a drum to plead for his injustice. The hundred officials knocked on the door of Chengtian to complain about their grievances, and then they all knelt in front of the door of Chengtian. Many people are talking about Yan’s change of color, and the prince is heartbroken, thinking that the father should not set up this Jinyiwei, and he almost doesn’t know his younger brother now.

Xu Yungong wanted to persuade Miaoyun to persuade Zhu Di, but Miaoyun said that he would advance and retreat with King Yan. Hu Weiyong made a performance and asked the family members of the ministers who were on duty in the Jinyiwei to withdraw from the Jinyiwei. Soon, many people were kicked out of their homes.

Zhu Liangzu even captured two Jinyiwei and brutally killed them. Zhu Di learned that he ordered Jinyiwei to surround the Yongjiahou Mansion. Jin Yiwei was about to start, but the prince ordered to stop it. Hu Weiyong and Yongjia Hou and other ministers knelt down outside the Fengtian Temple, asking Zhu Yuanzhang to abolish Jinyiwei. Zhu Yuanzhang endured his anger and asked Hu Weiyong if they wanted to force the palace, which was very serious.

Zhu Yunwen and Zhu Xiongying fought because Yunwen said bad things about Zhu Di, and Xiongying and Zhu Xi have always had a good relationship, so naturally they couldn’t hear it. Zhu Yuanzhang asked Zhu Yunwen why he said that Zhu Di was a cruel official. Zhu Yunwen said neither humble nor arrogant, the court should share the world with the people of Shilin, not with the cruel officials.

His words eventually led Zhu Yuanzhang to issue an edict to detain Zhu Di for investigation. Tie Xuan was also arrested and accused of crimes. Tie Xuan was tortured, but he swore to die and confessed his guilt. Zhu Yuanzhang ordered him to be hanged as a marquis and gave him the whole body. His move was to block Zhu Di’s retreat, and Hu Weiyong couldn’t understand Zhu Yuanzhang’s mind.

Empress Ma went to Zhu Yuanzhang’s place to make a scene, but it failed to change Zhu Yuanzhang’s mind. Zhu Di was demoted to a commoner, and he took back King Yan’s treasure book and mansion. The Twelve Princes and others all went to ask Zhu Yuanzhang for mercy.

The prince hoped that the old man could help Tie Xuan and King Yan, but the old man refused. If he helped at this time, he would make enemies for himself. The palace horses in the palace of Yan Wang sent Miao Yun and Gao Chi to the Duke of Wei’s residence. Seeing their young son, Miao Yun decided to help Zhu Di.

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