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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 9 Recap

Zhu Di said that he was tired, but Zhu Biao said that his father only slept for two and a half hours a day. He helped his father to share some things during this time, and his father could only sleep for half an hour more. Compared with his father, even compared with himself, Zhu Di has no right to say tired. He gave Zhu Di two options, either to be a happy prince in a fertile land, and to end his marriage with the Xu family, but he was not allowed to come back to Nanjing from now on. Either stay and be his right-hand man, be a sergeant king who guards the frontier, if he chooses this path, he has to marry Xu Miaoyun. It’s up to him to choose what to do.

Zhu Di still chose the latter path. Soon after, Xu Miaoyun was canonized as Princess Yan. Zhu Liangzu came to Hu Weiyong and asked him to fulfill his promise. Hu Weiyong was calm and in no hurry to solve the matter for him. Zhu Liangzu thought that His Majesty still had a place for them, so he was not afraid. Hu Weiyong said that within a year, His Majesty will definitely let the three kings take over the affairs of the army. Zhu Liangzu was finally a little worried. Hu Weiyong said that what His Majesty asked them to do, they could do it step by step. Within a year, what he promised Feng Sheng and Fu Youde would naturally be fulfilled.

Hu Weiyong knew that His Majesty’s intention to issue the iron list was to remind those princes who had the iron coupons of Danshu, the first offense was exempt, but if they committed it again and again, the coupons of Danshu would be useless. Zhu Liangzu is a martial artist, and he has no such thoughts at all. It must be Feng Sheng and Fu Youde who asked him to test himself.

Their purpose is only one, to pull more people on board with them, so that when His Majesty wants to do something to them, they will throw a rat. On a good day and auspicious day, King Yan and Miao Yun got married. As a classic farewell, no matter how regrettable it is, I still have to bury my emotions deep in my heart.

Zhu Biao and Zhu Di have always had a deep brotherhood. Now that he has a family, it will be difficult to see him again in the future. Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Biao talked about the poor life he lived when he was a commoner. He was born in the common people, so he knew the hardships of the common people, so he wanted to throw his sons out and experience the hardships of the common people. of the country.

Although it was the wedding night, Miao Yun did not allow King Yan to share a bed with him, and laid another quilt on the ground. King Yan had done a lot of stupid things such as breaking off the marriage before, and he was wrong first. Even if Miao Yun’s words were ironic, he had no reason or qualifications to refute, so he had to start laying the ground floor in aggrieved.

Afterward, Miao Yun asked him to take off the laurel crown on his head, but King Yan did not refuse, but his hand was stabbed by Miao Yun’s spike on the laurel crown. As time went by, Beiyuan was staring at him, and Zhu Yuanzhang ordered Xu Da to leave the town of Beiping, and the three kings of Jin, Qin and Yan went to Fengyang to perform martial arts. Liu Ji resigned and resigned from the post of Censor Zhongcheng on the grounds that he was old and lingering on the bed, hoping that Zhu Yuanzhang would allow him to retire and return to his hometown.

After the court, Zhu Yuanzhang was full of emotion. He specially asked Zhu Biao and Zhu Di to go to Uncle Chengyi’s mansion to say thank you to Liu Ji for himself. Liu Ji also said to Zhu Biao and Zhu Di that His Majesty believed that the people were the foundation of the country, and he did not dare to argue, but he believed that scholar-bureaucrats and scholars were the foundation of the country.

King Yan didn’t fully understand the true meaning of Liu Ji and his father’s mutual thanks, so Zhu Biao reminded him a few words. He said that Liu Ji saw that his father was not at ease with Hu Weiyong, so he resigned. The father and the king handed the book to Hu Weiyong, and the censor station handed it to Tu Jie, who was under Hu Weiyong, just to see what Hu Weiyong was thinking.

Zhu Di sighed that it was too tiring to talk like this, but fortunately he didn’t have to be the emperor. A few days later, it will be the beginning of spring. Zhu Biao asked Zhu Di to go to the spring with himself. Zhu Di taught Zhu Xiongying and Zhu Yunwen to ride horses. He also taught Zhu Yunwen not only to read, but also to ride horses, so that he could assist his good brothers in the future. This was heard by Concubine Lu. ,

I feel very uncomfortable. The other two princes wanted to race with Zhu Di. In order to win, Zhu Di took a short cut and trampled Tianhu’s young crops. Zhu Biao was very angry. The crown prince, who grew up under the influence of Zhu Yuanzhang’s eyes and ears, knew the importance of young crops to farmers, and it was no wonder he was so angry.

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