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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 8 Recap

Immeasurable Jinlei was so powerful that the heavens and the earth trembled, Li Shu rushed over and hugged Xue Sanyue tightly, and the thunder exploded one after another beside them. Ru Jun witnessed the power of the immeasurable golden thunder with his own eyes. He ignored Fei Lian’s dissuasion and issued the immortal order left by the late emperor to block the golden thunder. They were both safe and sound.

After the immeasurable golden thunder, peace was restored between heaven and earth. God Lei Ze picked up the fragments of the immortal order and kept sighing, complaining that Rujun should not destroy the immortal order. Xue Sanyue and Lishu took the initiative to ask. Ru Jun pleaded guilty. Ru Jun felt that life was far more worthy of cherishing and protection than immortal orders. In turn, he comforted them. Fei Lian Shenjun was very pleased, and Ru Jun finally had an epiphany.

Ru Jun remembered the topographic map that was still bothering him. In the summer of the unexpected revelation of Lishu, he made new adjustments and deployments, and quickly understood the mystery. Ru Jun found out that Yulu Ganoderma lucidum was mature, and took it off and handed it to Xue Sanyue, and asked her to take it back as soon as possible to save Ji Yunhe. Xue Sanyue did not dare to delay, and immediately took Lishu away from Daiyu.

Siyu made a careful plan and sent Qu Xiaoxing to lead someone to feign attack tonight. She was going to Lingshuang Terrace to meet Lin Haoqing. Siyu told Qu Xiaoxing to beware of Zhu Ling everywhere, lest he disrupt Lin Haoqing’s plan. Ji Yunhe learned from A Ming that Changyi and Kongming would not be able to return until late at night after discussing the military situation. She temporarily sealed the merman mark with the secret book taught by Lin Haoqing, and wanted to leave Changyi without saying goodbye.

Chang Yi has been restless all the time. Although there is no change in the mark of the merman, he is still worried about Ji Yunhe and wants to go back to have a look. Unexpectedly, the Yuling Master suddenly launched a night attack, and Chang Yi immediately took Kong Ming to see what happened. Ji Yunhe struggled to come to the Wuwang Cave where Lin Haoqing was imprisoned. Lin Haoqing knocked the guard unconscious without any effort. He found that Ji Yunhe had been attacked to the heart, and hurriedly took her away.

Qingyao and Qifeng came with people suddenly, they blocked Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe’s way, Qifeng scolded Ji Yunhe as a traitor, and fled with Lin Haoqing behind his back, Qingxuan came later, Ji Yunhe repeatedly explained Lin Haoqing and Wanhuagu The spiritual masters of the imperial family were also victims. They had unavoidable difficulties.

Qingxuan didn’t believe it at all. Qifeng was still fanning the flames. Ji Yunhe persuaded Qingxuan not to let Beiyuan suffer any more wars. Qingxuan didn’t buy it at all and ordered Ji Yunhe to be executed. With Lin Haoqing, Ji Yunhe must not confuse Changyi’s mind, Ji Yunhe doesn’t want to fight, and wants to escape before Changyi notices.

Kong Ming found out that the spiritual master of Wanhua Valley was feigning attack, as if he was covering up something. Changyi realized that the mark of the merman had been sealed, so he couldn’t perceive Ji Yunhe’s situation. Luo Jinsang hurriedly came to report to Changyi that Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe were blocked by the awakened Fox King Qingxuan, and Changyi and Kongming rushed over immediately.

Ji Yunhe uses a stunt to hide the soul, Qifeng takes the opportunity to frame Ji Yunhe for killing Qing Shu, Qing Xuanxin believes it is true, and kills Ji Yunhe, Lin Haoqing desperately rushes to protect Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe shows a nine-tailed fox to fight back, Qing Xuan is beaten Vomiting blood and fainting, Qingyao ordered Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe to be killed. Lin Haoqing supported Ji Yunhe to break through the encirclement, and Siyu came to respond in time.

Siyu just wanted to leave with Lin Haoqing and Ji Yunhe, when the disciples of the fox tribe chased after them and surrounded them. Changyi and Kongming fell from the sky. Changyi learned that Qingxuan was seriously injured and sent Kongming to rescue people. Changyi was very distressed. He didn’t expect Ji Yunhe to try his best to escape with Lin Haoqing. He was so angry that Ji Yunhe would be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

Kong Ming found that Qingxuan’s elixir had been broken, and the brief awakening was only a return to light, and he was powerless to return to the sky. Qifeng gritted his teeth in anger, and put all the blame on Ji Yunhe. Changyi had already seen his conspiracy and deliberately let it go. Ji Yunhe went to Wuwang Cave to save people, charged her with robbery, and then killed her.

Qingxuan took his last breath and told about Qingyao’s use of half of his spiritual power to help Changyi condense the elixir, forcing Changyi to kill Ji Yunhe, and guarding Beiyuan with Qingyao. After saying this, Qingxuan After passing away, Changyi didn’t expect Qingyao to pay so much for him, and he was in a dilemma.

Changyi came to Wuwang Cave to ask Lin Haoqing for accountability, wondering if he planned the escape, Lin Haoqing retorted at Changyi, and kept claiming that Ji Yunhe regarded Changyi as an outsider. At this moment, they reported to Changyi that Qingyao and Qifeng led people into the hall to ask Changyi for an explanation. Lin Haoqing made fun of Changyi’s inability to protect Ji Yunhe and persuaded him to let Ji Yunhe go. Changyi vowed to do nothing. Protect Ji Yunhe. Lin Haoqing sent a signal to Qu Xiaoxing, asking him to retreat with the team to avoid unnecessary casualties.

Changyi returned to the main hall, Qifeng called on the clan to discuss with him, forcing him to kill Ji Yunhe to pay for Qingxuan’s life, Changyi would not allow anyone to hurt Ji Yunhe, Qingyao was furious, but Changyi didn’t buy it, and returned his half-life spiritual power on the spot. To Qingyao, promise to keep Beiyuan and not allow anyone to take Ji Yunhe away. Qingyao is very sad. Ji Yunhe betrayed Changyi many times, and Changyi still never abandons her.

Qu Xiaoxing received Lin Haoqing’s order and wanted to evacuate everyone from the battlefield. Zhu Ling refused to agree and forced them to take the Lingshuang stage in one go. Qu Xiaoxing protested strongly. Zhu Ling suspected that Lin Haoqing had other plans for this battle. There is frost, and sooner or later there is a dead end, and the spiritual masters looked at each other in fright.

Elder Dong Lian and Elder Mu Ze came to hear the news and asked Zhu Ling to tell the origin of Frost. Zhu Ling ignored them and ordered to attack Beiyuan early tomorrow morning. Mu Ze raised an objection. His body was frozen in an instant, and he even moved out of Ru Ling to threaten him. Qu Xiaoxing forced Zhu Ling to take out the antidote to save Mu Ze, but Zhu Ling refused to give it.

Elder Dong Lian used all his spiritual power to save Elder Mu Ze, but all came back in vain. Mu Ze knew that he was going to die, so he tried his best to stop Dong Lian, and soon passed away. Changyi only had half of his spiritual power left, and his physical strength was gradually exhausted, so he had to temporarily seal his meridians. Qing Yao was very sad and kept waiting at the door. Kong Ming made it clear that Beiyuan’s enemy was not Ji Yunhe but Ning Qing and Ru. Ling, persuade Qingyao to recognize the situation and think twice before acting.

Ji Yunhe was unconscious and saw Ning Xiyu again. He learned from her that Qingxuan had passed away. Ji Yunhe felt very guilty. Ning Xiyu advised her not to blame herself. Ji Yunhe was just a little relieved. She woke up in a daze and saw Luo Jinsang guarding her side. She knew that her time was short and she wanted to see Changyi for the last time. Changyi didn’t know the inside story. Forcibly drive Luo Jinsang away.

Luo Jinsang went out and bumped into Kong Ming, Kong Ming greeted her coldly, Luo Jinsang begged Kong Ming to let Ji Yunhe go, Kong Ming couldn’t bear it and had to agree, Luo Jinsang happily went back to pack up. Ji Yunhe waited bitterly, but she didn’t see her face, she gave up completely, and asked Ah Ming to help send a letter.

Changyi stood in front of Ji Yunhe’s door hesitantly, seeing Ji Yunhe being tortured so badly, his heart was twisted like a knife, Qingji persuaded Changyi to have a good talk with Ji Yunhe. The Yuling Master came to attack again, and Chang Yi wanted to wait until the storm was settled, then take Ji Yunhe and Qing Ji for a drink, and then let Ji Yunhe leave.

Ji Yunhe and A Ming said goodbye, Kongming came to save her in time, Ji Yunhe begged Kongming to help her recover some physical strength, she wanted to stop Ning Qing and Ruling’s conspiracy, Kongming repeatedly stated that it was only a short-term return to the light, and it would soon be fragrant. After Xiaoyu died, Ji Yunhe felt that it would be good for the number one spiritual master of Wanhua Valley to exit the stage in this way.

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