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The Anti-Japanese War Movie “Beacon and Mine Wars” will be released soon

Xinhuanet, Beijing, April 3rd. Produced by Cooca Media, Golden Generation, Fanku Culture, and Yiguangnian Films, and jointly produced by Shanghai Film Culture, Fengmi Film and Television, Dingling Culture, Ruiguan Culture, and Shengshi Guangying. Yidai’s exclusive production and Fanku Culture’s exclusive release of the Anti-Japanese War movie “Beihuo Mine War” is scheduled to be launched on Youku video platform and iQiyi video platform on April 8.

As one of the most representative combat methods in the history of China’s Anti-Japanese War, the “landmine warfare” jointly invented by the army and the people in Haiyang, Shandong can be described as thunderous and far-reaching, leaving a deep impression in the history of the Chinese revolution.

In order to pay tribute to the red classics and cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs, the film “Fighting Fire and Mine Wars” is adapted from the anti-Japanese deeds of “National Militia Fighting Hero” and “Bomb King” Yu Huahu, and tells about a militia team called “Jiaodong Explosion Team”. Under the leadership of captain Yu Hu and fireworker Xiao Dongbei, they used homemade landmines skillfully to unite the villagers against the Japanese army.

In order to truly show the shock of the explosion scene in the mine war and the intense war situation, the main explosion scenes in the film are all shot in real scenes. At the same time, the visual effect creation is based on realism, and in post-production, special effects are used to assist in expressing the extreme shots that cannot be shown in real shooting, and strive to truly restore the details of the war scenes, bringing the audience a shocking viewing experience.

Through the national righteousness and bravery of the Jiaodong people in the face of foreign aggression, the film shows the heroes of the people, praises the wisdom of the people, and eulogizes the unyielding fighting spirit and family and country feelings of the Chinese sons and daughters under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

It is reported that the movie “Fighting Fire and Mine Wars” is produced by Hui Yu, directed by Zhou Jiuqin, starring Xie Miao, starring Liu Guanlin, Yisha, Sun Yuanning, Bianbian Yu Baishui and Yuan Hangming. It will be released on iQiyi on April 8. , Youku video synchronization online.

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