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Seeking power, I have loved “Liang Chen Meijin”, don’t miss Qingqing’s leisurely “Huan Concubine World”

Hello, little fairies, little book lovers, we meet again. As a ten-year-old bookworm, I am most passionate about sharing the books I like. Today, I bring you a power-seeking essay. I have loved “Liang Chen Meijin”. “, don’t miss Qingqing’s leisurely “Concubine Huan Tianxia”, what do you think of these books?

Maybe the writing is not sophisticated enough, but the plot is very novel, and the psychological activities of the characters are also very delicately depicted, which can allow readers to follow the changes in the characters’ hearts and journeys.

Huan Concubine WorldAuthor: Qingqing’s Leisurely

Guide to entering the pit: Xiliang smiled unpredictably, and only opened the small snail jewelry box. Inside was a set of silver-dotted emerald heads and a set of gold-plated silver-backed hairpin bracelets. They were all still exquisite, although It is not as valuable as a hairpin with an oriental pearl on their heads, but it is also the best in her jewelry.

“Miss, the day after tomorrow, the Lord will entertain Yu Hou and the second son of the Han family in Zhenghua Hall, and let the slaves and Bai Ma wait for you to dress up beautifully.” Bai Rui looked at the head and jewelry with joy. I have never seen such fine jewelry here, it is rare for Mrs. Han to be kind!

Xi Liangmo was holding a pair of gold-plated twisted-silver bracelets when she suddenly smiled at Bai Rui: “By the way, Huang Yu, who was next to Sister Shuang yesterday, quietly came over and sat down for half a cup of tea, saying that Sister Shuang wanted to send her out. When you are married, you take two taels from my monthly bill and give her this pair of bracelets quietly, so that I will make her up.”

Author: Feng Qing

Guide to entering the pit: “I didn’t expect you to put your own intelligence on top of it, but you can confirm that Xiao Fuyu has thought about it?” Huo Ming never doubted this: “You don’t need to ask me about this, You go and ask Zhuo Jingqing, he and Xiao Fuyu went to the border city to defend against the people of Xiliang, he must know very well.”

Zhuo Huan said no more, because Zhuo Jingqing did talk about Xiao Fuyu from time to time and praised her so much. He temporarily counted Xiao Fuyu in the list of trustworthy: “But you have to pay more attention, lest she accidentally cause trouble.” “I know this, you don’t need to remind. If you are really worried about your sweetheart, It’s entirely possible to chase after Jiancheng, anyway, it’s not like you haven’t done this kind of thing before.”

Zhuo Huan rolled his eyes at him: “It’s easy to say, if I can leave so easily, I don’t have to stay until now, and it’s not all the one in the palace.” He was talking about the Empress Dowager Zhuo, because The last time Zhuo Huan helped Huo Ming, the Empress Dowager Zhuo was angry with him.

Good Chen MeijinAuthor: Agarwood Ashes

Guide to entering the pit: After Gu Jinxian made his fortune, the Gu family’s ancestral family was frightened all day, for fear that he would avenge his mother. At that time, the old second master of the Gu family had to be supported, and tremblingly went to his house to ask him for forgiveness. Jin Chao slowly walked towards his yard, thinking about his past life as he walked. Before he reached the steps, he saw two people standing at his door.

It was Gu Jinxian and Ye Xian! Gu Jinxian wears a sapphire blue straight jacket, but like a secular scholar, he wears a six-in-one melon rind hat, which looks very funny. Ye Xian was wearing a wide-sleeved tee with white edging, and his sleeves and drapes fluttered. His facial features were very delicate, and his face was like a beautiful jade, and he looked very dusty.

The temperament is floating like a fairy, but the heart is full of bad water. Didn’t the two of them say they were going to see the monkeys at Ciguang Temple, why did they come to her! Jin Chao couldn’t help but slander. “The girl in the lobby is back!” Gu Jinxian quickly greeted her with a very attentive smile, “We’ve all been standing here waiting for you for half an hour.”

What do you think of these novels? Follow me if it attracts you, and follow me if there is a shortage of books.

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