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“My Family” starts tonight! Kazunari Ninomiya & Mikako Tabe introduce the highlights. “It’s a series of throbbing and throbbing developments.”

Kazunari Ninomiya, who plays the main character, the president of the game company, Atsuto Naruzawa, in the TBS series “My Family” (Sunday 9:00 pm, expanded by 25 minutes for the first time), which will start on April 10. Mikako Tabe, the wife and unknown foreigner, talked about the highlights of the first episode and the atmosphere of the scene.

The drama is an original drawing by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who worked on “Grand Maison Tokyo” and “TOKYO MER ~ Running Emergency Lifesaving Room ~” of the same station.・ Family Entertainment ”. The only way to get the kidnapped daughter back is the story of Atsuto and Michiru, who decided to get rid of the police, fighting to get her back back.

“I think it’s a drama that everyone can really enjoy watching, and there is a part that we have been trying hard to achieve that. I want you to watch it anyway,” said Ninomiya, “I myself am flat. I’m a type with a strong feeling, and I think that encounters with all works such as dramas, movies, and plays are related. I shoot every day with the intention of making it a work that will satisfy the people who see it. “Reveals the current state of mind.

When he watched the first episode a little earlier and felt that it was “just non-stop family entertainment,” he said, “The scenes that I felt I took just recently were included abundantly, and the content was really condensed. It’s a non-stop story. The highlight of the work is the bonds of the family. I think the future theme of the work will be how the shape of the family changes. “

As the shooting progressed, when I asked the part that “I was helped by each other here”, “Mr. Tabe has a very dry personality, and he gives me a good answer. I’m the type of person who speaks fluently, so it’s very helpful. I’m grateful to Ninomiya for not only the way he is in the field but also his personality. ” Originally, I don’t have a lot of words at the scene, so I always regret it, but this time Mr. Ninomiya is talking at the scene all the time … Because he will liven up the scene and give me an opportunity to talk. It seems that the shooting is proceeding while helping each other. “

However, when Ninomiya said, “I don’t feel like I’m helping much,” he laughed, “I felt like I was talking all the time.” I’m thinking, “he smiled.

Regarding creating the atmosphere of the site, Ninomiya said, “I think that the shooting site is a place where people who want to improve the quality of the work are gathered, so it doesn’t matter what the atmosphere of the site is, it’s warm. While revealing his stance, “I have never tried to make it to the scene,” he said, “However, I have never been killed at the scene, and I am always happy to shoot with everyone, so I am very lucky. And I think you’re helping me. “

On the other hand, many parts said, “There is no scene where everyone laughs as a work so far, and there are many heavy scenes, but the scene itself is really talking well to everyone, and there is no dark atmosphere and it is warm. You don’t have to be conscious of “let’s make it an atmosphere”. I shoot every day while thinking that it is a site where nice people are gathering. “

Broadcasting will finally start, but to the viewers, Mikako Tabe said, “The first time it’s a dizzying development, it’s a story that you can’t take your eyes off. It’s also the beginning of the story, and it’s a development that is worrisome in the future. “I hope you enjoy it,” said Ninomiya. “It’s a series of thrilling developments, but I’d like you to take a closer look so that you don’t overlook or miss it. All the characters are kidnappers. I hope it will be a time when you can continue to doubt. “

Wento is the CEO of “Harkana Online Games,” which is touted as a man who is opening up a new era in the game industry. He has a house in Kamakura, Shonan, and lives with his wife, Mitsuru, and his daughter, Tomoka (Miyu Oshima). One day, after finishing work in the city center, Onto returns home and receives a phone call that will change his daily life. “I kidnapped Tomoka-san.”

His ransom demand is 500 million yen. Upon receiving a report from Wenjin, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police immediately set up an investigation headquarters for the kidnapping case. Police such as Keishi Katsuragi (Hiroshi Tamaki) come to the Naruzawa family while Eitaro Yoshino (Takeshi Tomizawa), the chief of the investigation section, takes command.

At that time, Atsuto’s business partner Kanako Tachiwaki (Maryjun Takahashi) contacts us to inform us of the company’s emergency. She is a warm man who cannot prepare 500 million yen immediately. As the time limit for her transactions approaches, she tries to negotiate with a person to raise cash … On the other hand, Miwa Aoi (Kento Kaku) and Kiyo Todo (Gaku Hamada), who are her college friends, are contacted by Miwa, who is thinking of holding a straw.

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