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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 6 Recap

Xue Sanyue sat on the top of the mountain, patiently waiting for the maturity of Yulu Ganoderma. Fei Lian was worried that the change of Ganoderma lucidum would endanger her safety, so he came to accompany her. Fei Lian was full of praise for Xue Sanyue’s superb swordsmanship and persuaded her. Xue Sanyue and him assisted Ru Jun in justice, and brought peace to the immortal world.

Da Huan and Xiao Huan accompanied Li Shu to Daiyu. They saw Xue Sanyue and Fei Lian Shenjun chatting happily from a distance. Da Huan and Xiao Huan agreed to let them both cook raw rice and cooked rice. Completely gave up on Xue Sanyue and followed them back to Chongwu Mountain to inherit the family business. Lishu had already seen their thoughts and took action to stop their actions in time. Dahuan and Xiaohuan were unwilling to give up and strongly protested to Lishu. .

Xue Sanyue came to hear the news and learned from the complaints of Dahuan and Xiaohuan that Lishu regarded her as a karma. As long as the resentment in her heart was eliminated, Lishu could go back to Chongwu Mountain and live a happy life. To be annoyed, Li Shu tried her best to explain, she didn’t listen at all, and sent a thunder talisman of the Valley of Thousand Flowers to Li Shu, isolating Li Shu three feet away and not allowing him to approach. Fei Lian Shenjun saw Lishu’s affection for Xue Sanyue, and persuaded Xue Sanyue kindly. Xue Sanyue hated Lishu for being open-mouthed, and ignored him in a fit of anger. .

Qingyao brought a pair of soft armor to Changyi, only to know that Ji Yunhe had prepared a pair for Changyi long ago. She felt sour, so she had to put away the soft armor first. Ji Yunhe’s body was getting worse and worse. She knew that she was dying. In a daze, she saw the mysterious woman who prevented her from committing suicide again. Ji Yunhe was curious about the identity of the other party. The woman claimed to be windy. Only then can I see her, so she asked Ji Yunhe to do me a favor.

The woman who claimed to be Feng showed Ji Yunhe a memory. It turned out that Ning Qing and Ning Ruochu were brothers from the same school. After Ning Ruochu and Qing Ji fell in love, they brought Ning Qing to see Qing Ji. Later, Ning Ruochu and Qing Ji lived in seclusion by Wan Wan Huagu’s spiritual master chased him down, Qingji shot and injured the spiritual master, which led to the intensification of the conflict. Ning Qing sent a letter to Ning Ruochu and asked him to deceive Qingji into the ten-square formation. Ning Ruochu was killed.

After Ji Yunhe heard this, she suddenly felt unbearable pain all over her body. The woman who claimed to be Feng hurriedly sent Ji Yunhe back. Ji Yunhe was curious about her identity. The woman took off her veil. She looked exactly like Ru Ling, and Ji Yunhe guessed that she was Ning Qing. The person who never forgot, the woman asked Ji Yunhe to tell Qing Ji the truth and let Qing Ji stop Ning Qing from acting recklessly.

Changyi was discussing the battle plan with Qingyao, and the mark on his ear changed. He guessed that Ji Yunhe was in danger, and rushed back to his residence on Huxin Island. Kong Ming checked and found that the backlash had invaded Ji Yunhe’s heart, and he couldn’t do anything. Luo Jinsang came in a hurry and begged Kongming to save Ji Yunhe. Kongming kicked Luo Jinsang, Changyi and Russell out, and he used his spiritual power to get Ji Yunhe out. save.

Ji Yunhe finally woke up, but her body was already riddled with holes. Changyi picked her up without saying a word, and put his spiritual power into the shark pearl in Ji Yunhe’s body. Kongming tried desperately to stop her, worried that she would lose his spiritual power.

To die on the battlefield, Ji Yunhe wanted to return the shark bead to Changyi, but was unable to do so, Kongming was angry and wanted to leave Changyi, but Russell stopped him. Ji Yunhe wanted to chat with Changyi alone, but Luo Jinsang and the others had to leave first. Ji Yunhe complained that Changyi should not save her, should not be obsessed with hatred, and should plan for Beiyuan. Changyi admitted that he no longer hated her, and besides He did not rely on shark beads and spiritual power to stabilize Beiyuan.

Qing Yao came in a hurry and learned that Changyi’s shark bead was in Ji Yunhe’s body. Changyi exhausted her spiritual power to save Ji Yunhe. She was not angry. Luo Jinsang explained that Changyi had already given the shark to Ji Yunhe. ,

Qingyao was very distressed, she had to come to the frozen Qingxuan to express her annoyance, Qingxuan’s fingers moved slightly. Ji Yunhe asked Luo Jinsang to invite Qingji. Qingji bluntly pointed out that even if Changyi put all his spiritual power into the shark pearl, it would only make Ji Yunhe look more energetic, and would not be able to help her survive at all.

Ji Yunhe asked Qing Ji about the grievances between Ning Qing and Ning Ruochu, Qing Ji revealed that Ning Qing liked Ning Ruochu’s master Ning Xiyu, and Ji Yunhe didn’t ask any more, knowing that Qing Ji hated and resented Ning Ruochu, Now that I want to look forward, I can’t bear to open up the scarred past that makes Qing Ji sad.

Changyi saw Ru Ling’s conspiracy long ago. She let Wanhuagu and Beiyuan consume each other, and then took advantage of the fisherman. Changyi asked Kongming to discuss and negotiate with Lin Haoqing, but worried that Lin Haoqing would not agree, and decided to surround them. Don’t attack until Lin Haoqing can’t stand it anymore.

Li Shu tried to get close to Xue Sanyue many times, but was blocked by Lei Fu. Li Shu repeatedly explained that the karma was a joke, but Xue Sanyue didn’t listen at all, and he deliberately threw him away with harsh words. Fei Lian Shenjun saw that Xue Sanyue had a deep affection for Lishu, and was only worried that Lishu’s safety would be endangered when picking Ganoderma lucidum, so he deliberately walked away. Make no sacrifices for her. Fei Lian Shenjun persuaded Xue Sanyue that what she wanted and did was not necessarily what Li Shu wanted.

Changyi arranged troops in the dense forest, trapping Lin Haoqing and Wanhuagu’s team in the formation. He also arranged for Beiyuan’s troops to guard the periphery. Qifeng and Qingyao led the team to fortify the north.

Qifeng ignored Qingyao’s dissuasion. , who brought people to encircle the Valley of Thousand Flowers. Ruling sent Zhu Ling to be the overseer, and Zhu Ling forced Lin Haoqing to hand over the military talisman to lead the team to break out of the encirclement. Lin Haoqing refused to do it. Qu Xiaoxing detected a change in the north, and Lin Haoqing ordered to break out from there.

Ji Yunhe begged for the long-term not to kill Lin Haoqing. Unexpectedly, Lin Haoqing had already led the team to break through the encirclement. Lin Haoqing sent Siyu to negotiate, especially asking to see Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe agreed to see Siyu. Zhu Ling forced Lin Haoqing to attack Lingshuang stage at one go, but Lin Haoqing didn’t listen at all. He firmly believed that sooner or later he would capture Lingshuang stage, and even brought out Ru Ling to talk about the matter. The task Ru Ling gave him was to arrest Ji Yunhe, and Zhu Ling was very angry. Shout out.

Siyu saw Ji Yunhe and explained his intentions straight to the point. Lin Haoqing agreed to the peace talks on the condition that Ji Yunhe be taken away, but Changyi categorically refused, and told Siyu decisively that it would be impossible for him to hand over Ji Yunhe, Kongming or even Beiyuan’s blessing. Si Yu had no choice but to go back to his life.

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