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China Special Forces 特战荣耀 Episode 3 Recap

The recruits returned one after another, leaving only Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian. Li Xiang was very puzzled. At this time, the three of them discovered the location of the enemy command post and turned around to tie the captain. Inside the command post, Ai Qianxue was on a mission as the commander. Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian took up arms and rushed in to capture them.

Everyone was startled. Facing the three people, they were puzzled, but Ai Qianxue didn’t take them seriously. He was busy commanding and fighting with the Special Service Company and completely treated them as air. The three people who were completely ignored were embarrassed.

When Ai Qianxue ordered to destroy the drone sent by the Secret Service Company, Yan Poyue suddenly raised his head and smashed the electrical equipment with a shovel. The command post fell into darkness, the enemy command post was judged to be destroyed by the exercise team, and the Secret Service won by confusion. Ai Qianxue was very angry and fired several shots at the three of them.

The three of them didn’t come back, so Li Xiang could only ask people to go to the starting point, the train station, and the bus station to find them. In the current situation, it’s unclear whether they were deserters or not. Secret service was confused and won, only to find out after analysis that this victory seemed to have nothing to do with them, and they were dumbfounded for a while. After dawn, the answer was revealed. Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian were sent back by Staff Officer Zhang. They were still having fun eating food on the way.

They had no idea what they had done and how serious the consequences would be. Li Xiang lowered his head and was depressed beside him, completely ignoring the three of them. Staff Officer Zhang could see that the three of them were not simple characters, especially Yan Poyue. The meaning of the regiment was to listen to the meaning of the Secret Service Company, and the original words of the political commissar should be cultivated well. But facing these three people, Li Xiang didn’t know how to train them.

Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie scrambled to explain, but Lu Xiaotian admitted his mistake without saying a word. Li Xiang looked very angry, but in the end he just gave them three days of administrative custody. Even Chen Mintao was a little surprised by the result. Xiao Yunjie and Lu Xiaotian were in a good state of being locked up, but Yan Poyue’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, looking at the small bright window with fear in his eyes.

Zhang Tianyang was very dissatisfied with the result of this treatment, but Li Xiang said that Yan Poyue had desire in his eyes, and he once had this desire, and the strong desire made him unable to see the people and things in front of him. They are all optimistic about Yan Poyue, but he doesn’t look down on others. This time’s plan was obviously Yan Poyue’s plan, and they managed to attract the attention of the regiment. It was half the success, and the other half was in the Special Service Company, if they could hold it.

Li Xiang applied for the cancellation of the special service company’s exercise results. Except for this matter, no company would want Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie. Li Xiang could ask for them, but the regiment could not interfere with his arrangements. Someone was training outside the confinement room. Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian were very curious to see how strong he was.

It was said that he was the dragon named Xiao Fei. Li Xiang was overshadowed in front of him, but he was not good at leading troops, and he was single-minded. I wanted to join the special forces detachment, but after being brushed down, I would compete with myself all day long. Yan Poyue was suddenly stimulated to bury his head in push-ups again. The past that he wanted to forget but became more and more profound became a scar, and he kept reminding himself to become stronger.

Yan Poyue finally fainted due to exhaustion. Seeing this, Xiao Yunjie and Lu Xiaotian desperately shouted for help. Zhang Tianyang sent Yan Poyue to the infirmary, but fortunately he had nothing serious, just dehydration. Seeing this, Ai Qianxue kindly reminded him not to be top-notch everywhere, otherwise the only person to suffer would be himself. After all, the army is a whole. Yan Poyue turned his head to one side, still not listening.

Early in the morning, the three people in the confinement room were awakened by the sound of music outside. Yan Poyue’s first reaction was not to go out to exercise, but to enlist the recruits! And the three of them don’t have this qualification, and they can’t go out without an order. The three were dumbfounded. Yan Poyue was more calm than Xiao Yunjie and Lu Xiaotian. Today was the third day of administrative supervision.

As soon as the words fell, the three were taken away by Zhang Tianyang. Chen Mintao held a recruiting ceremony for them in the dormitory. Wearing this rank, they have an additional responsibility belonging to the soldiers on their shoulders.

Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie and Lu Xiaotian were assigned to the special service company, but they did not expect that they were assigned to the cooking class. Yan Poyue Wanwan couldn’t accept it, and turned to go to Li Xiang to report. Yan Poyue was the first recruit in the comprehensive assessment, why was he assigned to the cooking class!

Li Xiang’s answer made Yan Poyue even more unconvinced, but he could only report back to the cooking class. Fan Jin, the head of the cooking class, asked him to cut onions, while Lu Xiaotian and Xiao Yunjie were arranged to cut potatoes. Yan Poyue was choked to tears by the onion, but she still kept fighting with herself.

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