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China Special Forces 特战荣耀 Episode 2 Recap

Li Xiang summoned the recruit company and asked Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie to repeat aloud what they said about Ai Qianxue just now. Instructor Chen Mintao felt that Li Xiang’s actions were a bit too much. After all, they would lose face by doing this, but Li Xiang didn’t think so. It’s better to lose face now than lose his life later.

Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie shouted loudly, attracting Ai Qianxue. There was only Ai Qianxue, a lesbian, in the office. Hearing these two recruits shouting and shouting, their faces were very ugly. Chen Mintao hurried to explain, but Ai Qianxue remembered Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie.

Speaking of which, Yan Poyue has been in the army for ten years, but this time he just joined the army as a new recruit. Xiao Yunjie kept talking about Li Xiang with him in the water room, Zhou Zijian and his gang rushed in aggressively, and the two of them were so flamboyant, which inevitably attracted the opinions of many people. But Yan Poyue didn’t start with him, but made an appointment for tomorrow’s training. Yan Poyue won the game, but in the face of Zhou Zijian’s constant provocation, Yan Poyue didn’t let go after winning.

Finally, Zhang Tianyang rushed up to pull him away and sent Zhou Zijian to the infirmary. Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie are both physically strong, but Yan Poyue is not only stronger than Zhang Tianyang in physical strength, but even in equipment fighting. The lethality is too strong to be used long ago. Such an omnipotent Yan Poyue has also become a weirdo in Zhang Tianyang’s eyes.

Xiao Yunjie said that Yan Poyue’s hormones were bursting, and he had to practice every minute. At night, Zhang Tianyang ran beside Yan Poyue and said that he was a lot worse than Xiao Yunjie. For example, in today’s training, Lu Xiaotian fell and waved to him, but Yan Poyue pretended not to see him, but Xiao Yunjie helped him up. They were comrades-in-arms, Zhang Tianyang tried to make Yan Poyue understand this, but Yan Poyue was full of personal heroism, and he couldn’t listen to him at this time.

The recruit company suddenly assembled in the middle of the night to conduct a night military terrain assessment, and a group of three had to return on their own. Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian were grouped together, and this grouping was also intentional by Zhang Tianyang. Lu Xiaotian thought about leaning against the big tree to enjoy the shade, Yan Poyue took the map to study the route without saying a word, and just wanted to complete the task as soon as possible.

The forest was gloomy, and Lu Xiaotian was a little scared, but Yan Poyue rushed forward. Xiao Yunjie told him that Yan Poyue dared to spend the night alone in the cemetery when he was in elementary school. Lu Xiaotian broke into a cold sweat when he heard these words, Xiao Yunjie intensified and told him ghost stories, telling them vividly. Lu Xiaotian was stimulated and ran away, Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie went after him, but they all fell off the cliff with him.

Fortunately, the cliff was not high, and the three of them were not injured. Yan Poyue was concerned about the task, but Lu Xiaotian lost the compass and map, and even gave up the bullet. Lu Xiaotian and Xiao Yunjie quarreled, but Yan Poyue had already thought of a way according to the current terrain, and followed the stream all the way to find the way down the mountain. Not long after the three of them walked, they saw a supply truck parked on the side of the road. They thought it was in the regiment. The three of them fell asleep drowsily, but Yan Poyue discovered something was wrong.

This road was not the way back to the group, but the way up the mountain. The car stopped suddenly, it turned out that this was the special service company carrying out the exercise mission. This is Li Xiang’s army, known as the Tiger Special Service Company. Lu Xiaotian planned to smear oil on the soles of his feet and slip away, but Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie’s eyes lit up, and they changed equipment and prepared to participate, completely ignoring Lu Xiaotian’s broken thoughts.

The three of them were lying not far away, the sound of gunfire was constantly heard in front of them. Looking at such a huge spark, Lu Xiaotian was a little scared, but Yan Poyue was very excited. There was a small snake crawling on Lu Xiaotian, Yan Poyue picked it up and dangled it in front of him in disapproval, so scared that Lu Xiaotian got up and exposed his position. The Secret Service couldn’t even think about who they were, threw themselves into the fight, but was completely overwhelmed by the firepower.

After Lu Xiaotian was discovered, Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie tied up the man, and the three were very happy to see that his rank was captain. Although they didn’t say anything and Yan Poyue acted like old soldiers, the captain still found out that they were not from the special service company, but new recruits. The captain did not intend to let them go, and he would go to Li Xiang to settle accounts after the exercise was over.

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