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China Special Forces 特战荣耀 Episode 1 Recap

The Red Scorpion drug cartel, which has been entrenched in Southeast Asia for a long time, caused casualties in a rescue team, and rescue materials were robbed. Country M and my country jointly encircled and suppressed the red scorpion, and the identity of the insider was exposed. The commandos sneaked into the target location to confirm the target, and at the same time, they solved the terrorist outside the house and rescued the inner line that was at stake.

When they were about to leave safely, the drone signal was disrupted, and the commando was surrounded by a team of men. In the hail of bullets, the drug dealers blew up the only way to retreat, and the firepower on both sides was even stronger. In a hurry, Yan Poyue used his body to build a bridge so that everyone could take the insider to leave, and after some battle, he retreated to the small room.

A grenade flashed in outside the house. Seeing that it was about to fall, Yan Poyue quickly grabbed it and threw it out. The terrorist Xing Tian became more and more excited. With the sound of a cannon, smoke of gunpowder rose and the war raged. Yan Poyue endured the tinnitus pain after the bombing and stood up tenaciously to continue fighting, but fell into the river with the gunshot. There was a fire in Yan Poyue’s heart, he was a cheetah, fearless.

Enlistment season. The recruit started his military career with a red flower on his chest. Li Xiang, the company commander of the Tiger Special Service Company of the Mobile Regiment, served as the company commander of the recruit company. A recruit once gave him the nickname “King of Perverts”.

The recruits wereted food, and Li Xiang quickly showed the title and asked them to pick up the lost food and eat it. Only two seats in the whole car were clean, namely Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie, they were junior high school classmates and now they are also comrades-in-arms. Li Xiang asked them why they were in the army, Xiao Yunjie said that he wanted to serve the country, but Yan Poyue answered honestly, that is to become stronger.

The recruits were ordered to run, Lu Xiaotian complained repeatedly, but Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie ran at the front of the team. Lu Xiaotian couldn’t run and stretched out his hand to lean on them, and the squad leader Zhang Tianyang misunderstood. Yan Poyue cursed impatiently and dared to run for them. Yan Poyue thought there was something wrong with such an organizational method, so Zhang Tianyang asked him to show it. Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie temporarily organized the company commander and deputy company commander, and found four more platoon commanders.

If everyone wants to eat, then follow his instructions! Yan Poyue set up a temporary command system, and the recruits quickly ran up and down, but Zhang Tianyang was very angry, feeling that he was not ashamed and impatient, and ran to Li Xiang to complain. Downstairs Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie painted plums to quench their thirst. Encouraged by the food, everyone ran more and more vigorously, heading towards the mutton soup.

At the end of the ten laps, Zhang Tianyang did not let them go. Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie continued to practice until the sun went down. Li Xiang watched as long as they ran, and he asked someone to bring them some water and food. Many years later, when Yan Poyue became a training officer, he realized that one step ahead of others is a genius, and two steps ahead of others is a lunatic. Only by letting others see that these two lunatics are thirsty and hungry, can they become human again.

Although Yan Poyue was a soldier on his first day, his body turning movements were very standard. When Li Xiang asked him who he learned from, Yan Poyue did not answer. At that time, Yan Poyue was still very young, and because he wanted to protect himself, he could only refuse to answer, and this refusal made him the most dazzling and mysterious person among the recruits.

Lu Xiaotian said that there were three big players in the group, which also aroused everyone’s interest. In terms of internal affairs, Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie brought down the business level of the whole class, and were sentenced to go to the door of the dormitory building to practice folding quilts.

After being trained in the morning, the quilt at noon turned into a standard tofu block, which made Lu Xiaotian and the others amazed again and again. But the two iron gates behind the cooking class were missing. Someone pointed out that Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie had taken them away. They put the quilt between the iron gates and tricked the car into running them back and forth twice.

Li Xiang was so angry that his eyes widened, Xiao Yunjie was still making excuses and scrambling to take responsibility. Li Xiang was so angry that they moved the iron gate back and showed their “great achievements”. Xiao Yunjie didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter, and Yan Poyue only knew that it would be included in the file and affect the progress.

Neither of them cared about the two of them. When they were walking panting while holding the iron gate, a female officer passed by in the distance. Xiao Yunjie casually teased that she was not bad, and Yan Poyue replied with disdain that she had never seen a woman before! Unexpectedly, Li Xiang heard these two words, and said with good intentions that the female officer was called Ai Qianxue, and she was the youngest staff officer in the regiment.

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