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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Da will bring his eldest son Xu Yungong to the army this time, and let him and King Yan hide their names in the military camp to make military exploits by themselves. Xu Yungong was worried about the big sister’s life-long affairs, and Miao Yun had a lot of time to settle this account with Zhu Di. On the way back to the palace, Zhu Yuanzhang ordered Zhu Xian, the son of the Marquis of Yongjia, to be promoted to the deputy commander of the left guard of the commander-in-chief of the military commander.

The general banner Zhu Neng took Zhu Di and another soldier to investigate, and found through the horse dung that a reconnaissance cavalry of Yuan people passed by here a day ago. Zhu Di was puzzled, and Zhu Neng gave him the horse dung and reminded him that ordinary people could feed their horses with soybeans. At this time, the army led by Geng Bingwen and Lan Yu was trapped in the stockade, and there were many soldiers who were looting food. Geng Bingwen ordered them to be suppressed.

When the subordinates suffer from hail to the point of running out of water and food, they will surely die. Some subordinates propose to break through. However, Geng Bingwen suddenly thought that the 20,000 elite soldiers in the expansion had gone missing. He analyzed the pros and cons of breaking through and defending, and he felt more and more that the purpose of expanding the perimeter to trap them here was not simple.

Later, Sheng Yong and Zhang Yu took the initiative to ask to be the messengers between the Yuan and the Ming army, and the two went to the tent of King Qi to convey Geng Bingwen’s meaning and Princess Fu Li’s plan. Bai Yalunhai was not willing to be a hostage of the Ming army in exchange for the release of the captives by the Ming army, and she committed suicide immediately after all the clansmen left. Kuo Kuo made a decisive decision and exchanged prisoners with the Ming army at Youshi.

After some of the clansmen had left safely, Sheng Yong and Zhang Yu sneaked into the Ming army camp in disguise at night, trying to rescue Haibie. Unexpectedly, Geng Bingwen had long expected that they would do this. With a trick to catch the turtle, Zhang Yu and Sheng Yong were easily captured. Sheng Yong was afraid of death and fell to the Ming army, making Zhang Yu’s teeth itch with hatred.

The next day, Geng Bingwen took Haibei as a hostage and forced thousands of Ming troops to leave. Zhu Yuanzhang looked at the roster of pro-military guards presented by Zhu Biao, and found that Xu Yungong and Xu Zengshou were not there. When he asked, he knew that Song Guogong had written their names on it, but Xu Da refused, and the matter was abandoned.

Xu Miaoyun went to the palace to see Empress Xiaoci, and the empress wanted to reward her when she saw that she was smart and clever. Miaoyun dared to seek rewards, hoping that Queen Xiaoci could make a living for the military orphan adopted by her father. Zhu Yuanzhang learned that he was a little surprised, but he also recognized the actions of this daughter-in-law very much.

In the end, he talked with Empress Ma and Zhu Biao again, nothing more than talking about Zhu Biao’s father-in-law Lu Ben and Zhu Biao’s side concubine Lu, and asked Lu Ben to be transferred from the Ministry of Punishment to the Minister of Officials. Li Wenzhong joined the army and reported to Xu Da that Lan Yu’s troops had broken through and marched along the water source, and it was estimated that they had reached Bayan Baoleg. Bayanbolege is 130 kilometers away from them.

At this time, Geng Bingwen was in charge of thousands of soldiers, and his subordinate suggested to kill Haibie. He thought that the Ming army had broken through. Yuan Ren appeared on the hillside not far away, as if following him.

The game of cat and mouse was not played for too long, and Nai Er ordered the left guard to attack without spending any time. Soon after, Fu Youde arrived with his army and fought against Nai’er Buhua. Xu Da did not come forward, and Kuo Kuo ordered to send more staff. If Xu Da did not come out again, he would kill Fu Youde and Geng Bingwen directly. This vast prairie was instantly filled with the flames of war and gunpowder, and the bodies of countless soldiers piled up like mountains and blood flowed into rivers.

The fighting stopped temporarily, and when Zhu Di led the patrol, he captured Princess Fuli and Zhang Yu. Since Fu Li was the murderer who assassinated Lan Yu, many generals led by Geng Bingwen demanded to kill Yuan Ren to avenge Lan Yu. Zhu Di hurriedly spoke out to stop it, because the two said that Lan Yu was suspected of insulting Princess Dayuan Qi, and the two of them were witnesses and could not be killed. As soon as Xu Da heard it, he called Geng Bingwen in for questioning to confirm the truth of the matter. After that, he set aside a tent for Princess Fuli and ordered someone to guard her. And Zhu Di was sentenced to forty military sticks because he violated the law and said nonsense while in the commander-in-chief army.

Zhu Yuanzhang was furious when he heard about this, and when Lan Yu returned to Nanjing, he would be punished. Mr. Li had to remind Zhu Yuanzhang that Lan Yu was Chang Yuchun’s younger brother and the prince’s uncle, and he needed to think twice about the punishment for Lan Yu.

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