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Miss Xianqi Make a Wish (2022) 仙琦小姐許願吧

Miss Xianqi Make a Wish (2022) 仙琦小姐許願吧
Other Title: There is a fairy wife at home / I see the fairy wife again / The new family has a fairy wife / The husband who chases his wife / Make a Wish Miss Xianqi / Make a Wish Miss Xianqi / 仙琦小姐許願吧

Genres: Comedy / Love / Family / Fantasy
33 episodes
 Wu Zongde
 Wu Zongde / Red Boy Creation Team / Xia Rui…
Release Date: 
April 07, 2022
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Wu Yingjie / Liu Zhiyang / Yoko Ramu / Qiu Kaiwei / Zhao Xiaosu / Peng Gao sing…


“Miss Xian Qi Make a Wish” Taiwanese drama “Family Wife at Home” will be re-shooted, produced by Guo Jingyu and joined by the original director Wu Zongde, and preparations have already begun. In the new version of “A Fairy Wife at Home”, the names and occupations of the four main characters are different from those in the old version. The heroine Chen Xianqi is an assistant in a fashion magazine, and the hero Xiao Jiayou is a rookie lawyer who has just entered the workplace. The settings of the version of “Fairy Bracelet”.

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