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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 1 Recap

Changyi brought Ji Yunhe back to Beiyuan, who was bruised and bruised. Ji Yunhe had been in a coma because of his severe injuries. Changyi asked Kong Ming to heal Ji Yunhe. Kongming found that Ji Yunhe was like a living dead. , although he had developed dual veins, condensed the elixir, and broke through the ban on frost, but this practice violated the laws of the world and caused a backlash to Ji Yunhe’s body. In addition, she and Ru Ling fought to the death. With a lot of spiritual power, his body has been severely sore, and his long intentions are very sad. He did not expect Ji Yunhe to suffer such an inhuman torture.

Qingyao sent someone to ask Changyi and Kongming to discuss the placement of Qingxuan. Changyi immediately decided to keep Ji Yunhe on Huxin Island to recuperate, and set up a ban here to let Russell stay and look after her, and no one was allowed to approach her. . In order to cover the retreat of the clan, Qingxuan fought desperately and Ning Qing resisted, but he lost his spiritual power. Although the pill condensing technique kept his spiritual veins constant, Qingxuan fell into a long sleep and may never wake up again. Qingyao vowed to save him at all costs. As a living father, Kong Ming suggested to freeze him temporarily, hoping that he might wake up in the future. Qing Yao couldn’t think of a better way for a while, so she had to agree to freeze Qing Xuan’s body with a long-term effort.

After the battle between Beiyuan and Xianshifu, Luo Jinsang, Xue Sanyue and Lishu came to Beiyuan with Qingyu Luanniao Qingji. Luo Jinsang found out that Ji Yunhe was imprisoned on Huxin Island by Changyi. I couldn’t get close a few times, so I had to come to Xue Sanyue for help, and Xue Sanyue wanted to find Changyi Theory. Changyi personally came to thank Qing Ji for helping to hold Ning Qing down, and this battle was won decisively. He felt that Ning Qing would not give up and persuaded Qing Ji to stay in Beiyuan temporarily to prevent Ning Qing from going to Leyou Mountain to make trouble.

Qing Ji and Ning Qing were accidentally injured during the fierce battle. She found that Ning Qing’s skills were improving by leaps and bounds, and she felt that something was wrong, and reminded her to be careful everywhere. Ji Yunhe finally woke up, Russell came to report to Changyi as soon as possible, Changyi and Qingji hurriedly left and returned to Huxin Island, Luo Jinsang stopped Changyi and asked him why he had imprisoned Ji Yunhe, Changyi refused to answer, Luo Jinsang stopped him Jin Sang scolded him for being ungrateful, so Li Shu hurried to relieve the siege, and even stewed fish soup for Changyi to taste, and Changyi took the fish soup and left.

The more Luo Jinsang thought about it, the more angry she became. She went to Qingji for help. Qingji didn’t want to get involved in the grievances and grievances between Changyi and Ji Yunhe. Xue Sanyue was so angry that she wanted to force Changyi to let Ji Yunhe go. Lishu advised her not to meddle in her own business. . Ji Yunhe struggled to get up and opened the window. Seeing the heavy snow falling outside, she liked snow the most, and her mood suddenly became bright. Ji Yunhe wanted to escape from the island in the heart of the lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ice and snow in Beiyuan, so she secretly stole the food from the maid who came to deliver the meal. Token, I didn’t expect Chang Yi to come back suddenly, bring fish soup to Ji Yunhe, and force Yunhe to drink medicated food.

Ru Jun rescued Ru Ling back to heaven, Ru Ling woke up and found that her face was disfigured, she knew that Ning Qing would never appear again, Ru Ling poured all her anger on Ru Jun, Ru Jun advised her not to be obsessed , Ning Qing condone her because she looked exactly like the woman he loved, Ru Ling was swept away by anger and yelled at Ru Jun.

Ru Jun was so anxious that he had no choice but to come to Hexu Shenjun for help. Hexu Shenjun encouraged him not to back down. Rujun was instantly full of confidence, not to mention that he had the immortal decree left by the late emperor that could command millions of divine soldiers. Swear to fight Ning Qing to the end. The mysterious man behind the scenes forced Ning Qing and Ru Jun to fight to the end, but Ning Qing didn’t take Ru Jun seriously at all. Ru Jun was too young to summon a million soldiers. Public anger, temporarily admit defeat to Ru Jun, Ning Qing vowed to find Ru Jun sooner or later to settle the account. As expected by Ning Qing, Ru Jun issued an immortal decree without summoning a divine soldier, and he realized that his cultivation was not enough, and he was very depressed.

Lin Haoqing came to the Immortal Master’s Mansion to deliver healing herbs to Ru Ling. Ji Chengyu received him and promised to speak well for him in front of Ning Qing. In fact, Lin Haoqing’s purpose in coming this time was to steal the antidote, and he made careful arrangements in advance. , let Siyu find some evil spirits to come to the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Ning Qing came to see Ru Ling in person, Ru Ling was ecstatic, Ning Qing helped her to remove the carrion from her face, Ru Ling screamed in pain, Ning Qing gave her a pill, and decided to continue to remove the carrion for her tomorrow, Ru Ling complained and threw the pill aside in a fit of anger.

The maid who delivered the meal spoke ill of Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe couldn’t bear it anymore, she showed her fox fire and attacked her. Changyi came in time, slapped the maid and forced Ji Yunhe to drink the medicine. Ji Yunhe wanted to go out to relax, but Changyi resolutely refused. Ji Yunhe was forced to die, but Changyi didn’t buy it at all.

Ji Chengyu was chatting with Lin Haoqing in the quiet room. The disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion hurriedly came to report to Ji Chengyu that an evil spirit suddenly appeared in the house. Taking this opportunity to search for the antidote in the quiet room, he accidentally found a secret room, and the door of the secret room was easily opened. Lin Haoqing found a portrait of a woman resembling Ru Ling hung in the secret room, and immediately understood everything, he continued to rummage inside.

Ji Chengyu quickly chased away the evil spirit, Ning Qing came over after hearing the news, and learned that Lin Haoqing was in the quiet room, he was worried and hurried over. Lin Haoqing searched the quiet room but couldn’t find the antidote, Ning Qing came back suddenly, he lied that he accidentally knocked down the chessboard, and Ning Qing asked him to play a game. The maid was wronged and went back to complain to Qingyao. She accidentally said that Ji Yunhe had foxfire on her body. Qingyao couldn’t help but be surprised. In the world, only aunt Qingshu had foxfire on her body. She later died in Wanhua Valley. Killed Qingshu and stole her foxfire, and wanted to take Qingyao to Ji Yunhe to pay for her life. Qingyao didn’t want to be embarrassed, and wanted to wait and see what happened.

Lin Haoqing didn’t find an antidote, but he deduced from the painting that Ning Qing cared about Ru Ling’s face, not her. Ning Qing guessed that the mysterious man had opened the door of the secret room for Lin Haoqing, so he came to him for a theory. The mysterious man confessed to this, he wanted to mess up the world as soon as possible, and warned Ning Qing that he had signed a blood contract with him, and Ning Qing’s strength needed Relying on him, he must be released as soon as possible, and Ning Qing also wants to make plans to bring the world to the end.

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