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“The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” is filming, Zhang Hanyun looks beautiful and charming, and the male protagonist unexpectedly becomes the focus

The aesthetics of the audience has changed, which means that the directors of the film and television industry cannot be limited in their thinking, but have to try more novel themes. Sure enough, Sunshine at noon was the first producer to eat crabs. They tried the “Infinite Stream” theme drama “Beginning” for the first time. Zhao Jinmai and Bai Jingting took the lead. Everyone can’t help it just by looking at the boot photos.

“The Butcher’s Little Lady” is filming

The original novel has a certain enthusiasm in the Internet literary circle. This drama tells the story of love between Hu Jiao, daughter of the butcher family, and Xu Qingjia, the scholar’s fiancé.

To put it simply, the original work of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” is of high quality. As long as the remake is of high quality and the publicity is in place, this drama will not worry about its popularity. It’s just that the crew of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” was very low-key after it was launched, and there were few related Reuters, and the original fans were a little anxious.

Zhang Hanyun plays the heroine Hu Jiao

Just as everyone was wondering about the makeup and hair of the heroine and the heroine, the staff of the “proxy filming” accidentally shared a few Reuters. The heroine Zhang Hanyun’s appearance attracted everyone. The little girl who “sweet and sour is me” has grown up, and she is slightly feminine in ancient costumes!

Zhang Hanyun is 32 years old. She is not a young girl, but she is in very good condition. In “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s Family”, Zhang Hanyun played the role of the daughter of the Butcher’s family, but she thought that Hu Jiao looked very “male”, but she never wanted to show “Hu Jiao” after Zhang Hanyun wore a period costume. You have a different image of a beautiful girl, too temperamental!

Zhang Hanyun looks beautiful and charming

The camera zooms in. Although Zhang Hanyun is 32 years old, her face is not fat, but her chin is very delicate, and her facial features and eyebrows are three-dimensional. It’s just that the funding for the crew of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” seems to be inadequate. The hair accessories of “Hu Jiao” are a bit simple. Fortunately, the costumes are excellent, and the purple costume sets off Zhang Hanyun’s beauty, femininity and temperament!

But if Zhang Hanyun, who is dressed in purple, has the temperament of a big family, then Zhang Hanyun is wearing a yellow and green costume, her temperament will be different.

Zhang Hanyun deserves to be an actress who looks like what she looks like. She originally had a face that is “not old and childish”, and her girlishness has improved a lot, but she has a slender figure and fair complexion. It is no wonder that she is so photogenic!

The male lead unexpectedly became the focus

However, everyone is paying attention to the female prosperous styling, who knows the casting of the male lead scholar Xu Qingjia? After the launch of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House”, everyone really didn’t expect that “Uncle Wu Zhu” would get out of his head, and he finally changed from a supporting actor to a male number. Everyone is really surprised!

In the drama “Celebrating More Than Years”, the image of “Uncle Wu Zhu” was very three-dimensional and full. Even though he was a supporting role, the audience felt that the actor Tong Mengshi’s acting skills were great.

It’s easy to create a character, but it’s a bit difficult to discard the label of a character. Fortunately, the actor Tong Mengshi has a very strong character shaping ability. He plays Xu Qingjia, and fans of the original find it bright!

Tong Meng is acting as the male lead, everyone is looking forward to and excited!

It’s just that the stylist of the crew of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” needs to buckle chicken legs. Tong Mengshi puts on the hair cover, his forehead is widened visually, and the makeup is very light, inexplicably feel that Tong Mengshi’s face value has declined!

But looking at the private server look that the crew started at the beginning, Tong Meng is really a handsome guy, with both appearance and temperament online. I hope the stylist of “The Little Lady of the Butcher’s House” can listen to the opinions of fans, and then create an elegant and elegant scholar image!

However, everyone did not wait for the new stills of the male protagonist Tong Mengshi, but everyone waited for the intimate scenes of the male and female protagonists. As you can see, Xu Qingjia took the initiative to kiss the female lead Hu Jiao on the cheek. Even though the light on the set was dim, everyone felt that the sweetness was beyond the standard.

Sure enough, the powerful actors are different. They interpret the roles carefully, and the audience feels that the atmosphere is full just by looking at the pictures!

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