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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 27 Recap

After Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei broke up, the relationship between the two was always in a cold war, but this state did not last long because Gu Wei was actively trying to ease each other. However, Lin Zhi’s school pretended to turn a blind eye to Gu Wei’s gesture, so Gu Wei thought about it and thought of pretending to be sick. Standing in front of the Lin’s house, he first patted his face red with his palms, looking like he had a high fever, and then pressed the doorbell to borrow antipyretics from Lin Zhixiao.

But Lin Zhixiao didn’t believe it at all, mocking him for giving flowers just now, but now he has a fever. Therefore, no matter what kind of words Gu Wei said, Lin Zhixiao was still inhumane, and he repeatedly emphasized that they had broken up and should not be entangled in the future. Gu Wei’s little abacus failed, he returned home alone, saw the glass on the table, and immediately had a plan. Sure enough, Lin Zhixiao heard the sound of the cup being thrown, and hurried over to find Gu Wei fainted beside him.

Vice President Gao conveyed to Gu Wei the notice from the institute that he was going to be dispatched to Berlin, Germany for academic exchanges. Gu Wei couldn’t make up his mind for a while, so he called Lin Zhixiao and asked her to come to his house at night.

As a result, before the two of them finished talking, Lin Jianguo suddenly came in from the door, and Lin Zhixiao hurriedly hung up the call. That night, Lin Zhixiao sneaked out of the door, hadn’t noticed Lin Jianguo behind her, and she stood at the door for a while, Gu Wei had come out of the elevator and happened to find Lin Jianguo hiding in the door.

In order to avoid Lin Jianguo’s over-heartedness, Gu Wei pretended to quarrel with Lin Zhixiao. Lin Zhixiao saw Gu Wei wink and cooperated very tacitly. Lin Jianguo couldn’t listen to it anymore. He came out to educate Lin Zhixiao and deliberately raised Gu Wei to become the elder of Lin Zhixiao, implying that he could not have any crooked thoughts on Lin Zhixiao, and showed his desire to protect her daughter. Gu Wei was a little embarrassed, and it was hard to say more. The matter to be discussed with Lin Zhixiao tonight was completely over.

Because Lin Jianguo watched too closely, Lin Zhixiao returned to the room and immediately sent a message to Gu Wei. The two could not meet in public for the time being, and could only communicate via text messages. The next day in the school library, Lin Zhixiao learned that Yinxi and Jinshi had not been in contact for a long time, and knew that there was little hope of reconciliation in this relationship.

Although Yinxi was still looking forward to Jinshi’s initiative, but the days passed without any news, which made her gradually disappointed. Yin Xi saw Lin Zhixiao’s booklet, which recorded her and Gu Wei’s love schedule and what to do at each time period. one.

In fact, Lin Zhixiao often stayed in the music room to practice for a while, so there was very little time to spend alone with Gu Wei, and he could only cherish the time when he was in love. Yin Xi can understand Lin Zhixiao very well, and then mentions Shao Jiang’s agent An Fei, saying that An Fei has fallen in love with Shao Jiang many years ago.

As soon as the words fell, Shao Jiang came in from outside, called Lin Zhixiao out alone, and gave her two tickets for the concert, mainly inviting Lin Jianguo and his wife to watch. Lin Zhixiao thought of Gu Wei, and was very embarrassed to ask him for another one. Since the last time he completely talked about it, the two have returned to the relationship of good friends and neighbors.

Lin Zhixiao went to the hospital to find Gu Wei, and happily took out the concert tickets. After all, it was his first time as a cellist. Seeing the love schedule planned by Lin Zhixiao, Gu Wei felt a burst of warmth in his heart and kissed him tenderly. Lin Zhizheng put the brochure on the table, and suddenly found a resume of overseas training programs for medical staff.

Gu Wei subconsciously wanted to cover it up, but he still couldn’t stop Lin Zhixiao. Seeing that he couldn’t hide the matter, he had to admit that the expatriate needed to go to Germany for a year, and he was also considering it. Lin Zhixiao was a little overwhelmed, the news was too sudden for her, so she made an excuse to leave first.

After Lin Zhixiao and the others finished their practice and left the music room one after another, Lin Jianguo walked in. He believed that Shao Jiang was his prospective son-in-law, so he first praised him, and then asked him sideways about his future. Intend. Shao Jiang was confused by the question, and felt inexplicable until Lin Jianguo suddenly mentioned that his daughter Lin Zhixiao had been pampered since childhood, and the tone of entrusting him with heavy responsibility suddenly made him realize.

After realizing Lin Jianguo’s thoughts, Shao Jiang hurriedly clarified the relationship between himself and Lin Zhixiao. It happened that the agent An Fei came over, so he took An Fei to his side, and solemnly introduced the other party to Lin Jianguo, except that it was the agent. In addition to his identity, he is also his girlfriend. Lin Jianguo was embarrassed after hearing this, so he made an excuse to slip away.

Jin Shi thought about it for a long time, and was going to chat with Yin Xi calmly, but how could he know that Yin Xi didn’t think he was wrong at all, and blindly blamed Jin Shi for deceiving her first. In the end, the conversation broke up unhappily, Jin Shi was completely disappointed with Yin Xi, and officially announced that the two broke up completely, and there was no room for recovery.

Gu Wei went to the school to find Lin Zhixiao, but when Lin Zhixiao saw him, he turned around and ran, only to be knocked to the ground. Seeing that Lin Zhixiao was injured, Gu Wei carried her directly to the hospital. Lin Jianguo called and heard the nurse’s voice, so he knew that his daughter was injured, and hurried over with Lin’s mother.

At the same time, Gu Wei listened to Lin Zhixiao’s explanation while taking the medicine. Seeing her frowning because of this, Gu Wei felt equally uncomfortable. Therefore, Gu Wei had already decided not to go to Germany, and he was not willing to leave Lin Zhixiao alone in the country unless the two could go abroad together.

When Lin Zhixiao heard Gu Wei’s promise, he couldn’t help but be moved to tears. Just as Gu Wei asked her when she would give her a name, Lin Jianguo and Lin’s mother pushed open the door and scared Lin Zhixiao to jump out of bed, explaining I was really injured, so I came to the hospital to find Gu Wei for treatment and bandages.

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