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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 24 Recap

Because of the assignment to Germany, Lin Zhixiao lay tossing and turning in bed, and Gu Wei was the same. He repeatedly watched the love schedule made by Lin Zhixiao and couldn’t help being touched. He wanted to call and say that he would not I went to Germany, but after picking up my mobile phone, I still didn’t have the courage to press the string of numbers.

Xiao Shan and Yin Xi knew about this, and they were both giving advice to Lin Zhixiao. They woke up Lin Zhixiao unexpectedly, making her feel that they could complement each other with Gu Wei and go abroad together. However, Lin Zhixiao went home and checked the information about the process of going abroad, and found that it was not as easy as he imagined, so he sat in front of the computer in despair. At this time, Gu Wei held the overseas study contract, looked and looked, and was always hesitant.

After Lin Zhixiao finished breakfast, he left the concert tickets to his parents, but Lin Jianguo thought about it and mistakenly thought that his daughter was dating Shao Jiang. In order to find out the truth, Lin Jianguo ran to the school wearing a hat and hid outside the door to observe the relationship between Lin Zhixiao and Shao Jiang, while the two were practicing in the music room. Shao Jiang half-squatted looking at Lin Zhixiao, although he could not hear The content of the speech can easily cause an illusion.

After Lin Zhixiao and the others finished their practice and left the music room one after another, Lin Jianguo walked in. He believed that Shao Jiang was his prospective son-in-law, so he first praised him, and then asked him sideways about his future. Intend. Shao Jiang was confused by the question, and felt inexplicable until Lin Jianguo suddenly mentioned that his daughter Lin Zhixiao had been pampered since childhood, and the tone of entrusting him with heavy responsibility suddenly made him realize.

After realizing Lin Jianguo’s thoughts, Shao Jiang hurriedly clarified the relationship between himself and Lin Zhixiao. It happened that the agent An Fei came over, so he took An Fei to his side, and solemnly introduced the other party to Lin Jianguo, except that it was the agent. In addition to his identity, he is also his girlfriend. Lin Jianguo was embarrassed after hearing this, so he made an excuse to slip away.

Jin Shi thought about it for a long time, and was going to chat with Yin Xi calmly, but how could he know that Yin Xi didn’t think he was wrong at all, and blindly blamed Jin Shi for deceiving her first. In the end, the conversation broke up unhappily, Jin Shi was completely disappointed with Yin Xi, and officially announced that the two had broken up completely, and there was no room for recovery.

Gu Wei went to the school to find Lin Zhixiao, but when Lin Zhixiao saw him, he turned around and ran, only to be knocked to the ground. Seeing that Lin Zhixiao was injured, Gu Wei carried her directly to the hospital. Lin Jianguo called and heard the nurse’s voice, so he knew that his daughter was injured, and hurried over with Lin’s mother.

At the same time, Gu Wei listened to Lin Zhixiao’s explanation while taking the medicine. Seeing her frowning because of this, Gu Wei felt equally uncomfortable. Therefore, Gu Wei had already decided not to go to Germany, and he was not willing to leave Lin Zhixiao alone in the country unless the two could go abroad together.

When Lin Zhixiao heard Gu Wei’s promise, he couldn’t help but be moved to tears. Just as Gu Wei asked her when she would give her a name, Lin Jianguo and Lin’s mother pushed open the door and scared Lin Zhixiao to jump out of bed, explaining I was really injured, so I came to the hospital to find Gu Wei for treatment and bandages.

Lin Jianguo didn’t listen to his daughter’s explanation, and angrily scolded Gu Wei for trying to take advantage of Lin Zhixiao. Gu Wei didn’t want to hide it any longer, so he simply held Lin Zhixiao’s hand and announced their relationship on the spot. This scene stunned the others. Lin Jianguo was so angry that he could not speak. He turned around and left. Instead, Mother Lin was overjoyed. She gave Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei a thumbs up to show her supportive attitude. drag away.

When he got home in the evening, Lin Zhixiao carefully looked at his father’s expression and sneaked into the room. Mother Lin came to talk to Lin Zhixiao. Although she did not object to her and Gu Wei dating, they were seven or eight years apart in age and had completely different life experiences. Therefore, Mother Lin did not want her daughter to fall in love on impulse.

Knowing the thoughts of his parents, Lin Zhixiao repeatedly assured that he and Gu Wei were sincere and sincere, and they were also out of love and only polite, so he hoped that Lin’s mother could help him persuade his father. Mother Lin felt that as long as her daughter liked it, she plucked up the courage to go to the living room to talk about it with Lin Jianguo.

In fact, Lin Jianguo thought that he didn’t know the doctor in charge so that his daughter would not be treated badly, but now it seems that they should be given more opportunities to get along with each other. Gu Wei was anxiously waiting for the result at home, and couldn’t help but sent a message to Lin Zhixiao. Seeing her reply that everything was fine, it finally fell to his heart.

Xiao Shan checked Gu Xiao’s mobile phone as her current girlfriend and saw that the chat records in it were normal, so she did not pursue further investigations. As everyone knows, Gu Wei switched to the second system while Xiao Shan was not paying attention, not only quit Ye Ye Shengge’s WeChat group, but also deleted the WeChat of those girls who were ambiguous with him. When Xiao Shan temporarily checked the phone again, it was still very clean. There is only news of a few brothers and Gu’s mother.

In the blink of an eye, the day when Lin Zhixiao participated in the performance, Lin Zhixiao showed his strength perfectly, and Gu Wei and Lin’s parents were proud of it. After the performance, Gu Wei came over with flowers to congratulate her, and An Fei suddenly came to Lin Zhixiao, hoping to sign a contract with her, and she would become an excellent cellist in the future.

Since Anfei’s company is located in Germany, every new signing has to go to the German Orchestra for about a year of exchange and study. Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei laughed at the same time, because this opportunity was urgently needed. Afterwards, the two celebrated on the rooftop of the hospital. Gu Wei asked Lin Zhixiao to make an appointment, ready to visit Lin’s father and mother in person, and express the idea of ​​marriage by the way.

Lin Jianguo endured the physical discomfort and was sulking when he sat at home. He originally disapproved of Lin Zhixiao’s association with Gu Wei, and now they are going to Germany together, so he is even more worried. Lin’s mother was very open-minded and successfully persuaded Lin Jianguo to stop interfering in the children’s feelings, but Lin Jianguo’s attitude gradually softened, and finally agreed to let Gu Wei come to the house for dinner, Lin Zhixiao returned to the room with joy and sent a message to Gu Wei.

At this time, Gu Wei was busy working in the hospital and encountered a patient who was in urgent need of surgery. Due to the delay in contacting the family members, if the family members did not sign the consent form for the operation, I am afraid that the condition would seriously deteriorate. Considering that life was at stake, Gu Wei could no longer care about other things, so he called the medical office to apply for approval.

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