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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 21 Recap

Gu Wei introduced his parents to Lin Zhixiao, as well as his cousin’s daughter, Xiao June. And Lin Zhixiao couldn’t be envious. When she was flirting with Gu Wei on the sofa, the white porridge on the kitchen stove was already cooked. Because Gu Wei knew that Lin Zhixiao was allergic to peanuts, so he specially removed the peanuts. Lin Zhixiao felt that there was no meat in the white porridge, so how could Gu Wei kiss her directly.

That night, Lin Zhixiao was lying on the bed sweetly and shyly, while Gu Wei stayed up late in the study to translate materials. The next morning, Lin Zhixiao sat quietly in the library like a hopeful stone, waiting for Gu Wei to reply. Her nympho appearance also attracted Yin Xi’s ridicule.

In fact, Yinxi is also the same to her boyfriend. If she is not around for a while, she will be in a mess, and she controls him a lot on weekdays, being domineering and strong. Today Jinshi sent a message and lied that he was busy, so Lin Zhixiao took Yinxi to a nearby hot pot restaurant for dinner, accidentally bumped into Jinshi, and found that he was chatting and laughing with several classmates at the dinner table.

Yinxi was angry that Jinshi had deceived herself, but Jinshi didn’t realize the mistake, and even blamed her for being too controlling. Usually, she always responded to Yinxi’s call. No matter if she was free or busy, she had to be on call. Sometimes They will also make phone calls and send video checks.

If things went on like this, Jin Shi felt that he had lost his personal freedom, and could not bear it so much that he did not want to submit to it any longer. The two had a big quarrel over this, and then broke up unhappily. Yinxi took the initiative to break up, and Jinshi agreed decisively despite Lin Zhixiao’s obstruction.

At the same time, the ex-boyfriend brought a gift to find Xiao Shan to get back together, but Xiao Shan is a person who never turns back. However, the other party was still unrelenting. The scene of him entanglement with Xiao Shan also fell into Gu Xiao’s eyes. While Xiao Shan was helping Gu Xiao deal with the wound, Gu Xiao took the initiative to confess, causing Xiao Shan to turn around and run away.

Lin Zhixiao complained about Yin Xi, and went to the hospital to complain to Gu Wei. In her opinion, the two had a good relationship since childhood, and they were also model couples in the eyes of their classmates, but the sudden breakup made people question whether love was Long lasting and reliable. Gu Wei listened to Lin Zhixiao’s nagging and did not say a word until Lin Zhixiao noticed that he seemed very tired.

Gu Wei believes that whether love is reliable or not should not be judged alone. Maybe Jinshi does feel the pain. After all, no one wants to be forced to do things they don’t want to do. Therefore, during the last six-person walk, Gu Wei had already sensed something was wrong. Besides, Yinxi had a lot of faults. Knowing that her boyfriend was busy, he still had to check the post and report, and even stick to each other all the time, even between lovers. There should also be a private space.

It was also Gu Wei’s analysis that gave Lin Zhixiao a sense of self-substitute, and felt that he was using this as a metaphor for being too clingy. Yinxi became very depressed because of the breakup. Xiao Shan suggested that the three of them go to a bar for a party. Jin Shi didn’t want to play games, he wanted to call Yin Xi, but he was scolded by Xiao Shan and Lin Zhixiao in turn. Yin Xi solemnly stated that he was no longer Jin Shi’s girlfriend, and he could play whatever he wanted in the future.

Gu Wei called Lin Zhixiao, and when she heard the noise inside, she knew she was in a bar. And Lin Zhixiao was drunk, and before he could speak, the phone was snatched by Xiao Shan and hung up. Since Gu Wei couldn’t get in touch with Lin Zhixiao, he had to call Gu Xiao and ask about the bars Xiao Shan usually likes to go to.

Xiao Shan and Yinxi went to dance on the dance floor, leaving Lin Zhixiao alone in the booth. A man came to talk to her, and she was so frightened that she immediately woke up most of the time. When Gu Wei arrived at the bar, he happened to see Lin Zhixiao belittling himself as a single old man in front of a strange man, so he shouted her full name angrily.

After the man saw Gu Wei, he left first with interest, while Gu Wei had a livid face, took off his coat and wrapped Lin Zhixiao, directly carried her princess out, and explained a few words to the waiter before leaving. Xiao Shan and Yinxi couldn’t find Lin Zhixiao when they came back. They asked the waiter and found out that they were taken away by Gu Wei. Only then did they finally feel relieved, and the two left the bar together.

Gu Wei drove Lin Zhixiao home, and repeatedly taught her not to go to bars on the way, but Lin Zhixiao suddenly retorted, reiterating with a small temper that couples need private space and not interfere with each other’s lives. Gu Wei didn’t know how to respond to these remarks. How could he know that Lin Zhixiao proposed to get off at the side of the road again, and he would rather walk back.

Xiao Shan took Yinxi home and found Gu Xiao downstairs in her house, so she asked Yinxi to go upstairs first. Gu Xiao once again showed his love to Yinxi, changing his usual playboy image, and quickly gained Xiao Shan’s heart, and after the two sea kings came ashore, they seemed to be serious about this relationship.

Taking advantage of the lunch break during the day, Gu Wei took the initiative to send a message to Lin Zhixiao, but it was a pity, so he contacted Xiao Shan through Gu Xiao, saying that he secretly planned a surprise for Lin Zhixiao, hoping to get her help . Xiao Shan hesitated a little, but in the end she readily agreed and invited Lin Zhixiao to go out to play in her name.

Xiao Shan said that she had already booked a homestay in the suburbs and urged her to go home as soon as possible to pack her luggage, and then hung up the phone. Lin Zhixiao didn’t wait for Xiao Shan, but saw Gu Wei bringing breakfast, pretending to be pitiful, and saying good things to make her happy. Originally, Lin Zhixiao was mostly out of anger, but now he was amused by Gu Wei’s three words, and he couldn’t help sighing that he was too easy to be soft-hearted.

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