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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 14 Recap

Gu Wei specially prepared a gift for Lin Zhixiao, which was a unique violin music box, but he didn’t know how to speak, so he came to Lin Zhixiao on the grounds of repairing the lamp. How could he know that Lin Zhixiao checked it again, and soon found that the battery was missing one battery, but he didn’t know that the battery had already been put into his pocket by Gu Wei and was deliberately hidden.

Just when Lin Zhixiao finished fixing the lamp and was about to leave, Gu Wei immediately stopped her and asked her to stay to help mop the floor. Although the ground was clean and tidy, Gu Wei still insisted that Lin Zhixiao wore shoes to enter the house. The reason seemed absurd, but Lin Zhixiao knew that Gu Wei was obsessed with cleanliness, so he didn’t care anymore. Seeing Lin Zhixiao turn around to get the mop, Gu Wei quickly came out of the study holding the music box.

Gao Xi mistakenly thought that Gu Wei was living at home, but when she received a call from the agency, she realized that there was no contract at all. That night, Lin Zhixiao tossed and slept, and didn’t answer Wei’s phone call. The next morning, she went to the balcony in a disappointed mood. She was shocked that Gu Wei appeared next door, and was stunned for a while.

While Lin Zhixiao was stunned, Gu Wei smiled and said good morning to her silently. Lin Zhixiao rushed into the kitchen in surprise and asked her mother that Gu Wei called her last night and wanted to Looking for a house in the same community, they introduced the two parties to sign a rental contract.

Before Mother Lin could finish speaking, Lin Zhixiao excitedly pushed open the door to find Gu Wei, who just happened to be coming over from the opposite side, and the two greeted each other, unable to hide their joy. Lin Zhixiao ran home with a shy face. At this time, Mother Lin also pushed the door and invited Gu Wei to come to the house for dinner.

Gu Wei went to Lin Zhixiao’s house as a guest. How could he know that Lin Zhixiao, who was usually carefree, behaved extremely ladylike at the dinner table, and even served Gu Wei’s bowl with vegetables in various ways. After eating, Gu Wei, accompanied by Lin Zhixiao, went to the supermarket to buy some household items.

During this period, Gu Wei deliberately mentioned the plan provided by Xiao Shan, and Lin Zhixiao admitted it without humility and generosity. In order to thank Xiao Shan for helping her find a house, Gu Wei bought a pair of slippers for her. Lin Zhixiao accepted Gu Wei’s kindness, and after returning home with him, he wrapped the lanterns around him playfully and playfully, like a playful child.

Seeing Lin Zhixiao giggling, Gu Wei admiringly told her to get off the sofa. As a result, during the physical contact between the two, the atmosphere became very ambiguous. Gu Wei was a little overwhelmed, and so was Lin Zhixiao. The two kept drinking water facing each other, and in the end they couldn’t drink it anymore, so they went to tidy up the messy lanterns.

Early the next morning, Gao Xi came to the office to look for Gu Wei, saying that he was entrusted by Gu’s mother to help find a house, and at the same time he didn’t understand why he wanted to move out. Gu Wei didn’t want to talk too much, and simply dealt with the fact that the other party had already found a good house, but Gao Xi knew that it was useless to talk too much, so he had to say goodbye and leave. It happened that Dr. Du passed by, and Gao Xi deliberately instigated him to celebrate Gu Wei’s house move, Quan should be a surprise.

Xiao Shan learns that Lin Zhixiao and Gu Wei went to the supermarket, and gossip analyzes that the two have not yet begun to fall in love, but they have developed into an old husband and wife model. Although it seems to be very good at the moment, Xiao Shan still reminds Lin Zhixiao to seize the opportunity and never let Gu Wei lose his passion. On the other hand, Lin Zhixiao saw Xiao Shan’s attitude towards Gu Xiao, and found that there was a situation between the two, and they also teased each other in the same way.

Tonight was pouring rain, Lin Zhixiao braved the rain to run home, just in time to catch up with Gu Wei driving home, so the two shared an umbrella and the distance was quite close. Gu Wei explained again the reason why he washed the cup last night, and hoped that Lin Zhixiao would not misunderstand. When she got home, she also told her to dry her hair and soak her feet. If there is anything, you can WeChat yourself.

However, when he got home, Gu Wei still felt uneasy. He was about to send cold medicine to Lin Zhixiao. How could he know that Gao Xi and Dr. Du brought a group of colleagues to the door. It was a shock rather than a surprise, which made him feel very discomfort. Gu Wei had no choice but to entertain his colleagues into the room. Gao Xi noticed the lady’s slippers at the door and the extra cups in the cupboard, and realized that it was not good.

When Lin Zhixiao went to the kitchen, he happened to see Gao Xi holding a water glass next door, and couldn’t help being surprised. Although Gao Xi was very unhappy, she still pulled the curtains on purpose, as if she and Gu Wei were alone. Because he couldn’t see the situation in the room, Lin Zhixiao hurriedly called Xiao Shan and described the ins and outs to her. He felt that not only Gao Xi was alone in Gu Wei’s house, but there should be many others.

But Xiao Shan was not like Lin Zhixiao who looked ahead and ordered her to take the initiative to attack. With Xiao Shan’s encouragement, Lin Zhixiao pretended to be calm and pretended to be cleaning, but in fact kept watch at the door until her colleagues left one after another. Gao Xi found an excuse to return to Gu Wei’s house again, so angry that Lin Zhixiao returned to his room and deliberately played the cello, indirectly disturbing the two people next door and even the neighbors nearby.

Lin Jianguo felt that the influence was not good, so he came over to reprimand and stop him, and under his skeptical eyes, Lin Zhixiao honestly stopped playing the piano, but slammed his head against the wall. Originally, when Gu Wei heard the sound of the violin, he knew what it meant, and suppressed his smile. So when Gu Wei heard the sound of hitting the wall, he suddenly realized again, walked to the side and sent a caring text message to Lin Zhixiao.

Gao Xi couldn’t find any reason to stay, so he simply asked Gu Wei to take him home, Lin Zhixiao couldn’t help but complained in his heart, then took a bag of garbage, pretended to go out to take out the garbage, and greeted Gu Wei by the way. Gu Wei also euphemistically refused to send Gao Xi home on the grounds that he was drinking, making her very disappointed and leaving alone. Seeing that Gao Xi entered the elevator, Lin Zhixiao’s goal was achieved, he simply threw the garbage to Gu Wei, turned around and went back to his room.

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