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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 37 Recap

In Qingning Palace, Ziping’s pertinent and blunt words were deeply appreciated by the Queen Mother. She did not listen to Wu Zhaoyi’s slander, and assumed that she would definitely investigate the matter thoroughly.

She tried her best to move Yao Zijin down, but Yin Ziping killed her on the way. Wu Zhaoyi walked out of the Qingning Palace in a huff. She was about to scold Ziping for not being meddlesome, but Ziping asked about the previous relationship between Wu Zhaoyi and the queen. It’s best, now I don’t care about the empress who is grounded, do you want to take advantage of the institution to trap someone? Wu Zhaoyi was speechless and had to go away.

When Ziping returned to the Shangshi Bureau, there was a palace maid who whispered a secret. She once saw Yuehua sneakily rummaging under the peach blossom tree on the day of the incident. Zi Ping understood and told the palace maid to keep the secret.

Yao Zijin’s life and death are still unknown, Zhu Zhanji was angry and went to see Empress Hu, Empress Hu revealed his weakness-after the death of the previous emperor, Zhu Zhanji watched the death of his father’s favorite concubine Guo Fang, and he was terrified , for fear that Yao Zijin would also be implicated, so he had long wanted to straighten Yao Zijin.

Zhu Zhanji asked the queen, if it was her, would she really sacrifice Yao Zijin’s life? The queen struggled inwardly and did not answer for a long time. Zhu Zhanji sneered and said that I am afraid there is no chance.

After Zhu Zhanji was abolished, his mind was set, but the queen mother did not persuade him. Civil and military officials gave advice to the emperor one after another, but Zhu Zhanji closed the door to them and did not see them. Yao Zijin finally woke up, and Zhu Zhanji was overjoyed. He immediately ordered the maid to take good care of him. Chen Wu came to report that many ministers outside the palace knelt down and stood up to stop the emperor from abolishing.

Yao Zijin noticed something was wrong, and regardless of his serious illness, he had to go to the Qianqing Palace to check. In the torrential rain, all the ministers knelt on the ground and accused Yao Zijin of being a demon concubine. You Yifan told the ministers the content of the remonstrance, and persuaded Yao Zijin to return to the place he should go earlier. Wait until the storm passes.

In Yongning Palace, Yao Zijin knelt down and begged Zhu Zhanji to take back his life. The new queen has just moved in. If there is no important matter, the queen cannot be abolished, and the queen mother will not agree. Zhu Zhanji looked into her eyes and told her that the queen mother had already agreed, but he just told the queen mother that Queen Hu was not suitable.

The Empress Dowager summoned Yao Zijin, she let Yao Zijin see the phoenix seal sent by Empress Hu and the guard of honor, mocking that now Yao Zijin’s wish has finally been fulfilled, Yao Zijin looked directly at the Queen Mother, and then burned the set of honor guards in public. The empress dowager secretly admired that the woman in front of her had really underestimated her before. She ordered someone to ask the emperor to see her in person.

Zhu Zhanji saw the burnt honor guard in front of him. Not only was he not angry, but he was expecting it. I understand Yao Zijin’s character. If Yao Zijin really covets the position of the queen, he is not the concubine he trusts.

Soon, there was an earthquake in the Forbidden City, and the officials panicked. Zhu Zhanji directly ordered people to pull the British public out to blame, and anyone who framed Yao Zijin was not spared by the emperor, and the court began to be turbulent.

You Yifan saw that the water in the palace was already mixed, and he immediately prepared to send a message from his adoptive father to ask his adoptive father to follow the king of Han to rebel. Suddenly he stopped the guards. There was another person in the palace who was the eyeliner of the king of Han. He guessed that this person would definitely act. .

As expected, Wu Zhaoyi had already sent a secret letter to the King of Han, and then she encouraged Yao Zijin to take over Fengyin as soon as possible, and then while the Queen and Yao Zijin were both there, she stunned the Queen and Yao Zijin with secret spices and waited for an opportunity to get rid of the Queen. Yao Zijin was also poisoned by spices.

She desperately held Wu Zhaoyi and refused to hurt the comatose queen. You Yifan slammed into the door in time, took back Wu Zhaoyi’s murder weapon, and saw that Yao Zijin was in danger, his face was full of concern.

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