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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 35 Recap

You Yifan and the emperor were not comfortable eating with the emperor. He was about to find an excuse to leave. Yao Zijin politely told him to wait. After a while, the dishes made by Ziping were brought up. These dishes are not the same as those made by Yuehua. They are completely folk dishes. , there is no need to be as particular as what is done in the palace. The rice noodles are all presented one by one. The queen was very happy, so she asked Yao Zijin for Ziping, and she will be responsible for the queen’s meals in the future.

King Wei accidentally overturned the bowl, so Zhu Zhanji had to turn around to change clothes, and the queen also went elsewhere to watch the fun. There were only two people around, You Yifan and Yao Zijin. You Yifan knew what Ziping had just talked about at the banquet. The stories behind the dishes are all given by Yao Zijin, and just now Yao Zijin attracted Zhu Zhanji to see the tragic situation of the refugees in the disaster area. The embezzled eunuchs will definitely hate her to the core. As a matter of fact, Yao Zijin didn’t leave any way out for himself, so he simply laughed at You Yifan and only looked at the moment.

Ziping made Queen Hu’s special meal, the meal was very delicious, the queen was very happy to eat, and Ziping had no scheming, always told some interesting folk stories, which was deeply liked by Queen Hu, and had a harem atmosphere for a long time. Peaceful and orderly. A concubine reminded Empress Hu that Ziping was once Yao Zijin’s close friend, and the empress naturally knew it, but Ziping was the one who passed the eyes of Zhu Zhanji, and every time she served food, she was inspected layer by layer, so naturally there was no danger.

In order to investigate the suffering of the people, Zhu Zhanji decided to make a private visit in private, so he quietly asked You Yifan to escort him. Zhu Zhanji went to the fields to help the old farmer hoe the land and inquired about his income over the years. Ate a rebate.

Then they passed by a peasant woman’s house. The peasant woman invited them into the house to drink tea, and inadvertently said that her children had all gone to serve in the palace. Zhu Zhanji saw that the house was simple and the peasant woman’s life was extremely difficult, and she felt that she had never I have never heard the advice of the ministers.

There were only two people in the room, You Yifan and Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji was sad that the ministers in the palace had repeatedly covered his eyes and ears. You Yifan took out a sharp blade from his sleeve and was about to stab him. Suddenly Zhu Zhanji turned around. It would be great to be loyal and loyal to You Yifan. Zhu Zhanji promised that he would not ignore his talents like the imperial examination. Chen Wu also walked into the house, You Yifan had no chance to start, he quietly stuffed the knife back into his sleeve.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Zhanji visited the palace privately in micro-clothing, and his boots were full of mud. Yao Zijin was already waiting in the book garden. She made a lot of hot meals and snacks and immediately brought them to Zhu Zhanji. Seeing that he was exhausted, she even helped to wash up. foot. Zhu Zhanji reviewed the memorials late at night, and Yao Zijin accompanied him to mend clothes.

Queen Hu quietly sent people to follow Ziping, and found that she went back to Yongning Palace for an hour every day, and then returned to Shangshi Bureau to work. The queen knew that every meal of Ziping had to pass through Yao Zijin first, so she was very tired and was about to send Ziping away, but Yao Zijin took the initiative to ask for permission.

Seeing the sullen look on Empress Hu’s face, Yao Zijin guessed the reason for Hu Shangshi. She admitted that life is full of twists and turns, and everyone has their own disappointments. The bottom is all worn out, and when they come back at night, they have to review the memorial until the fifth watch. Even the most honorable people in Daming have to be deceived by officials and misunderstood by the people. They should also have a peaceful mind, not complain all the time, and be like water. As good as all things without fighting. Yao Zijin’s words came to the Queen’s heart, and Ziping was left behind again.

Zhu Zhanji summoned the Minister of Industry and asked him if he had any children, why he didn’t send his son to study craftsmanship, and why Ying Tianfu had chosen 5,000 children to come to Beijing to study art, just to build some useless projects, the Minister of Industry told the truth In return, everything was arranged by the internal officials, and Yuan Qi was in charge of the internal officials. Yuan Qi was so frightened that he knelt on the ground and repeatedly claimed that he did not know.

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