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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 7 Recap

Ji Yunhe finally found the antidote for the frost in the inner hall after a lot of trouble. She gave a part to Zhai Xiaoxing and asked him to find a chance to leave the Valley of Flowers. tell him. Ji Yunhe gave all the rest of the antidote to Luo Jinsang, and asked her to leave Wanhua Valley as soon as possible. Ji Yunhe wanted to go to Siguo Cave to rescue Changyi, and then go to Luo Jinsang to join her.

Lin Canglan and the nine elders worked together and wanted to activate the ten-square formation to seal the Qingyu Luanbird again. Lin Haoqing forced Xue Sanyue to kill Lishu, and Xue Sanyue watched the dying Lishu motionless. When Qingyu Luanniao learned that her former lover, Ning Ruochu, had died, she was so sad that she wanted to die.

The more Xue Sanyue thought about it, the more sad she was. She didn’t expect Lishu to be so secretive, and she tried every means to approach her just to rescue the sealed Qingyu Luanniao. Xue Sanyue felt that her feelings had been deceived. She was disheartened and went on the spot Return the Lishu Spirit Pill and make a clean break with him.

Qingyu Luanniao used a trick, Lin Canglan and the elders resisted desperately, but they were still shaken by the powerful spiritual power. Qing Shu sneaked out and killed Xue Sanyue. In March, he was beaten by Qing Shu to the point of losing his spiritual strength, his body burned rapidly, and Xue Sanyue hugged him and cried bitterly.

Lin Canglan and the others regrouped and finally activated the ten-square formation. Qingyu Luanniao spread out its huge wings to fight back, and countless golden swords flew out, defeating Lin Canglan and others again. Li Shu took his last breath and begged Qingyu Luanniao to take Xue Sanyue away, and then it disappeared. Lin Canglan immediately sent someone to chase, and Lin Haoqing remembered the long meaning of being locked up in the Siguo Cave, and immediately rushed over to arrest him.

Ji Yunhe hurried to the Siguo Cave, and saw that Changyi had broken through the barrier set by Lin Haoqing, but he didn’t leave and kept waiting for Ji Yunhe. Just as Ji Yunhe was about to take him away, a phalanx flashed in the center of the cave. Ji Yunhe and Changyi were engulfed, Ji Yunhe desperately broke free, grabbed the rock next to her, and suddenly saw Qingyu Luanniao and Xue Sanyue flashing through the air, she guessed that Lishu was in danger.

Ji Yunhe didn’t have time to think, he was sucked by the powerful power of the phalanx, Changyi desperately held her, seeing a huge wave coming straight to Ji Yunhe, Changyi blocked Ji Yunhe with his own body, and his back was severely hit and injured. Yihe Ji Yunhe used the whole body spiritual power, but the power was disparate, and finally fell into the ten square formation.

When Lin Haoqing came to the Siguo Cave, the place had returned to calm, Ji Yunhe and Changyi had long since disappeared, and Lin Haoqing guessed that the two of them fell into the ten-square formation. Ji Yunhe woke up in a daze, and hurriedly woke up Changyi around him. Seeing that his back was bloody, Ji Yunhe wanted to heal Changyi, but her spiritual power was lost.

Ji Yunhe wanted to find water to relieve his pain and avoid the wound. Infected, Ji Yunhe gently stroked Changyi’s head to comfort him, and wanted to go around to find water sources. Changyi saw the smoke in the dense forest, worried that Ji Yunhe would get lost, Ji Yunhe took out a long red thread and gave it to Changyi, she pulled it up The other end went deep into the jungle.

Lin Canglan sent out a lot of people, but he still couldn’t find the whereabouts of Qingyu Luanniao and Xue Sanyue. He was worried that he would be held accountable by the master who was cultivating in seclusion. Lin Canglan wanted to domesticate the merman Changyi as soon as possible to stabilize Ruling, the fairy of Shunde, so as not to grow branches outside the festival. Unexpectedly, Changyi and Ji Yunhe both disappeared, and he was so angry that he vomited blood.

Ji Yunhe finally found a small river in the depths of the jungle. There was a small wooden house by the river. She guessed that it was the place where Qingyu Luanniao once lived. After the baptism of the river, Changyi’s injury gradually improved. Ji Yunhe found a piece of clothes for Changyi from the cabinet. Changyi wanted to bathe Ji Yunhe, but Ji Yunhe politely declined, and Changyi gave Ji Yunhe the flowers she had planted in the cave. Ji Yunhe liked it very much, but it was imperative that he escaped from here as soon as possible, so Ji Yunhe had to go out and find a way.

Qing Shu brought Lin Canglan to the wisteria tree of Xue Sanyue and Lishu’s private association, and pleaded guilty to Lin Canglan repeatedly. It was because of her negligence that Qingyu Luanniao and Ji Yunhe fled one after another. She wanted to cut down the tree. , Lin Canglan wanted to stay and alert others, Qing Shu was worried that Lin Haoqing had also committed the ban, which made Lin Canglan uneasy.

As expected by Qing Shu, since Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi escaped, Lin Haoqing has been listless all day, hiding in the room every day to drown out his sorrows. Ji Yunhe sat by the river and was saddened. Her relationship with Changyi started with a lie. She was worried that Changyi would hate her to the core when she learned the truth.

After Ji Yunhe wanted to leave Wanhua Valley, she parted ways with Changyi. Changyi suddenly exclaimed loudly, Ji Yunhe hurried back to the house, Changyi wanted to apply the medicine by himself, but he couldn’t reach his back, Ji Yunhe helped him apply the medicine, Changyi wanted to sleep with Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe refused for various reasons, but he couldn’t stand Changyi The two of them lay on the same bed with their clothes on.

Qing Shu came up with an idea to open a gap in Zhai Xiaoxing, Lin Haoqing took the initiative to ask Zhai Xiaoxing to be tried, and Lin Canglan agreed. Zhai Xiaoxing was severely tortured, and he still refused to reveal Ji Yunhe’s whereabouts. Lin Haoqing brought Zhai Xiaoxing trauma medicine and told him to rush to the exit of Shifangzhen to wait for Ji Yunhe. Zhai Xiaoxing was puzzled, and Lin Haoqing did not allow him to inquire.

Changyi fished a few fish in the river to nourish Ji Yunhe’s body. Ji Yunhe felt more and more guilty. Changyi just wanted to catch the fish, but the fish suddenly disappeared. Ji Yunhe deduced that there was spiritual power in the water, and she put her hand in her hand. Putting it into the water, she clearly felt the existence of spiritual power. She firmly believed that along the water source, she could find the exit of Qingyu Luanniao to break through the formation. Suddenly, a blue-feathered bird with a spirit appeared in the middle of the river, and wanted to kill Ji Yunhe, the spiritual master, but she couldn’t leave the river.

Ji Yunhe wanted to find an exit along the water source, but the spirit attachment was the biggest obstacle. She had an idea and came up with a good way to make Changyi attract Qingyu Luan Birds with spirits. Changyi resolutely quit, Ji Yunhe pretended to be a scholar After greeting Fu Ling, Fu Ling gradually dispelled his guard against Ji Yunhe, and described in detail the grievances and grievances between her and Ning Ruochu.

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