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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 1 Recap

Above the Nine Heavens, in the Immortal Realm, there are two clans born in Heaven and Earth. Heavenly Immortal Yazheng is in charge of order. Earth Immortal Jieao often violates bans. It is forbidden to fall in love with the immortals in the land of the four directions. This prohibition is regarded as an iron law by the powerful southern Wanhua Valley.

Ji Yunhe, the imperial master, is extremely beautiful and has developed a powerful spiritual art. She is unrestrained by nature and yearns for freedom. Finally escaped, but was caught by Chang Yi on the spot, and cruelly broke Ji Yunhe’s wings, Ji Yunhe was very sad, the lover in the past was so unfeeling towards her, Ji Yunhe couldn’t help but think of the past event a long time ago.

Thousands of people come and go in Wanhuagu, where birds are singing and flowers are fragrant. An old woman came to the dense forest and saw Zhuyu Immortal Grass from a distance. She was so happy that she hurriedly reached out to pick it off.

The spiritual master Ji Yunhe suddenly fell from the sky and snatched the Immortal Grass, forcing the old woman Showing the original form of Gu Huo Niao, Gu Huo Niao did many evils, and Ji Yunhe was ordered to arrest her. Gu Huo Niao disdains the young Ji Yunhe and fights against her. Ji Yunhe doesn’t want to fight, so he threatens A Yin, the newly hatched child of Gu Huo Niao, who has been robbed in advance.

The spiritual master Zhai Xiaoxing and Zhang Xianshi of Wanhua Valley passed by. They hid behind the big tree and could see clearly. Zhang Xianshi knew that Ji Yunhe was not Gu Huoniao’s opponent, so he urged Zhai Xiaoxing to help out, so that he could help Shunde Xianji. After life, Gu Huo Niao did many evil things, and Shunde Xian Ji named her to arrest her, and she also specifically pointed out that Gu Huo Niao’s beautiful feathers should not be hurt. Zhai Xiaoxing insisted on waiting for the order of the imperial department, he and other imperial masters shot together and surrounded Gu Huo birds.

Zhang Xianshi was worried about hurting Gu Huo bird’s feathers and would not be able to communicate with each other. He persuaded Zhai Xiaoxing to show mercy, but he did not listen. Zhang Xian envoy was forced to take action against Zhai Xiaoxing. All of them were knocked to the ground, and their feathers were burned. Ji Yunhe knew that Gu Huo Niao tried to find Zhuyu Immortal Grass to help A Yin practice. She threatened A Yin, and Gu Huo Niao was furious.

Ji Yunhe exposed in public that A Yin, the son of Gu Huo Niao, had already been burned to death, and that the mountain fire was caused by Gu Huo Niao’s challenge to Bi Fang. She stole Guan Guan Niao’s young son to express her thoughts for A Yin. , Ji Yunhe persuaded Gu Huoniao to stop as soon as possible, and also played back the reincarnation information borrowed from Si Mingxingjun.

After Ayin was rescued by Shangxian, he was reincarnated into the mortal world. His parents loved him very much. Ayin was well-behaved and kind. His father bought him a bird. The bird is released. When Gu Huo Niao saw that A Yin was healthy and happy, her heart was relieved a little. Tears flowed involuntarily. Gu Huo Niao immediately decided to release the young bird and handed over the elixir obediently. Ji Yunhe sent someone to bring her back to the Valley of Flowers.

Zhai Xiaoxing was full of praise for Ji Yunhe. Zhang Xianshi knew that he wanted to make Guan Guan’s feathers beautiful, so he wanted to give this young son to Shunde Xianji. Ji Yunhe refused to do it, Zhang Xianshi took out the forbidden words and exchanged it. Ji Yunhe But he didn’t buy it, he banned Zhang Xianshi’s words with a white talisman on the spot, and took the opportunity to snatch the young bird back.

Ji Yunhe sent Zhai Xiaoxing to send the young bird back. Zhai Xiaoxing was worried that she would offend Shunde Xianji and cause trouble, but Ji Yunhe did not take it seriously. At this moment, the bell of the Valley of Flowers rang. Ji Yunhe knew that Lin Haoqing, the master of Shaogu, had completed the task ahead of schedule, and she hurried back to Lifengtang.

Lin Haoqing not only successfully recovered Xixi’s elixir, but also gave his father and each elder Ganoderma lucidum as a gift to meet. The elders all believed that Ji Yunhe would lose this competition for the protection of the law, but Dong Lian was not convinced. He felt that Ji Yunhe had a chance of winning.

Ji Yunhe hurried back and handed over Gu Huoniao’s elixir. Lin Haoqing publicly condemned Ji Yunhe for not injuring Zhang Xianshi, so as not to offend Xianji of Shunde. Ji Yunhe retorted him. Ji Yunhe couldn’t be happy if she wanted to personally teach her spiritual skills. She knew that she was Lin Haoqing’s whetstone, and Lin Canglan wanted to use her to help Lin Haoqing take the position of Valley Master as soon as possible.

Lin Canglan made a contribution to Ji Yunhe and deliberately increased the intensity. Ji Yunhe rolled on the ground in pain. She knew that Lin Canglan took the opportunity to vent her anger, and repeatedly explained that the reason why she offended Zhang Xianshi was to make him tend to Lin Haoqing, so as to stabilize Lin Haoqing’s position.

Only after a little relief, let the maid Qingshu give Ji Yunhe the antidote. Ji Yunhe stumbled back to the residence, and the maid Luo Jinsang saw the cold poison in her and greeted her. Ji Yunhe wanted to take Luo Jinsang to escape from Wanhua Valley and live a free life. She had to wait for a suitable opportunity to send Luo Jin. Sang Duo finds some errant earth immortals to teach, so as to collect more spirit stones.

In the blink of an eye, a month passed, Luo Jinsang searched for some unreliable little earth immortals, and Ji Yunhe sent them away in a few words. Zhang Xianshi suddenly came to look for Ji Yunhe, and brought a big box with earth immortals. Ji Yunhe knew that Zhang Xianshi was deliberately making things difficult for her. She opened the box, and a huge shark broke free from it and overturned everyone to the ground. .

Ji Yunhe tried his best to regain the merman, but was shocked by his powerful internal force again. Thanks to Lin Haoqing’s timely arrival, the merman was tightly bound. Shunde fairy princess Ruling arrived later and ordered Wanhua Valley to domesticate the merman. Lin Canglan also came after hearing the news and invited Ruling to Lifengtang. Ruling offered to tame the merman and let him speak, then cut off his tail and obtained the elixir. This was an impossible task at all, Lin Haoqing agreed, and Ji Yunhe took the initiative to ask Ying to tame the merman in order to find an opportunity to escape from Wanhua Valley.

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