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Good news, the series “Devil’s Slave – The Blue Whisper” is on air today. Bad news. No subtitles to watch with Chinese.

It is another work of a Chinese fairy-tale series that fans have been waiting for and finally, there is good news that “Devil Slave – The Blue Whisper” starring Dilireba and Ren Jia Lun. Directed by Zhu Rui Bin, based on a famous novel by a famous mystical writer. Jiulu Feixiang Announced on air in China today (17 March),

but must be followed by sad news because of this story, we will not be able to watch in subtitles with Chinese. Because it is a copyright of (presumably a channel). however, Huace, the production company of this series, said that fans should be able to watch subtitles on Youtube: Huace Croton TV, starting on April 22 and getting Release a new teaser, length 5.03 minutes, subtitles, come out tempting. Let’s go watch it. It’s very nice to watch.

Demon Slave – The Blue Whisper tells the story of Ji Yunhe (played by Dilireba), the guardian of the Devil Command Valley’s left rule. is assigned by the customer is Princess Chun De to capture the young mermaid Chang Yi (played by Ren Jia Lun) for her, along with the first 3 rules, just let it speak. Second, the tail must be replaced with legs. And lastly, the mermaid must be loyal to Princess Chunde forever. In exchange for being crowned Chief of the Devil Valley, Ji Yunhe had already accomplished two things, but the last one might be difficult because The young mermaid, Chang Yi, had become attached to her. How will Ji Yunhe manage to accomplish this? Please wait.

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