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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 4 Recap

The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 2 Recap

Gu Xiao called Xiao Shan, but the other party didn’t answer for a long time. In the end, he couldn’t hold his breath and went out to apologize to her, and carefully prepared gifts to impress the other party. Xiao Shan lost most of her anger when she saw this. She had softened her attitude towards him. Unexpectedly, someone sent a video request at this time. Gu Xiao picked up the phone and was in a dilemma.

After Xiao Shan’s repeated reminders, Gu Xiao had no choice but to connect to the video. Sure enough, a young woman’s voice came from the video, calling out to Brother Gu Xiao angrily. Because of Xiao Shan’s presence, it was inconvenient for Gu Xiao to talk to the woman. Xiao Shan teased Gu Xiao yin and yang, and then got up and left. Because of this, Gu Xiao was not in the mood to video with the woman at all, so he just turned off the phone.

Lin Zhixiao plucked up the courage to wait for Gu Wei in the corridor, just in time for lunch. She hurriedly sent a text message to Xiao Shan for help and asked him to recommend a good restaurant for her. How do you know that Xiao Shan specially reserved a couple’s seat for Lin Zhixiao, not only with candles and flower petals, but also a couple’s package recommended by the waiter, which made the scene embarrassing for a while.

In order to avoid Gu Wei’s misunderstanding, Lin Zhixiao hurriedly explained, but he didn’t know where to start. Gu Wei knew that Lin Zhixiao misunderstood the reason for his unwillingness to undergo surgery, so he returned to the hospital and asked Dr. Du to refund the money. Anyway, the application for transfer to a department would be approved in two days, and everything here had nothing to do with him.

The next morning, Mother Lin found that there was an extra red envelope in the medical card, and hurriedly went to her daughter to discuss the solution. Lin Zhixiao harassed Gu Wei with his thick skin. A burst of bombardment caused Gu Wei to feel uncomfortable. He originally wanted to use Dr. Du as a shield, but Dr. Gu didn’t wink at all.

In the end, Gu Wei hid in the bathroom, and Lin Zhixiao stayed at the door. The director saw Gu Wei’s embarrassment. In fact, he had the intention to perform surgery on Lin Jianguo, but at the same time he was afraid that the operation would fail or not meet his expectations. . When Lin Zhixiao saw that Gu Wei didn’t show up, he went back to his room to take care of his father.

When Gu Wei learned about this, he took the initiative to call the doctor. Although it was a bit abrupt, he still hoped that Dr. Yan would let him enter the operating room. On the day of the operation, Gu Wei stood beside him and simulated the whole process of the operation, gradually overcoming his inner fear until the operation ended successfully.

Dr. Du struggled to read medical books with hundreds of chapters, and wanted Gu Wei to help him draw a key point, but his lack of attention was severely criticized by Gu Wei. Gu Wei reminded him that as the patient’s attending doctor, he must serve the patient wholeheartedly and do every link well. Dr. Du didn’t dare to contradict, and listened to Gu Wei’s education respectfully, realizing that his work attitude was not correct, so he had to bow his head and be punished.

Lin Zhixiao still persevered and pestered Gu Wei, which also touched him, and finally explained the reason why he did not have the surgery. At the beginning, his teacher Liang Zhou was hospitalized with pancreatitis, and as the chief surgeon, he confidently promised that he would cure him. Although the recovery seemed to be good after the operation, after a few days, Liang Zhou’s condition suddenly deteriorated and he left soon. world.

Since that incident, Gu Wei has never dared to step into the operating room, or even touch the scalpel, so he cannot guarantee that there will be no problems during the operation for Lin Jianguo. After hearing about Gu Wei’s experience, Lin Zhixiao did not continue to ask questions, but changed the subject and eased the heavy atmosphere.

That night, Lin Zhixiao sat by the bed and chatted with his father, which also eased the relationship between father and daughter in a short period of time. On the other side, Gu Xiao was lying on the bar and was very drunk. He saw Xiao Shan opposite him in a daze. When he woke up again, he found that Xiao Shan had written words on his face.

All the students from Huaqing University came to the hospital to visit Lin Jianguo, but Lin Jianguo didn’t know he had stomach cancer, so he joked with everyone in high spirits. The female classmates learned about Lin Jianguo’s condition from Xiao Shan’s mouth, and couldn’t help feeling that Lin Zhixiao had changed a lot, and was also much more mature and stable.

However, this time the female classmates also brought good news, saying that the chief cello has a temporary business and cannot participate in the summer performance, so it is suggested that Lin Zhixiao take the opportunity to replace the chief position, so as to show the limelight. When Lin Zhixiao returned to school full of hope, she was disappointed when the band teacher announced that there was no need for a cellist for the time being.

With the shattering of his music dream, Lin Zhixiao stood alone on the rooftop and felt sad. Gu Wei noticed that Lin Zhixiao was in a bad mood, so he stepped forward to talk to her. From Lin Zhixiao’s point of view, he has no musical talent, and at best is a lover.

There are too many disappointments in life. For example, Gu Wei never thought that he would destroy his teacher with his own hands. After a massive bleeding after surgery, the yin and yang have been separated since then. In fact, Lin Zhixiao also saw that Gu Wei is a person who can control the overall situation, and it is his character that often feels that he can change the whole world with his strength, so when problems arise, the sense of responsibility will become stronger and stronger, and nothing can be done. The feeling will be stronger than ordinary people.

A few minutes ago, Gu Wei was still comforting Lin Zhixiao, but he turned his head and became Lin Zhixiao madly instilling chicken soup, thinking that as long as Gu Wei passed the hurdle in his heart, he would find that there was still great light ahead. After all, Gu Wei is a talented person. If Lin Zhixiao can have such innate conditions as him, he will definitely rise to the challenge and his goal is to stand on the world-class stage.

After the conversation was over, Lin Zhixiao returned to the ward with a meal, and while Lin Jianguo was eating, he came to the hospital aisle alone, regained his confidence and encouraged himself not to give up music easily. Although she had been eliminated by the band teacher before, Ke Lin Zhixue would study music seriously whenever she had time. She took the initiative to send a message to the teacher, hoping to impress the other party with sincerity.

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