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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 1 Recap

Before meeting Gu Wei, Lin Zhixiao’s life was full of monotony. She walked through the familiar campus every day, sat in the practice room and fiddled with the strings, looking forward to the unpredictable future, and the approaching year of graduation was the last time she realized her dream. sprint. His father, Lin Jianguo, was an experienced teacher, but he was slack in his daughter’s education.

Because he was too strict, old-fashioned and even domineering, he often had conflicts and contradictions with Lin Zhixiao, which eventually aroused Lin Zhixiao’s disobedience. Reverse psychology.

On the day of filling out the volunteer, Lin Zhixiao applied for the music major without hesitation, majoring in cello, and occasionally participating in various activities of the orchestra. If there is no accident in the following days, she should be able to rely on this skill, and even if she cannot get the understanding of her elders, at least she will not be subject to her father’s arbitrary authority.

It’s a pity that no one can predict the next second, nor do they know what to expect. When Huaqing University’s spring report performance came to an end, Lin Zhixiao didn’t see his parents for a long time. A friend told Lin Zhixiao to have dinner at night, and agreed to meet at a bar. It happened that Gu Wei also received a call from his cousin Gu Xiao, and he had just returned from a round of wards.

He became the chief surgeon of the Gastroenterology Center at a young age. He is definitely one of the few young talents in Huaqing Hospital. Many patients introduced their daughters to him for this reason, but everyone knows that the gastroenterologist Gao Xi is Gu Wei’s good partner, a classmate and colleague for many years, and the vice president’s daughter’s favor, must be difficult for any man to refuse.

On weekdays, Gu Wei is a stern, capable and thoughtful person. However, an accidental medical accident had left an indelible shadow on him, and he finally decided to give up clinical practice and apply for transfer to other departments. When Gao Xi learned about this, she immediately objected. She cared about Gu Wei’s ideals very much and didn’t want Gu Wei to regret it in the future.

Gu Wei was dragged by his cousin Gu Xiao to the bar for entertainment. He was able to keep himself clean in a noisy environment. He sat next to him without a drop of alcohol. He had no interest in the young girls in the bar, and even looked at everyone from the perspective of a doctor. , analyze their physical condition with reason.

On the other hand, Gu Xiao is a rich second-generation, and the metropolitan bars are his frequent places. He thought that he would be able to open up Gu Wei’s mind and enjoy the carnival of young people, but he still couldn’t change his doctor’s treatment style. He just felt very disappointed. , just leave him alone and go to the bar to flirt with girls.

Lin Zhixiao met Xiao Shan, a classmate she hadn’t seen for many years, at the door of the bar, and now that Xiao Shan came back from studying abroad, she couldn’t wait to contact Lin Zhixiao. At the same time, because his daughter didn’t come home in the middle of the night, Lin Jianguo looked through the circle of friends and found that she went to a “dirty” place like a bar.

Because Lin Jianguo’s thinking is very conservative, after seeing the photos in the circle of friends, he got up and put on his jacket and went out the door. He walked all the way to the bar, which was very unsuitable for the environment inside. With the help of Xiao Shan, Lin Zhixiao wandered out. Before leaving the door, he suddenly found his father who was looking around not far away.

Xiao Shan was so frightened that she turned around and ran away, and Lin Zhixiao also woke up most of the time. She sat in front of Gu Wei in a hurry, with her back to Lin Jianguo. Gu Wei thought that Lin Zhixiao was Gu Xiao’s friend and didn’t care too much, saying that Gu Xiao just went out not long ago, and he packed up his things and prepared to pay the bill.

How could Lin Zhixiao see his father walking this way, so he rushed to Gu Wei’s side again, and hurriedly picked up his windbreaker and put it on his body, trying to cover himself up. Gu Wei felt that Lin Zhixiao was inexplicable, and instinctively wanted to grab the windbreaker back. As a result, the two fell to the sofa together, completely attracting Lin Jianguo’s attention.

Listening to Lin Jianguo shouting his name, Lin Zhixiao bravely stood up, and even had a revenge mentality, deliberately announcing that he and Gu Wei were boyfriend and girlfriend. Lin Jianguo believed it to be true, and scolded Lin Zhixiao for making friends with indiscriminate people. Gu Wei, who was next to him, couldn’t listen anymore, and immediately clarified the relationship between the two.

That night, Lin Zhixiao followed his father home, and repeatedly emphasized that he had no interest in becoming a teacher in the postgraduate entrance examination, and his biggest dream was to become a cellist and to develop in the music industry. However, Lin Jianguo didn’t agree with Lin Zhixiao at all, and scolded her for being idle every day, accomplishing nothing, and not seeing her daughter’s efforts at all.

Originally, Gu Xiao wanted to send his cousin off, but Xiao Shan attracted his attention, so he left Gu Wei over his friend, took the initiative to go to the bar to chat with her, and successfully obtained the contact information of the other party. Gu Wei returned to the dormitory alone, completely forgetting the unhappiness of the night. Looking at the application form in the book, his heart was particularly heavy.

The next morning, Lin Zhixiao found his father’s medical examination form, and because of his mother’s secretive attitude, he followed her to Huaqing Hospital and took pictures of Lin Jianguo’s medical records with his mobile phone. Seeing this scene, Gu Wei stepped forward to catch her, and was about to call the Security Section when Lin Zhixiao approached Gu Wei in a hurry and slipped away while he was distracted.

Based on the current inspection report, it can be basically determined to be a stomach ulcer, but Gu Wei checked the film repeatedly and always felt that it was not good, and then called Lin’s mother to identify himself, thinking that Lin Jianguo’s stomach disease was very likely to turn into cancer, and he should be admitted to the hospital first. Observe, and then treat according to the specific situation.

Mother Lin realized the seriousness of the situation, and hurried back to the room to pack daily necessities and change clothes. The mother and daughter contacted a taxi to accompany Lin Jianguo to the hospital. Unexpectedly, Lin Jianguo left without saying goodbye. In order to coax his father to come to the hospital, Lin Zhixiao cooperated with his mother to perform a play, falsely claiming that he was going to have surgery for acute appendicitis.

While Mother Lin went to the front desk to register for hospitalization, Lin Zhixiao continued to play the role of a patient, dragging Lin Jianguo and refusing to let go. Just as Gu Wei passed by the ward, he recognized the father and daughter at a glance, and mercilessly dismantled Lin Zhixiao’s disguise, while Lin Jianguo and Lin Zhixiao saw Gu Wei take off his mask and exclaimed in unison.

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