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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 32 Recap

When the people in the Shang Food Bureau heard that the imperial concubine was going to test the medicine in person, they all panicked and felt that it was too dangerous, but Yao Zijin thought that it was really difficult to assume the position of the imperial concubine without paying attention to the truth.

Zhu Zhanji brought all the people involved in the monk’s food bureau to the gate of the palace and tortured them in front of Queen Hu. The screams of the palace maids being beaten and the scolding of the stick were heard one after another. Queen Hu was shocked. She wanted to leave the place several times, but Zhu Zhanji did not agree. .

Yao Zijin heard that Ziping was tortured, and rushed over immediately. Seeing her back was heavily bruised, Yao Zijin kept crying and told Yao Zijin not to worry about her. Yao Zijin rushed over in distress and asked the emperor to take back the punishment. Zhu Zhanji disagreed and ordered You Yifan to take back the punishment. All those involved in the Food Bureau shall be dealt with in accordance with this punishment. The queen couldn’t bear to see more people being implicated, so she attributed her hysteria to excessive worry and too much pressure, so she would personally apologize to the queen mother.

Finally, the Shangshi Bureau cleared their grievances. Everyone acted as an example and did not dare to trouble the Shangshi Bureau any more. Ziping apologized to the emperor, and You Yifan also smiled and told Yao Zijin that the staff of the wardens and the prisoners were beaten very well. Pay attention, if the real thing goes down, Ziping’s life will not be guaranteed, Yao Zijin is sad that Ziping lied to her, and turns to leave the Qianqing Palace. The queen really lost face in front of everyone, she staggered out, and her hatred for Yao Zijin was even deeper.

As soon as Yao Zijin returned to Yongning Palace, Zhu Zhanji ordered her to be banned from the palace and meditate on her own past. At this time, Queen Hu returned to the palace and became angry. She threw all the decorations on the table on the ground. Zhu Zhanji came to see her in the queen’s palace. He saw the hesitation and struggle of Queen Hu in the palace and knew her. Her conscience was still alive, so she came to comfort her not to think too much. She would still be his good queen when she recovered from her illness. After a few words, Queen Hu changed her mind, and she was confident that she was the queen of Daming without a doubt.

In the middle of the night, Yao Zijin had a nightmare and was frightened. She sat up and called Ajin, but she couldn’t make a sound. Yao Zijin walked out the door desolately and couldn’t see a palace servant, and she began to lose her words. Ziping heard that Yao Zijin was not in good condition, so she cooked a lot of delicious food and presented it to Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin could feel her care from the ingredients, and her mood gradually eased. In order to make Yao Zijin happy, Ziping also made a dog hat to wear on her head. She looks.

Two months have passed, and Yuan Qi came from Zhu Zhanji’s oral order to ask her if she knew anything wrong. Yao Zijin held Zhu Zhanji’s royal pet and didn’t speak. Yuan Qi returned to Zhu Zhanji angrily and said something with more enthusiasm. Fan, at that time, Zhu Zhanji was competing with You Yifan in archery. You Yifan saw Yuan Qi’s nonsense after Zhu Zhanji was furious and knew that Yuan Qi was also a villain with ulterior motives.

Queen Hu was relieved when she heard that Yao Zijin had been left out. In the end, Zhu Zhanji couldn’t help but go to Yongning Palace. He asked Yao Zijin if it was so difficult to admit his mistake, and why he couldn’t talk to him well. Even though she had suffered so much grievance, she still didn’t tell her husband. Seeing that Yao Zijin was still indifferent, Zhu Zhanji was still indifferent. Zhanji raised his foot in anger and walked away.

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