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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 31 Recap

Yao Zijin saw that Zhu Zhanji was unhappy recently, so he used a puppet to make him happy. Zhu Zhanji was still pleading for her to hide Guo Guifei privately. Yao Zijin admitted that there were too many people in the palace who dared not tell the truth to show their sincerity. They were very comfortable with each other at the beginning, but now becoming emperors can’t help but have many worries.

Yao Zijin hoped that he could support her original intention. As usual, outside the academy, she would abide by her duties as a concubine and concubines. Inside the academy, they could return to their former selves. Yao Zijin’s words said that in Zhu Zhanji’s heart, the two of them released their previous suspicions.

Empress Hu recently contracted hysteria. She always held a doll as a baby in the middle of the night and cared about her in her arms. The palace servant quietly reported this strange situation to the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was very strange when she saw it, and Meng Shanggong reminded what happened. demon.

Yao Zijin was promoted to the imperial concubine. With the blessing of Huapao, she looked extraordinarily dignified and beautiful, and finally became the imperial concubine of Ming Dynasty. People in the Shang Food Bureau were especially envious of Yao Zijin’s good life. Under the sun, Ziping listened to the good news of the sisters and sincerely Happy for her, but Yuehua’s face elongated, jealousy reborn.

Wu Cairen used to always be against Yao Zijin, but now that Yao Zijin became the imperial concubine, he immediately knelt down and begged Yao Zijin to forgive her for not being so before. Yao Zijin helped Wu Cairen not to care too much. She privately taught the palace servants that there are three thousand beauties in the harem, and they must be jealous, and they must be broad-minded.

Since Empress Hu suffered from hysteria, many people whispered and blamed Yao Zijin. Yin Ziping was quickly taken away. Empress Hu’s meals were always made by her own hands, so she could not get rid of the relationship. Meng Shanggong asked someone to quietly remind Yao Zijin to protect himself. Fortunately, Yao Zijin went to the Empress Dowager in advance to tell the truth. Soon, someone really reported to the Empress Dowager that Yao Zijin was waiting for an opportunity to frame the Empress, and the Empress Dowager put the framed person in jail.

After leaving Kunning Palace, Yao Zijin expressed her gratitude to Mengshang Palace for their help. She wondered why Mengshang Palace had reported on Concubine Guo, and Mengshanggong admitted that Concubine Guo could not be a queen, and she just chose Ming to protect herself.

Ziping was imprisoned, and Yuehua immediately went to the Qianqing Palace to deliver meals when she found the opportunity. On the surface, she served the emperor delicious meals, but in fact, she told Zhu Zhanji that the queen had hysteria, and also led the misfortune to Yao Zijin. . When the emperor heard Yuehua’s report that Longyan was furious, he immediately went to see Yao Zijin to hear Yao Zijin’s explanation, but Yao Zijin just persuaded Zhu Zhanji to visit the queen more when he had time, maybe the queen’s illness would be cured.

Zhu Zhanji left angrily, and he ordered the palace and Zi Ping who framed Yao Zijin to be taken to the Zhenfu Si prison.

In the middle of the night, Meng Shanggong punished Yuehua with a ruler. She knew that Yuehua was the initiator of the queen’s hysteria. Yuehua felt no guilt. Report their mother-daughter relationship to the queen! Yuehua insisted that what she did today was entirely thanks to Meng Shanggong. Back then, Meng Shanggong ignored Yuehua’s master’s suffering, and the cold-heartedness and ruthlessness of doing things were beyond ordinary people’s ability to do things. Seeing the former daughter become like this, Meng Shanggong left lonely.

Indeed, all this was done by Yuehua and Empress Hu. Both of them held a grudge against Yao Zijin, so they joined forces to act in an attempt to frame the blame. Yao Zijin studied the root cause of hysteria all day long. Later, she focused her attention on the jade peel. The poison of making meals lies in the nutmeg fruit, but the strict control of the dosage by the Pharmacy Division will not cause hysteria at all. In order to convince everyone, Yao Zijin would rather test the medicine himself.

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