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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 30 Recap

In his spare time, Zhu Zhanji asked Yuan Qi if Yao Zijin had sent reunion cakes recently, and Yuan Qi hesitantly said that the palaces did not send reunion cakes, the queen did not send them, and the concubines of other palaces did not dare to stand out.

Because Yao Zijin was implicated in his private possession of Concubine Guo, the queen deliberately blamed her and suppressed her position. The concubines in various palaces began to distance themselves from Yao Zijin. Concubine Wu was usually eloquent. Schadenfreude stood aside and sighed with emotion that Yao Zijin’s current situation was not as comfortable as being a small cook in the Shang Food Bureau.

Yao Zijin was burying the jar full of sweet-scented osmanthus wine in the lotus pond at this time. She told Concubine Wu that this wine was the most fragrant and was going to invite Zhu Zhanji to drink sweet-scented sweet-scented osmanthus wine together when viewing the moon. The listener was attentive, and Wu Concubine quietly remembered the location of the wine storage.

On the full moon festival, many concubines and empress dowagers gathered together, and the food bureau sent various snacks to make the empress dowager and the emperor happy. Yuehua served a plate of dishes, although the dishes were exquisite and meticulous, and the entrance was appetizing, but there were very few features.

Ziping was very intentional when she sent a cake. This cake is an innovative recipe. When soldiers go to the front line to fight, they can bring this cake. It not only tastes delicious, but also has a long shelf life. Zhu Zhanji used to go on expeditions all year round and knew the soldiers well. The hard work outside, the Queen Mother and him recognized this meal, and Zi Ping was successfully promoted to the head chef.

During the break between the family banquet, Yao Zijin went out quietly to breathe, while Concubine Wu had already sneaked out to salvage the lotus leaf wine in the lotus pond. Zhu Zhanji saw the note that Concubine Wu quietly stuffed him and came to the appointed place. Concubine Wu personally Going to the lotus pond to salvage, after the wine jar was opened, it was found empty. Zhu Zhanji left angrily, and Wu Concubine was so angry that she stomped her feet and accidentally slipped into the lotus pond.

Yao Zijin drew some little figures on the stone table with a pen dipped in water on the table. He recited words in his mouth, as if he had returned to the hard days of learning skills. After Yao Zijin left, You Yifan returned to the pavilion and saw Yao Zijin’s “Water”. Strokes”, guessing that Yao Zijin must be missing his hometown, he picked up the pen and added some content again.

At the banquet, Yao Zijin cooked a side dish that made the queen mother happy, but Zhu Zhanji was very angry when she learned that she did it, accused the dish of being arty, and then left angrily. Under the moonlight, Zhu Zhanji couldn’t help but tell You Yifan his confusion in his heart, and asked him how to win the favor of women.

You Yifan deliberately said that women just like to fall out of favor and be arrogant, perhaps because they were so nice to her on weekdays, maybe after being indifferent. will get better. You Yifan’s words enlightened Zhu Zhanji. He deliberately alienated Yao Zijin and planned to stay at other concubines that night.

When Yao Zijin heard the news that Concubine Wu was suffering from the cold, she specially brought “fairy porridge” to help her warm up. In order to tease her, Concubine Wu asked Yao Zijin to help her deliver the medicinal meal to the bed at five days.

Unexpectedly, Zhu Zhanji went to Wu Concubine’s that night, opened the gauze, and saw that Wu Concubine was sleeping with Yao Zijin, Zhu Zhanji left in a fit of anger. Since the cold war with Yao Zijin, Yao Zijin’s shadow seems to be seen everywhere. Playing chess with Concubine Hui, I found that Concubine Hui’s chess skills can be improved because I learned from Yao Zijin. When I listened to the concubine’s bullet, the concubine chose the song Zhu Zhan. Kit sent Yao Zijin to make it.

Seeing that Zhu Zhanji was worried and annoyed, Yuan Qi specially let Concubine Wu go into the study to accompany Zhu Zhanji. When Zhu Zhanji saw that the bead chain on Concubine Wu’s hand smelled like a fragrance made by Yao Zijin, he immediately tore it off and threw it on the ground. , He suggested that the fragrance of this string of beads did not match Wu Concubine’s, and he would send a better one. After Concubine Wu left, Zhu Zhanji angrily “rewarded” Yuan Qi’s forty boards.

Zhu Zhan basically wanted to leave Yao Zijin out and let her be an example, but he didn’t expect that he was suffering from lovesickness. He asked the palace servant to ask Yao Zijin to move to Yongning Palace. Yao Zijin did not agree to “move”. When she went back, she saw There were many lively red lanterns hanging on the tree. Chen Wu immediately explained that Zhu Zhanji hung it for Yao Zijin and prayed for her to be safe and auspicious.

Chen Wu also revealed that he was ordered to go to Yongcheng on the Mid-Autumn Festival night to find Yao Zijin’s family. And the same clan, and now all of them have been properly settled, which shows Zhu Zhanji’s sincerity towards Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin did not speak after hearing this. Chen Wu went back to resume his life, and Zhu Zhanji was depressed after hearing the reply, and moved back to the study.

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