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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 29 Recap

Since the death of the previous emperor, Zhu Zhanji had not entered the water for several days. Yao Zijin personally delivered the jasmine he made. Zhu Zhanji knew that Yao Zijin must be trying to intercede for Concubine Guo, and immediately stopped her from speaking.

Yao Zijin begged Zhu Zhanji to take care of her body first, and then stated that there was a reason for the incident that day. She asked Meng Shangshi, who was serving next to her, on the spot: All the meals and drinks sent by Guo Fangfei had to pass through the hands of the Shangshi Bureau.

How could Meng Shangshi not know the meaning of poison. Meng Shangshi had to tell the truth. On that day, she knew that Concubine Guo was going to send poisonous wine to the queen, and she had told the queen the truth in advance. It was the thunderous rage after the poisonous drink, and the old disease relapsed and died soon after.

Zhu Zhanji asked who was the last imperial doctor to arrive, and Imperial Physician Sheng came to explain that it was because he was diagnosed and treated in another hospital at that time, which proved that the emperor’s dragon body showed no signs of poisoning. Later, he learned that the emperor had been provoked by Li Yushi before. Zhu Zhan basically wanted to give Li Yushi directly to death, but by accident, Li Yushi was brought by You Yifan.

In other words, when I spoke in front of the emperor, I just wanted the emperor to be far away from the concubine, not the crown prince. Zhu Zhanji saw that his loyal words were against his ears, which saved Li Yushi from the death penalty, and also saved Guo Fangfei’s burial.

King Wei heard that his mother had a death-waiting order, and returned to the palace with a horned millet happily. Yuehua sighed Yao Zijin The strategy was amazing, Meng Shangshi looked at King Wei who was full of joy, and commented meaningfully that Yao Zijin was still too young after all.

Ziping personally made pasta for Concubine Guo, and Yao Zijin brought the good news to Concubine Guo. Facing the delicate pasta in the bowl, Concubine Guo tasted it with tears and said it was like what her grandmother Mrs. Yingguo made by herself. The next day, Yao Zijin heard the news that Concubine Guo had committed suicide as soon as she woke up. She was surprised. Although Zhu Zhanji had already decided to pardon, Concubine Guo had not escaped bad luck after all.

Not long after, Zhu Zhanji ascended the throne and became Emperor Xuande of Ming Dynasty, and Empress Zhang also became the Empress Dowager. She knew that Yao Zijin hid concubine Guo Fang and tried to save her from the death penalty, so she held a grudge. The Crown Princess has now been promoted to Empress Hu, and she gave the Empress the list of the promoted concubines. The two were tacitly aware of Yao Zijin’s concubine position.

After the emperor ascended the throne, he respected King Han very much, and even on the surface, he even wanted to win over. Some loyal ministers thought it was impossible, but Yang Shiqi ordered the ministers. . A courtier whispered to You Yifan if the new emperor was still concerned about his uncle and nephew.

Meng Shangshi was promoted to Meng Shanggong because of his merits, and now she has become the most majestic female official in the Forbidden City. Hanying has been in the palace for the longest time. It is logical to temporarily take over the position of Meng Shangshi. Yao Zijin went to greet the empress every day.

The empress asked her if she felt scared because the queen mother forced her to die. Yao Zijin looked directly at the empress dowager with sharp eyes and said bluntly that the small noodle served by the food bureau that day was Mrs. Yingguo’s. When she entered the palace to make pasta for Concubine Guo, Concubine Guo also said that Mrs. Yingguo was the person she loved and appreciated the most when she was alive, so she knew what to do when she saw the bowl of noodles. After the death of Concubine Guo’s death, the influence was quite large.

People in the palace who did not know the truth thought that Concubine Guo, who had given birth to three princes, would also be buried. So everyone was very scared. When he passed away, King Wei also thought of his mother and wept bitterly all night. The queen didn’t take it seriously, reminding Yao Zijin that in this palace, as long as she was still alive, she would not have the chance to intervene.

Empress Hu, who used to be the crown princess, thought that Yao Zijin was exhausted and wanted to help Concubine Guo exempt from the burial system. She mocked Yao Zijin for being too conceited, so she might as well stop thinking about it as soon as possible. Yao Zijin did not despair. Walking through the neatly laid bricks and tiles of the palace, she was determined and determined in her heart. She has a long journey in her life. Although nothing can be changed at the moment, this cruel funeral system will definitely be abolished in the future.

Yuehua still goes to the Qianqing Palace to deliver meals every day. Even if you encounter You Yifan by chance, when the two pass by, You Yifan still doesn’t look sideways, and he doesn’t even look at him. Zhu Zhanji played with sex and asked the painter to give the portrait, but he was always dissatisfied, so he asked Yao Zijin to modify it on his behalf, indicating that he should be painted more majestic and majestic, Yao Zijin mischievously added a lot of beards to the painting, Zhu Zhanji I couldn’t help laughing when I saw it. The two of them held hands to watch the sunrise and sunset together. The days were demure and sweet.

The emperor wanted to promote Yao Zijin as the imperial concubine. Allow her to fall out of favor and be arrogant. Yao Zijin deliberately got angry when he heard it, refused Zhu Zhanji’s request to invite a meal together, and didn’t even deliver the reunion cake. Queen Hu saw the reunion cakes and dolls, and thought of Hu Sishan, she couldn’t help crying.

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