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Wang Yibo: The long road, you have to walk slowly

Preface: The world is like a book, the pages are turned over. People should look forward and not turn to old accounts. ——Mo Yan

It’s been a long time since there is no news of him. There are all kinds of jokes flying all over the Internet, some are looking for “son”, some are looking for “older brother”, “younger brother”, some are looking for “husband” and “boyfriend”, it is very lively. It’s like the three words “Wang Yibo” have their own popularity, and it has nothing to do with whether he appears or not.

From singing and dancing idol to today’s all-round artist, it is not only the result of his self-game, but also the firm and persistent belief of a young artist who has pursuit And so on in full bloom.

In the past two years, his itinerary has been so dense that it makes people feel suffocated to look at it, but he is very happy, and he has achieved many achievements that we have seen. How much time and energy he has put into it can be seen by anyone with a heart.

The highlights of the two seasons of “This is Street Dance” did not make him flutter;

“My Times and Me 2” records some behind-the-scenes related to him, which are things we don’t know much about;

The two works “The Choice of Ideal Shining on China” and “Wind in Luoyang” let us see his acting talent as an actor and have a deep understanding of the logical relationship between characterization;

A number of positive energy songs have come out one after another, continuing to continue his youthful idol power…

The unstoppable footsteps lead to an infinite future.

At the beginning of 2022, it can be felt that he is calm and focused on future planning: it is to continue to work hard, but it is also under pressure to a certain extent, such as reducing exposure, such as continuous efforts in film and television dramas, such as the promotion of the big screen. attack……

It’s a long way, he has to walk slowly.

Low-key polishing of acting skills and lines, put away the youthful spirit and uninhibitedness, step by step, down-to-earth, pursuing the output ratio on the road of acting, not impatient or impetuous, seeking progress in stability, still water flowing deep, slow is fast.

Do not seek too much hard work, but seek perseverance. Although you can’t control the direction of the wind, you can adjust the direction of the sails to reach the other side of victory.

“Get used to” is a powerful word that can take the place of all the hard words. He is accustomed to the busy schedule, the atmosphere of staying in the crew and concentrating on acting, and the happiness when he is not disturbed by the outside world. We should also get used to his deliberately reduced exposure, to do our part in the days when he does not appear, to appear on the big and small screens as an actor, and to demand ourselves by his standards.

The investment period of film and television dramas is long and it will take a long time to see the return, but we all know that he is “resisting”. His inner energy, tenacity, and sense of purpose are firm and persistent. These are his “equipment” and also Determines how far he can go in the future. He said he has ambitions for acting, then we can expect him to be recognized by more people.

Follow the steps and do business well. Everyone has their own rhythm. Don’t be distracted by the pace of others, and don’t be rhythmically driven by so-called rumors. Wherever he is, our eyes will turn.

Wang Yibo, a long road, he is walking slowly, because the future is promising, because the road is long and difficult.

Don’t disturb, don’t hesitate, your eyes are firm and long, just to let you know:

all things in the world,

The stars in the sky are you, the warm wind by the lake is you,

You are the catkins floating, and you are the long flowing water.

The inexhaustible thoughts are you, and the rest of my life is also you.

Looking forward to the new work “Anonymous + Peacekeeping Riot + Ice, Rain and Fire” and “King of the Sky”.

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