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Nogizaka46 Mizuki Yamashita plays the role of influencer Zakiyama x Kasumi Arimura’s new sensation program VTR content lifted

Fuji TV “Wednesday NEXT! In the frame (* Kanto Local), “Around the Corner” (0:25 deep), in which untouchable Hironari Yamazaki and actress Kasumi Arimura will appear for two weeks, midnight on the 9th and midnight on the 16th. Broadcast. The content of the original short drama featuring Nogizaka46, Mizuki Yamashita, and Ryo Katsuji, which will be aired in the program, has been lifted.

The concept of the program is “You can see a new view when you turn the corner.” By multiplying the meaning of the “corner” of the program and the “corner” of the corner, various “corners” appear in one program. The content is that viewers can meet new talents of various genres at the corners.

When Yamazaki and Arimura turn the corner, an original short drama directed by Isamu Nakae will be launched. Lulu Takagi (* Takahashigodaka), who plays the role of Yamashita, is about to appear on a TV program. She is a popular influencer with videos that coolly introduce paranormal phenomena and horror movies with a crisp appearance. While the ADs of the program are fascinated by Lulu, “It’s cute,” Daikanyama (Katsuji), the general director, laments, “Isn’t it sober?”

Daikanyama changes into pink clothes that are different from Lulu’s taste, and just puts out a talk to introduce the work to maniacs. Despite being frustrated by the attitude of the production team such as Daikanyama, Lulu calmly introduces the work as he always does in his own video, but the voice of the viewer should be heard. An eerie voice from the speaker for some reason. Lulu, who thought he was a prank on the production team, explodes his anger …

Also, when you turn another corner, a variety of VTRs by young directors of variety shows fire one after another. The up-and-coming conte group “Dow 90000” will showcase new stories by eight members, including “there is a man and a woman” and “there is a TV”. Minami Sakuma announcer, who has been in the same station for the second year, will challenge an information variety show with a taste a little while ago.

In addition, there are plenty of contents such as a spectacular performance by the popular dance group “Umebo” whose tickets are sold out immediately, and a gem that actor Akihisa Shiono mutters with the night view of Tokyo in the background. ..

Following the lifting of the ban on the contents of this VTR, comments were received from the staff.
Planning / Direction: Isamu Nakae (Fuji TV Production Department 1)

History of launching this project

About 4 years ago, a program that transcends departments with producer Kuroki (Shoichi) of the 2nd Production Department (Variety) I was talking about wanting to make it. The people in the drama club and the variety show are close and distant, so there is only a chance to meet at the promoter. At that time, it was okay to have a big promoter program, so I was aiming to make it together. When I talked to the producer Nakajima (Yuichi) at the end of last year, it was interesting and this time, it was realized in the “Wednesday NEXT!” Frame.

In the first place, I thought that “Wednesday NEXT!” Was a frame for the [NEXT generation] as its name suggests, so I’m sorry that the OLD generation would break into such a place, but I’m sorry at first, but there are only a few left ( (Maybe) It’s my life at the production site, and I decided to open it up again, saying, “There is neither OLD nor NEXT to do new things!”

About the original short drama. Since it is a short drama at midnight, I wanted to do a genre that I haven’t done much in one situation. that’s why? Somehow it became something like horror. It’s one of the corners, so I was conscious of not being too long and not too short.

Mizuki Yamashita was the first to work, but she is humble but has a strong core, she has a good intuition for the play, and she has a very smart impression. It’s beautiful! I’m really looking forward to the future. This time it was a mini drama, but next is a feature-length work, and I felt that it was a charming actress who made me want to see a different face again. I think it was a perfect casting in the sense of [NEXT generation]. Ryo Katsuji was a character that imagined the charisma of my synchronized variety. While there were many performers, it was helpful to brighten the air at the site and make it lively.

I had the impression that when you met with a variety of young directors, you
were modest and quiet, but over time, each person’s individuality came out, and it was a fun meeting where interesting ideas came out more and more. I was enthusiastic about studying because I was actively trying to watch the stage, video, and distribution.

The attitude of the producers to listen to the director’s opinions was also helpful. Obviously, the people I usually work with are different, so it was interesting that the drama people and the variety people had quite different images of the talents and actors. Anyway, it was a fun program making. Young people said, “Tell me a lot,” but obviously I was the one who taught me. They were very reliable directors, and I’m sure they were quite inspiring.

It was a dream-like project for me to finish “Around the Corner” and make the OLD generation of the drama together with the NEXT generation of variety. The clichéd idea of ​​”I want to make something like a simmering variety of items” is packaged with a wonderful catch that “you can see a new view when you turn the corner” and a comfortable song that transcends Kiyoshiro’s generation.

I am deeply grateful to Producer Kuroki for helping me, and Producer Nakajima for preparing an environment for creating a pleasant program by bringing together the unique and talented young elites of the variety team. This time it was a collaborative work of drama and variety, but this was not an experimental attempt, but the entire department’s events, sports, movies, news, sales, etc. were involved, and people from each department set up a corner. I would like to make the second and third programs that I am in charge of and diversified. “

Production supervision: Yuichi Nakajima (Fuji TV second production department)
Director Nakae (Isamu) (34th year after joining the company), who is our drama legend, has been in the company for the third, fifth, fifth, and eighth years. A young variety show director was so excited to create a show that blends drama and variety.

I hope that the young people inspired by this experience will make good works in the next few years. I have been studying for 26 years since I joined the company, so I would like to continue aiming for fusion that transcends borders.

Chief Producer: The moment I heard the story of this project from director Shoichi Kuroki (Fuji TV 2nd Production Department) , I remembered Kiyoshiro Imawano’s solo song “AROUND THE CORNER at the corner”. .. It’s the program title I wanted to use someday. What happens when you turn a corner? Feelings. There is an unexpected corner there!

The composition. It is different from usual with the director Nakae of the big senior drama, the variety (Tanaka) Yoshiki, (Shiroyama) Kaishu, Tsuboi (Ichiki), Furukawa (Zhou) young directors, and the longtime ally Nakajima (Yuichi) producer. The members made a program with Wai Wai Gaya Gaya. Meetings and recording sites are fun … I just want you to see them soon. I would be really happy if you could meet new spring-like people at some corner.

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