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Reviews: Dragon of Esoril

Dragon of Esoril – 에소릴의 드래곤

A short fantasy novel by Youngdo Lee .

A short fantasy novel that can be read casually, the sequel is The Miners of Champai . Contrary to the serious title, the content is a gag with a lot of Lee Young-do’s humor.

It was submitted to Naver Cast Today’s Literature, and a few months later, it was also published in ‘Today’s Genre Literature’, a collection of short stories by genre literature writers released in Golden Branch in December 2010 . In 2013, it was published as an e-book with the miners of Champai under the name of Youngdo Lee Shorts. It was included along with the Miners of Champai in Over the Horizon , published in 2018 .

It was also published as an audiobook on Naver Audio clip in May 2020.


What kind of kingdom is your worldview? One day, the dragon ‘Randeseliam’, the lord of Esoril Castle, who lived close to the kingdom, kidnaps the kingdom’s princess ‘Narime’ and takes him away. Then, the kingdom’s strongest knight, Dusburn Karl Farang , sets off to save her princess, and her werewolf virgin Sarandite follows her princess to rescue her abducted lover, Jobin. However, the princess is not happy to be rescued by Karl Parang, and for other reasons, Jobin also tries to avoid Sarandite. In the end, the two decide to persuade Randeseliam…


Dusbourne – Kalpa and the main character of this work.

Narime Rilkadam Sushirakim, commonly known as Princess Narime. The princess of the kingdom, the daughter of King Gezal, a close friend and lord of Sir Dusbourne. She was kidnapped into the evening streets of the dragon Landeseliam, the lord of Esoril. She is well acquainted with her dreadful rumors about Sir Dursburn, and she is terrified that he is coming to rescue him. In the end, he joins with Jobin and somehow persuades Randeseliam to release them, but… .

At first, it seems that they are trying to solve the situation independently with Jobin, but since the method is crafted from the standpoint of ‘food’, the relationship with the dragon is clear, and in the end, it is passive, giving up its fate according to the mood of the dragon. Because it was a human method, there were limitations. On the other hand, before being eaten, he regains his respect for himself rather than his food handling.

At the end of the day, Randeseliam is defeated by Dusbourne and is freed, so he chooses Jobin as the possession he can bring back from the Dragon’s Castle. However, he does not take them away, he walks out on his own, and joins them with the cacophony of Dusbyn and Sarandite.

As a result of a very reasonable deductive reasoning that randeselliam

meat will be tender , A dragon that kidnapped Princess Narime and kidnapped Jobin, a deer man, for dessert . According to Jobin’s plan, when Jobin and Princess Narime criticize each other for being tasteless, they get bored and go back to think about it. And after Dusbourne Kalparang and Sarandite came and went, they came back and said, ‘I was thinking about your disposal, and I became hungry. Hunger is the best seasoning, so you will be able to enjoy it now.

Also, doesn’t it seem that deep thinking always provides a satisfactory solution?’ However, when Jobin tells that Dusbourne and Sarandite are here, they chase after them and try to hunt them, but Karl Parang sets himself up as an equal, not a prey, and accepts it, resulting in a duel. As a result, he is defeated and gives Sarandite a moonstone, returns to the bloody state, frees

Princess Narime and saves Jobin.

The first person is ‘ female ‘ and uses a logical tone. Also, like the dragon in Lee Young-do’s work, his name is five letters in Hangeul, and his parents’ names are also five letters (Hibakane and Begcheres). Although he was defeated in the end, he was very strong like a dragon, and even though Dusbourne Kalparang and Sarandite attacked, he was crippled and broke Dusbourne’s leg.



Deer Human. After Princess Narime, he was kidnapped into the dessert street of Randeseliam. Although it is not as much as Princess Narime who says Sir Dusbourne is coming to rescue, the young man expresses displeasure that Sarandite is coming to rescue him. He was originally related to Sarandite, a natural enemy in racial relations. It’s very difficult for Sarandite to attack her for liking her. limit of instinct

Together with Princess Narime, they argue that each other has no taste, so they lower the appetite of the gourmet Randeseliam, and propose to pay the ransom to be released. Originally, she tried to get out in cooperation with Princess Narime, and the princess promised a reward for helping the princess a bit, but she still refused to approach, conscious of feeding herself to Sarandite, whom she loved human-to-human., changed his attitude to live in the middle, and introduced an unfavorable aspect to Randeseliam by feeding.

Kalparang and Sarandite, resulting in his image falling.

Unlike other people who independently chose themselves, she was stuck in the frame of food and dessert until the end and could not think of any more, so Sarandite, who was driven by Jobin, chose Moonstone instead of Jobin, and the princess was also disappointed with Jobin’s attitude. I said ‘I’ll have it’ to Jobin so Randeseliam couldn’t kill him, but They didn’t even take them with me. After that, his life or death is unknown (…)

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