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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 26 Recap

The situation seemed to be tense again, the emperor had returned to normal, and he came out and was very curious about what Yao Zijin was hiding. Yao Zijin explained that the Taiyuan Hospital was concerned about the emperor’s body and would naturally choose the best supplements. The emperor admired Yao Zijin’s intelligence and enlightenment very much.

He was about to reward Yao Zijin, but the queen immediately suggested that Yao Zijin be the concubine of the prince, and said that Yao Zijin was the prince concubine bestowed by the emperor. Although Zhu Zhanji said that he did not like Yao Zijin, the emperor had already After agreeing to this good thing, Yao Zijin had no chance to refuse at all.

You Yifan ordered his men to send a letter to King Han immediately about what happened today. At this time, Yuehua came. She found out that the emperor’s old illness had relapsed, and she naturally knew that it was because You Yifan quietly gave her the meal list.

Yuehua asked You Yifan, who is now in a high position, what his intentions are. You Yifan frankly admitted that it is natural to muddy the water to make a good show. Yuehua saw that there were many crumpled paper balls on You Yifan’s table, with a small picture of a woman on it, and she suddenly understood seven or eight points in her heart.

At night, in the dead of night, Ziping specially made two bowls of noodles at the Shang Food Bureau. She naughty and gave it to Yao Zijin. The two sat together and ate noodles intimately. Willing to. She told Ziping that she didn’t take it seriously when she heard that she was the crown princess’s life. Later, when she found out that the crown princess had fallen into his hands, she had the ideal of striving to be a good cook, and encouraged Ziping to concentrate on being a cook. Now the exiled family members Can wait until the day of amnesty, they will have a day when their dreams come true.

Zhu Zhanji was worried that the recurrence of the emperor’s condition was likely to have a reason, and wanted Imperial Physician Sheng to enter the palace tomorrow to diagnose the emperor’s pulse. Imperial Physician Sheng looked embarrassed. Judging from the appearance of the emperor, it is not a state of longevity, and Zhu Zhanji was shocked to hear it.

Meng Shangshi quietly came to Guo Fangfei’s palace. She reminded Guo Fangfei to take precautions early. Guo Fangfei heard Meng Shangshi’s secret words and tried to keep calm and make other plans. Yao Zijin received another set of portraits next to her bedroom. She kept the portraits in a box, and now she has collected a full box.

On the day of the big wedding, Yao Zijin began to dress up early in the morning, and then she followed the etiquette and walked into the Qianqing Palace step by step. You Yifan watched from the side, his sword clenched tightly, Yao Zijin served tea to the emperor and empress according to the rules in the palace, the emperor and the empress were very satisfied with the crown prince and concubine.

After toasting the tea, Yao Zijin appeared in front of Zhu Zhanji in the red costume of the prince’s concubine. At this moment, he finally married his sweetheart back. Zhu Zhanji was full of joy. No, Yao Zijin didn’t care, she walked towards Zhu Zhanji with a smile.

It was night, Zhu Zhanji was still reading in the study, and his subordinates reminded that it was getting late. Zhu Zhanji put down the book and went directly to the archery range. You Yifan was really there. Zhu Zhanji saw him drinking and practicing swords alone under the moon and walked straight away. In the past, I picked up the wine and drank it, and then asked for a test. You Yifan’s loved one was taken away by his life, and he was naturally very angry.

Since the prince provoked it to try, he accepted the challenge. Sure enough, You Yifan’s skills were not far behind, and the crown prince had the upper hand. He bluntly told You Yifan that he had read his memorial, and he wrote every word of it. Not only was the salt industry involved in many aspects, but he was left aside and missed the opportunity.

In Zhu Zhanji’s words, You Yifan was in a complicated mood. Yao Zijin waited in the palace for a long time and didn’t see Zhu Zhanji coming. She took off the bead hairpin and began to groom, ready to sleep. Zhu Zhanji heard the report from his subordinates that Yao Zijin had fallen asleep, so he finally couldn’t sit still or quietly went to Yao Zijin’s place. Seeing that Yao Zijin was already asleep, Zhu Zhanji carefully saw Yao Zijin’s sleeping appearance with the lamp and thought it was very cute.

Early the next morning, the maid Ajin came to serve Yao Zijin to wash up. Yao Zijin knew that Ajin was an old man who served Concubine Zhuang, and asked her if she felt wronged. Ajin had been taken care of by Yao Zijin before, so she was naturally loyal to Yao Zijin. Ziping delivered meals for Yao Zijin, and found that there were no concubines to visit, she was very unconvinced, but Yao Zijin was prepared, she asked Ziping to stay for dinner together.

The Crown Princess was very satisfied when she heard that many concubines did not go to greet her, and Miao Xian said that the emperor did not go there at all on the night of the wedding. Zhu Zhanji sent a lot of gifts to Yao Zijin. Hearing that Yao Zijin did not respond, he hurried back. Yao Zijin was taking a bath. He said that he was going to stay here tonight with the crown prince and concubine.

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