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Hello Brother (Novel) by BlueDiver

Title: Hello Brother _
Author: BlueDiver
Main characters: Gong – Kim Hwan / Su – Kim Daehan
Genre: Contemporary
Features: Malaysian background. North Korea and South Korea. It can be a lot of work
Conclusion: happy ending


Daehan, who attends the Taekwondo department , heads to Malaysia as the Taekwondo manager of the Malaysian cultural exchange team ( horse team ) for vacation . Malteam, who stays in the dormitory of the National University of Malaysia (UM) , goes to a nightclub in the city, where Kim Hwan blocks a molested molesting Daehan . When he asks Daehan if he is Korean, he says he is from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea .

Daehan, who knows that the hoodie he was wearing is a UM school tee, thinks of him when he hears that there are North Korean students in this dormitory, so be careful . Daehan goes to the cafeteria with his roommate, where he meets Hwan and he buys him a dish called Roti Hong Kong . Daehan, who comes back from the cafeteria alone , is lost by a huge road.. He gets lost on his way to the dormitory. Suddenly, Hwan appears and takes him to the dormitory .

Daehan, who was on fire when he said that North Korea’s Taekwondo is more famous in Malaysia, made a big mistake in his first performance and blamed himself .. Hwan comforts Daehan in his own way . Joo-hyuk, a junior in Daehan, asks who Hwan is, and Daehan unexpectedly says that he is a Korean student .Daehan-eun goes to the cafeteria with the horse team and finds Hwan, but pretends not to know each other, but Joo-hyuk appears and talks to Hwan . Because of Joo-hyuk, who has brought Hwan into torture, Hwan is worried about his identity being revealed …

“Did you say you wanted to be under the same sky ? But … that , you know ? Wherever you are in the world , we stand under the same sky .”
“That’s it … that’s right … ”
Admitting his mistake , Hwan smiled at Daehan , who was shy , and greeted him again .
“Did I say that whenever I hear this greeting, I will be able to part with a smile ? So , smile . Smile and say hello . Bahiyaa —”
“Bah … bye …”
At Daehan’s greeting thrown without confidence , Hwan burst into laughter again and blew out Finzan’s words .
“Are you really Korean ? Why can’t Koreans be like that ? Now , try again . Bahiyaa —”
“Bye — Are you ready now ?”
“Bahiyaa — more , more organized !”
“Bye ah —!!”
“Oh , I guess I’m getting a little bit older now . Now , try again .”
As he spit out the greeting “Bye ah —” twenty more times , Daehan felt like he wanted to cry with his throat … I smiled and greeted the person .
“Ha ha ha … baiyaa —“
Do you know if you know Daehan’s heart like that … The endlessly delightful sound of laughter was blowing in the wind and spreading into the distant night sky .


It’s like finding a jewel .
Is there a novel that is heartbreaking yet warms the heart ?
I dare say that it is the most unique subject of any bl novel I have ever read .
It’s a meeting between South and North Korea . (I just saw the title and thought it was a close-up novel.. ㅠ.ㅠ)

Love has no borders, but it has ideologies .
Isn’t there a saying that blood is thicker than water and ideology is thicker than blood ?
They still have a ceasefire line and are more difficult to meet than people from other countries .
If you are reading this novel, the meeting between the North and the South seems like a bigger barrier than love between the same sexes .
Rather, it means that the wall of same-sex love seems easy to overcome .

When Daehan arrives in Malaysia and asks what country he is from, the answer is Korea.
Directly south or north? There is a scene where you can’t get used to the word.
When I first went on an overseas trip, there was a time when I was embarrassed, so it touched my heart.

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