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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 21 Recap

Under the bright moonlight, Ziping was still practicing carving skills. Yao Zijin retrieved the picture scroll that was stained by the emperor in the hall. She carefully removed the oil stains on it. After the picture scroll was restored to its original state, Yao Zijin carefully sent it back.

Zhu Zhanji saw that the picture scroll had returned to its original state, and the Shang Food Bureau also sent freshly made tortoise paste. Knowing Yao Zijin’s good intentions, he was in a good mood, and immediately ordered his men to bring honey to eat together. The queen has always been worried about the lack of children in the East Palace.

She carefully selected four good-looking palace maids and quietly arranged them beside the crown princess. After seeing it, Zhu Zhanji quickly sent them to the queen mother intact. Seeing that Zhu Zhanji didn’t like the maid she chose, the queen decided to pick the woman Zhu Zhanji liked and send it to her.

In the evening, the Shang Food Bureau received the queen’s grace to send some supper, and seeing Yao Zijin again, the queen directly explained her intention and made her the concubine of the crown prince. Yao Zijin did not agree, even though she admired the talent and mind of the prince, and was willing to turn to ashes for Zhu Zhanji, but if she was asked to choose between feelings and freedom, she could only choose freedom.

How many palace maids have been thinking about it all night, desperately longing for the love of the royal family, but now that someone does not agree to be a concubine, the queen is surprised, and threatens her, no one dares to disobey her orders, if she does not obey herself, she will die in the palace Even linked to the nine clans.

Yao Zijin is not afraid, she sticks to her heart, and would rather die than go against her heart. It was the first time that the queen saw such a wise and intelligent woman, and there were people in the world who did not succumb to fate, and she was very happy.

The princess received a secret letter from Hu Shangshi, so she rushed to meet in the middle of the night. Hu Shangshi gave her a begging talisman and said some self-conscious words. She had never seen the eldest sister like this on weekdays. The princess asked her What happened, Hu Shangshi left directly.

When Ziping was delivering the meal, she suddenly encountered a talented man who was surrounded by a jade tree. She was so moved that she was always distracted when cooking. Yao Zijin saw the clue and quietly followed her to the East Palace to take a peek. Yuan’s people are very talented and often talk about current state affairs and the trends of the imperial court in front of Zhu Zhanji.

Ziping was happy with Mei Shaoyuan, but she was shy and didn’t know how to speak, so she had to ask Yao Zijin to help her hand over the food box to Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin thought that Ziping really liked Mei Shaoyuan, so she helped her deliver the meal.

On that day, the prince and Mei Shaoyuan ate together. Seeing that Mei Shaoyuan was eating bean curd with relish, and it was still sweet, the prince was very unhappy, and immediately ordered his subordinates to notify the people in the Shang Food Bureau that the bean curd in the future will only be made salty.

The smell was so bad that the prince hadn’t calmed down yet, when he saw outside the curtain, Yao Zijin personally brought the food box to Mei Shaoyuan, and the prince felt like an overturned vinegar jar in his heart. He punished his subordinates for giving Mei Shaoyuan the food box of the Shangshi Bureau, and his subordinates immediately explained that everything was in accordance with the regulations, and now the Shangshi Bureau is also responsible for making meals for Mei Shaoyuan and others.

Ziping told Yao Zijin that that day she wrapped grasshoppers in glutinous rice balls and stuffed locusts to make fun of Mei Shaoyuan. In fact, she did not admire Mei Shaoyuan. When she was young, Ziping was forced to steal Mei Shaoyuan because she was hungry and cold. Yuan’s purse was caught, but Mei Shaoyuan not only did not forgive her, but also took her to the yamen.

After the punishment, Mei Shaoyuan was still waiting outside the yamen, and then personally sent her to be a kitchen chef. Art. Yao Zijin justly judged that it was Mei Shaoyuan’s kindness. First, he reminded Ziping to take the right path, and secondly, he personally served as a guarantor to help Ziping learn and succeed.

Yao Zijin was checking the stock in the wine warehouse. A servant deliberately took advantage of her not paying attention and knocked down the entire wine rack behind her. Although Ziping blocked her, Yao Zijin was still seriously injured, and her hands were covered with bandages and unconscious. Yuehua immediately ran to ask You Yifan when he heard the news that Yao Zijin was hit, if Yao Zijin was injured today was his trick, You Yifan tried his best to hide his surprise and worry, and pretended to be indifferent.

The servant who knocked down the wine rack was sent to Gong Zhengsi. He insisted that it was an accident. After Zhu Zhanji heard about Yao Zijin’s injury, he was unhappy all day and didn’t think about tea and rice. after all.

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