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Love Unexpected 平行恋爱时差 Episode 1 Recap

Love Unexpected 平行恋爱时差 Episode 1 Recap

In 2024, on the boundless sea, a man with strong physique and excellent figure is swimming. This man is the gold medal lawyer Liu Ruochen. So far, there has been no case that he cannot win. Although he looks young and handsome, his behavior is seasoned and ruthless. .

It is rumored that any means can be used to win the lawsuit, and the ongoing case has once again pushed it to the forefront of public opinion. And whether this result will usher in the great reversal of the century, so stay tuned.

Here, a beautiful woman showed up at the gym to introduce a nutritional package to a client. Lawyer Liu drove a luxury car to the company and was surrounded by reporters. He saw his sharp eyes and avoided answering.

When Xiaolu was introducing nutritious meals to customers, he actually made a rude remark. At first, Xiaolu didn’t care too much, but he actually got out of the salty pig’s hand path and immediately broke free, kicked his key point, and warned him to ride well vehicle. Lawyer Liu asked someone for Gao Ruwen’s information. Although he killed someone, but he behaved well and was released. He is now a little worried that he will retaliate against the people around him, and told him to be careful.

Xiaolu and Xiaoyueyue went to do facial treatment and asked Xiaoyueyue to help her, but before that, Xiaolu had to help her solve a super difficult client. This is a big order, and you can’t go wrong.

Lawyer Liu was boxing with his friend. The friend told him that some reporters were talking nonsense, saying that he bullied the victim’s family, but Liu Ruochen had no idea and didn’t think about easing the relationship. In his mind, he was actually thinking, “Who the hell are you and how can I find you?” The back of a beautiful woman appeared in his mind, and his friend also understood that he thought of that person again, and advised him to wake up, that person doesn’t exist at all.

Xiaolu promised his friend to meet the difficult client, but he was late on the way. Fortunately, it started quickly. Xiaolu’s cooking skills are very good. She made omelet rice. Although it is ordinary, what she made is delicious. Lu Fanfan felt that anorexia was nothing, and she could handle her omelet rice. She brought the egg white rice she made by herself to Mr. Liu, and he couldn’t wait to eat it.

He also said that it was the best omelet rice he had ever eaten. The lawyer also invited her to be her own personal chef, and gave her a bunch of cards to swipe at will. Of course, she laughed out loud, it was just her imagination.

When she actually asked the staff to take the rice, Lawyer Liu was at work, and when she saw this omelette, it was suddenly very familiar, and she remembered the meal in her memory, but she didn’t think it was her. The staff told Lu Fanfan that the boss did not like the food she cooked. Lu Fanfan asked him to wait, so he did it again many times, but it still didn’t work.

The entire company, except for President Liu, even had enough to eat the dog named Pikachu. Lu Fanfan was very upset, she actually fed the dog with the food she made, so she went to Liu Ruochen with a spoon, but was stopped at the front desk, so she decided to wait for Liu Ruochen to get off work.

When he got off work, Lu Fanfan fell asleep, was woken up by the phone, and his best friend asked her to go to the party. Glancing at the time, it was past ten o’clock before she left. Back at the hotel, he told his girlfriend about the incident, and Liu Ruochen, who happened to see the news broadcast, felt that he had misunderstood him again.

She is worrying about her mother’s hospital bill next month, but Xiao Yueyue has already helped Lu Fanfan, enough for her mother’s hospital bill next month. Lu Fanfan thinks she is too good, if a boy is married, he will marry him . At this time, a handsome guy asked Xiao Yueyue to go out for a drink and left, leaving the hotel room for Lu Fanfan.

She was taking a leisurely bath when she suddenly heard the news on TV that the Fermi bubbles above and below the Milky Way would continue to extend up and down on the basis of the original 25,000 light-year float. Here, Lawyer Liu was taking a shower, and the news was broadcast on TV. Suddenly the hotel was powered off.

Lawyer Liu and Lu Fanfan both went to the corridor and bumped into each other. Lu Fanfan accidentally touched his abdominal muscles. . When I went back, I still felt that it was all meaningless. I was thinking of suddenly touching the doorknob. I traveled back to 2012 and bumped into Liu Ruochen. Liu Ruochen also suspected that she committed suicide. Lu Fanfan would not, but she did not know it happened. What, came here in the blink of an eye.

Gao Ruwen was flirting with a girl in a bar, which happened to be Lufanfan’s best friend Xiao Yueyue, but she said that her best friend was missing, and showed Gao Ruwen the photo, he told Xiao Yueyue that she would definitely find her and be happy.

Liu Ruochen took Lufanfan to the food street, but she felt very familiar. She glanced at the time in 2012 and was surprised. She thought he was playing tricks on her with Yu Xiaoyue, but when she saw the phone, she felt that something was wrong.

Love Unexpected 平行恋爱时差 Episode 2 Recap

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