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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 17 Recap

Yao Zijin fell into contemplation in the Shangshi Bureau. She could see that the Crown Princess liked Zhu Zhanji very much. Although this position should belong to her, she wanted to give up now, but she recalled that her mother had been urging her to enter the palace as soon as possible when she was dying. Take back the position of the crown princess, otherwise she will die. Yao Zijin’s character has always been indifferent to the world, but her mother’s dying words were like thorns in her chest, making her breathless. Yao Zijin carefully cleaned the picked wax plums, and then boiled them into sweet porridge for Zhu Zhanji.

Zhu Zhanji told Yao Zijin that Yu An had no major fault, and he could not abolish the crown princess. Yao Zijin knelt on the ground and said frankly that she only wanted to be a female official, stay in the Shangshi Bureau all her life, and conscientiously do what a cook should do. She felt that staying in the Shangshi Bureau was her best destination, and let Zhu Zhanji not feel guilty. .

Zhu Zhanji’s heart was sour. He asked Yao Zijin if he was half sincere to him and knew where her heart was. Zhu Zhanji thought that although he forgot what the little girl looked like ten years ago, it was not his fault. , it was a gift that the Sun family forcibly stuffed him. The reason for the tragedy was that the Hu family was very good at clinging to power and had far-reaching strategies. In addition, Grandpa Huang was very suspicious, so it was a mistake.

Even though Zhu Zhanji said everything lightly, Yao Zijin could see clearly that since ancient times, the Zhu family was as deep as the sea, and because the palace liked to promote weaving, many people in the people suffered miserable wives and divorces. Yao Zijin didn’t want to be Zhu Zhanji’s concubine, let alone a puppet at the mercy of others. She knelt on the ground and asked Zhu Zhanji to fulfill her. Seeing Yao Zijin being so cruel, Zhu Zhanji angrily smashed the teacup to the ground, and he angrily scolded that he never wanted to see Yao Zijin again in the future. Leaving the study, Yao Zijin strode forward in the afternoon sunshine, although he was a little bitter, his steps were so firm.

Zhu Zhanji went to see the queen, and the queen persuaded him to give An another chance. Even though there were many misunderstandings before, it was necessary to think long-term in the future. The queen was open-minded and virtuous. She saw the rift between Zhu Zhanji and the princess. Say good things to the Crown Princess Hu.

The Shang Food Bureau started the cooking competition. The first competition was titled “Ancient Cuisine”. Hu Shangshi named Su Yuehua to the competition. Su Yuehua came from a family of famous chefs. Fang Dianshan had no clue. , With Yao Zijin by his side, Ziping felt very confident.

From then on, the princess often went to study with her in the study, and sometimes she would cook tea and serve it. Zhu Zhanji watched the princess sort out the books and suddenly seemed to see Yao Zijin. He smiled and suddenly remembered that it couldn’t be Yao Zijin. of despair and sadness. Zhu Zhanji wanted to go out to the palace to relieve the boredom, but the concubine refused because she did not understand calligraphy, painting and poetry, so Zhu Zhanji went out of the palace alone.

In the middle of the night, Yao Zijin stayed up all night painting Wangchuan. She was helping Ziping cope with tomorrow’s game, and she painted a long page with full of energy. The details were vivid. You Yifan came quietly. Agreeing to cooperate, You Yifan laughed at her being too naive. He thought that he would get a lifetime of peace by hiding in the Shang Food Bureau. The location also advised him not to get along with the prince.

The next day, Yao Zijin couldn’t find the picture of Wangchuan painted last night. He didn’t expect it to be stolen by Yuehua, and he wanted to use a fancy cold plate to reproduce the picture of Wangchuan. Yao Zijin won’t let Ziping quarrel over Wangchuantu again, she is confident to win the game. The first competition was to present the cooking style of Wangchuan pictures.

Yuehua used cucumbers and carrots to carefully carve mountains and rivers, and worked hard to put some thought into the scenery and platter. After seeing it, the queen greatly appreciated the carvings. , Everyone thought that Yuehua would win, but suddenly Concubine Guo found the clue. It was a good and prosperous world, but she saw a monk sitting under the shade of a tree, which was really bad for the scenery. The prince also felt that all the food was cold, and it was cold in his stomach.

Meng Ziyun asked his subordinates to present Yao Zijin’s work, which turned out to be a steaming bowl of wontons. After tasting it, the queen greatly appreciated Yao Zijin’s cooking skills. It becomes delicious with wontons during the solar term. For Daming, who advocates diligence and thrift, this meal is just right.

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