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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 15 Recap

Meng Ziyun was reinstated as an official, and Zhu Gaochi appreciated the food she made. This dish was cooked with pine wood charcoal fire. Meng Ziyun couldn’t help but regret that it was difficult for ordinary people to eat it. He immediately demarcated the scope, except for the scope of the royal family, the people could mine at will. Meng Ziyun then informed the emperor that someone in the palace was conscientious and conscientious on the surface, but in fact deceived the top and the bottom, and Guanglu Qing Jingquan wanted to follow the old tradition to go to Nanjing to pick jade-faced raccoons.

As soon as Zhu Gaochi ascended the throne, he originally wanted to give a great deal of benevolence, but some people secretly rebelled. Soon Guanglu Temple was investigated, Jing Quan was imprisoned, Hu Sishan usually forged account books, and private cashiers were naturally implicated, but these Wang Sishan was all charged with the crime.

Yuehua was deeply taught by Wang Sishan, and when she saw that her master was sent back to her hometown, she ran to Meng Ziyun, hoping that she could keep Wang Sishan in the Shangshi Bureau. Meng Ziyun helped Yuehua who was kneeling on the ground, Once, because of Yuehua’s little tricks, she almost got involved in Shangshi Bureau. Meng Ziyun stopped the guilt in order to protect her daughter. From now on, everything Yuehua wants to do will be up to her.

It was Hu Sishan’s work to forge account books and privately collect money. Now Wang Sishan has stopped all the culprits, and Hu Sishan refuses to even come to see Wang Sishan farewell. Yuehua naturally sees it all. , she questioned why Hu Sishan remained silent, but Hu Sishan felt that once exposed, Wang Sishan would be punished in vain.

Meng Ziyuan returned to the Shang Food Bureau to strengthen training for Yao Zijin and Ziping. Yuehua originally studied under Wang Sishan. After Wang Sishan left, Hu Sishan paid special attention to Yuehua. Seeing that she was always lacking in energy, she told her not to get depressed. Get your spirits up and keep digging into your cooking skills. Kunning Palace, the queen has a bad appetite recently and is always sweating. After Pan Siyao’s diagnosis, it is determined to be Ximai, but the new Jiang Siyao does not agree with it. Although the court’s judgment also agrees that it is Ximai, Jiang Sishan insists on his own opinion. .

Hu Sishan saw the clue on the side. She handed all the meals of Kunning Palace to Yao Zijin. Ziping was very surprised. Hu Sishan used to target Yao Zijin everywhere, and almost killed her. Now that the queen is happy, she puts such a It’s really strange to leave a good job to Yao Zijin. Hu Sishan brought the prescription written by the Taiyuan Hospital and asked Yuehua to carefully check the dishes made by Yao Zijin, and forbid Yuehua to interfere in the cooking.

The queen was extremely disgusted with the food delivered by Yao Zijin, and fell to the ground directly. Yu An introduced Imperial Physician Sheng to the queen. After the diagnosis, Imperial Physician Sheng quietly replaced the original birth-preventive medicine in the Imperial Hospital with a formula that breaks blood and blood.

Yuehua took the medicine in Imperial Physician Sheng’s prescription to Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin was a little strange. She didn’t look like the queen last time. If you are pregnant, you can use Sheng Taiyi’s prescription and make a mistake, and the consequences will be disastrous. However, Yuehua felt that the prescription was prescribed by an imperial doctor, and they did as they did.

Zhu Zhanji found that Jin Yiwei was secretly supervising him, and he rushed to the palace angrily to confess to his father that he did not disagree with him moving the capital, but just hoped that Jin Yiwei would not be called to follow him in the future.

The queen bleeds continuously after taking the medicine of Imperial Doctor Sheng, and Imperial Doctor Sheng was punished by the emperor for this. He was severely punished and received 30 slashes. Diagnosis and treatment, within ten days, will definitely die.

Sheng Taiyi’s words made Yao Zijin on the side hear that the queen’s condition was getting worse and worse. Yao Zijin was anxious. Except for Sheng Taiyi, in the Royal Hospital of Nuoda, no one questioned the pregnancy. It was a waste of life. Finally, when delivering meals to Zhu Zhanji, she dared to tell the truth to Zhu Zhanji. Zhu Zhanji was very angry when she heard it, and he took Yao Zijin to the Tai Hospital overnight.

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