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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 8 Recap

Brother Sui found out that He Yunmei had misappropriated 4 million yuan, so Sheng Jiangchuan asked Brother Sui to keep the evidence, and at the same time, he would not let anyone use the money in the company’s account unless authorized by him. He Yunmei saw from the surveillance that Brother Sui found evidence that she had embezzled 4 million yuan, and she was even more worried that she would be imprisoned. This made her unable to wait for the embezzlement of 10 million yuan, and hurriedly asked She Tiantian to return the 4 million yuan. return.

The nanny Shen Huixing asked for leave could not pick up Shengtang, so she could only call Sheng Jiangchuan and ask Sheng Jiangchuan to pick up the child. Sheng Jiangchuan was going to attend Daniel’s wedding, so he could only ask Bai Xiaorui to pick up Sheng Tang, and He Yunmei saw Sheng Jiangchuan’s arrangement on the surveillance camera, so She Tiantian encouraged He Yunmei to take this opportunity to kidnap Sheng Tang.

Because He Yunmei didn’t get 10 million yuan, she was forced to run away again. She Tiantian took this opportunity to encourage He Yunmei to get 10 million yuan through kidnapping. He Yunmei was a little hesitant, but She Tiantian told He Yunmei that it was easy to get the four million given to Zong Sen, but it was not easy to take it abroad, so let He Yunmei obey her arrangement and do the kidnapping first.

He Yunmei believed in She Tiantian, and went with Kevin to plan the kidnapping of Sheng Tang. They first deliberately created a car accident and entangled Bai Xiaorui. When Bai Xiaorui was entangled, Kevin made a fake call to Bai Xiaorui through the software, falsely claiming that Shen Huixing had picked up the child, so that Bai Xiaorui would not have to pick it up. After explaining the situation, Kevin asked the person who had a conflict with Bai Xiaorui to hit Bai Xiaorui and smashed Bai Xiaorui’s mobile phone.

He Yunmei took a picture of Bai Xiaorui’s injury, then went to school with Kevin and picked up Sheng Tang in Bai Xiaorui’s name. After picking up Sheng Tang, He Yunmei saw that Sheng Tang had a smart watch on her hand, so she found an excuse to deceive the watch, and then handed Sheng Tang to She Tiantian. She Tiantian wanted to use He Yunmei to get 10 million, and then pocketed the 10 million, so she found Zhuang Sen to cooperate, but she did not expect Zhuang Sen to ask her for 5 million, which made She Tiantian have no choice but to agree .

At the wedding scene, Sheng Jiangchuan congratulated Gao Wei and also chatted with Gao Wei about Yunmei Haitao, but he did not expect to receive a video of Sheng Tang being kidnapped not long after the chat. Sheng Jiangchuan saw the video and realized that Sheng Tang had been kidnapped, but he didn’t know how to deal with it, so he could only do as the other party said, left his mobile phone in the toilet, and went to another toilet to get things. He Yunmei’s people put Tang Sheng’s watch in the toilet, controlled Sheng Jiangchuan through the watch, and asked Sheng Jiangchuan to do everything she said.

Sheng Jiangchuan’s mobile phone was taken away, and he put on the other party’s earphones again, and was listening to every word he said, making him unable to do anything. Sheng Jiangchuan couldn’t say anything more, so he wanted to take a napkin to write a message, but he didn’t expect that his actions would be arranged by He Yunmei to the wedding scene. Lan Bo, who was monitoring him, saw it and told He Yunmei directly. Knowing Sheng Jiangchuan’s actions, He Yunmei immediately reminded Sheng Jiangchuan to put down what he was holding, which made Sheng Jiangchuan understand that the kidnapper was watching him at the scene.

Sheng Jiangchuan thought that the person monitoring him must also be wearing a Bluetooth headset, so he began to pay attention to the people at the scene. It turned out that Dong Sijia and Zhong Yu were both wearing headphones, which made them suspicious at first. While suspicious, Sheng Jiangchuan thought of a way, and suddenly thought of the one-button alarm function of the watch, but he did not expect this function to be known to He Yunmei, and his alarm information was sent to He Yunmei’s mobile phone. Sheng Jiangchuan failed and had to find another way. At this time, Gao Wei happened to find Lanbo who was monitoring Sheng Jiangchuan, so he went to chat with Sheng Jiangchuan.

Sheng Jiangchuan learned that Lan Bo was monitoring him, but he didn’t find Lan Bo when he looked over. At this time, he saw Gao Wei’s mobile phone, so he wanted to use Gao Wei’s mobile phone to send messages. Lanbo lost Sheng Jiangchuan and knew that Gao Wei was looking for a mobile phone, and immediately reported it to He Yunmei.

He Yunmei then guessed Sheng Jiangchuan’s actions and threatened Sheng Jiangchuan immediately. Sheng Jiangchuan didn’t expect that his actions were discovered again. He suspected that the kidnapper was by his side, so he could only do as the kidnapper said, threw away his mobile phone, and then asked to contact Sheng Tang.

He Yunmei couldn’t get Sheng Tang to talk to Sheng Jiangchuan, so she had to ask Sheng Jiangchuan a question, Sheng Jiangchuan had no choice but to do it. The problem of Sheng Tang is a secret between Sheng Jiangchuan and Sheng Tang. Only then did Sheng Jiangchuan believe that Sheng Tang was still in the hands of the kidnappers, so he had to do everything. Dong Sijia learned that Huo Liankai had read the information about Huo Liaoyuan, so she went to check Huo Liankai’s intentions.

Only then did she know that Huo Liankai and Daniel knew each other, so she immediately called Shen Huixing and asked Shen Huixing to go to the wedding with Huo Liankai to monitor Huo Liankai. In order to get rid of Shen Huixing, Huo Liankai happened to see Sheng Jiangchuan at the wedding scene, so he asked Shen Huixing to find Sheng Jiangchuan.

Shen Huixing was surprised to see Sheng Jiangchuan, because Sheng Jiangchuan did not go to pick up Sheng Tang, so he went to question Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan was threatened by He Yunmei and couldn’t say anything. He could only pretend to be okay and see if Shen Huixing could contact Bai Xiaorui to confirm it himself. Unexpectedly, Huo Liankai suggested that Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing go to the stage to participate in the tacit game of the wedding.

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