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Modern Marriage 我们的婚姻 Episode 5 Recap

Shen Huixing went to Yunshan Evergreen to report, and just when she was about to ask about her work, she saw Zhong Yu arrive at Dong Sijia’s office. Shen Huixing was very excited to see Zhong Yu, and asked a lot, only to know that Zhong Yu had been kicked out of the Wildfire Music Festival, and this was still Sheng Jiangchuan’s masterpiece. Zhong Yu wanted to start a rage music festival and directly challenged the wildfire music festival, but he was short of manpower, so he came to Dong Sijia to borrow someone for help.

Dong Sijia didn’t have a suitable candidate for Zhong Yu, so Shen Huixing volunteered and asked to help Zhong Yu. Seeing that Shen Huixing knew something about him and the Wildfire Music Festival, Zhong Yu agreed to let Shen Huixing help. After Zhong Yu left, he asked Dong Sijia about Shen Huixing. After learning that Shen Huixing was Sheng Jiangchuan’s wife, he remembered that Sheng Jiangchuan had arranged Shen Huixing in the Wildfire Music Festival.

Zhong Yu remembered what happened before and was worried about hiring Shen Huixing, so he asked Dong Sijia if there was any other purpose for hiring Shen Huixing. Dong Sijia explained that she hired Shen Huixing purely because she thought Shen Huixing was interesting, and explained that it is not easy for a woman to have a career, which made Zhong Yu dispel the idea and decided to use Shen Huixing first.

Sheng Jiangchuan called Bai Xiaorui home to deal with the power outage at home, and Bai Xiaorui solved the problem for Sheng Jiangchuan. Sheng Jiangchuan saw that Bai Xiaorui knew electricians very well, so he asked Bai Xiaorui to remove all the panels in the little black room and replace them, which solved his problem. After Bai Xiaorui solved the problem, he reported on the work that Sheng Jiangchuan gave him, and told the story of Dong Sijia’s investment in Zhong Yu’s newly opened company that was full of anger.

When Sheng Jiangchuan learned that Zhong Yu was starting a new career, he was immediately worried that the people who started the wildfire would be taken away by Zhong Yu, so he went to Mr. Guo to ask about the situation. Mr. Guo did not dare to tell Sheng Jiangchuan about the company’s problems, for fear that Feihu Capital would withdraw his capital. Sheng Jiangchuan could only use his own methods to understand Zhong Yukai’s conditions and try to retain the company’s people.

Shen Huixing learned about the situation with the new manager Gao, and heard that Manager Gao said a lot of bad things about Sheng Jiangchuan, so she scolded Sheng Jiangchuan together. Manager Gao didn’t know what to say until he found out that Shen Huixing was Sheng Jiangchuan’s wife. No matter what Sheng Jiangchuan did, Shen Huixing worked very hard to do her job, and quickly spread the publicity of the Rage Music Festival.

Sheng Jiangchuan saw the advertisement of the Rage Music Festival, and only then did he know that Zhong Yu and Wildfire Liaoyuan were in the ring, but he did not expect that the person who helped Zhong Yu in the ring was Shen Huixing. Sheng Jiangchuan learned what Shen Huixing had done, and went home and had a big quarrel with Shen Huixing, discussing their work. Sheng Tang saw Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing quarreling and came out to question them, which made them stop arguing.

Sheng Jiangchuan’s parents made a video call, and Sheng Tang accidentally told them that Sheng Jiangchuan was sleeping on the floor in the small black room. They knew at once that Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing quarreled. Sheng’s mother persuaded Sheng Jiangchuan to let Sheng Jiangchuan and Shen Huixing have a clear division of labor, so that there would be fewer conflicts and fewer quarrels. After hearing what Mother Sheng said, Shen Huixing proposed the division of labor and allocated time with Sheng Jiangchuan to take care of the children.

Shen Huixing found a suitable aunt Hao as a nanny, but Aunt Hao had to get off work at seven every day, so she and Sheng Jiangchuan made a plan to go home and take the child. Sheng Jiangchuan couldn’t accept Shen Huixing’s arrangement, but his theory was no match for Shen Huixing.

On Sheng Jiangchuan’s first day with the child, Shen Huixing woke Sheng Jiangchuan early in the morning and asked him to wake Sheng Tang up and prepare for school. It was the first time for Sheng Jiangchuan to take a child, and many of them were not used to it. He was so busy all morning that he had to complain about Shen Huixing. He threw Sheng Tang to him to save trouble and angered Shen Huixing again.

Zhong Yu felt that anger was not enough. He discussed with Dong Sijia to see how to bring those who were watching to his side, while Sheng Jiangchuan discussed with President Guo to see how to retain the company’s talents.

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