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“Di Renjie’s Contract with the Underworld God” has been completed. When will it be released?

“Di Renjie’s Contract with the Underworld God” has been completed. When will it be released? Can I invest in the box office dividends of this movie?

At present, the film “Di Renjie’s Underworld God Contract” will be completed in Xiangshan Film and Television City on February 2nd. It should be released soon. At present, judging from the propaganda posters, the production of this film is still very good. For projects with high production level and excellent film quality, investing in such a film will generally not lose money!

This promotional poster is still very emotional! It is the atmosphere of the Di Renjie series in our minds.

It is worth mentioning that Fang Yinghua is a director of a generation with strong creativity in China. The creation of a series of costume films not only shows the audience exciting pictures, but also makes many actors known to the public.

Plot: In the second year of Tianshou, a shocking incident occurred in Weizhou. When the pawnshop owner was killed, it was rumored that it was the underworld god, and some people even saw the underworld god hold a banquet with their own eyes. There are different opinions among the people, all of which point to the wrath of the sky and the resentment caused by the chaos of the Empress Wu. When the news came back to the capital, Wu Zetian was furious and ordered Di Renjie to investigate the matter…

For now, although there is no official announcement of the official release date, the expectations of the movie ” Di Renjie’s Contract of the Underworld God ” are still very high among netizens. Many netizens have been paying attention, and many people have followed us. As soon as there is news about the reservation, you will be notified as soon as possible.

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