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Two Conjectures About Marriage 婚姻的两种猜想 Episode 2 Recap

Soon it was the day when the parents of the two parties met, and Yang’s mother made a special trip from out of town to take the bus to the appointment on time. At this time, there were many passengers in the car. One of the men looked sneaky and kept harassing the woman next to him. Mother Yang saw it clearly, and immediately came forward to curb the other party’s behavior, believing that he was a pervert or a thief.

However, the woman took the initiative to defend it, because she and the man were in a relationship. Although this behavior was very indecent in public, the two violated the moral level at most, and did not have too much illegal behavior. Mother Yang reminded the man a few words, and then returned to her seat. The little girl next to her admired her and praised her as a heroine with a thumbs up, which made her very proud.

On the other hand, Shen’s mother also came to the appointment well-dressed. Although Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng were at the dinner table to accompany her, the two mothers inevitably talked about the future living materials. From firewood, rice, oil and salt, to buying and renovating a house, Shen’s mother is a more careful person. Because she is worried about her daughter’s loss after marriage, she must be thoughtful in everything.

In fact, Yang Zheng has already made preparations to buy a house, and has negotiated with Shen Mingbao to pay for the down payment, and to take on the mortgage after marriage. Yang’s mother decided to sell the house in her hometown, so that she could save money and live with the young couple. But precisely because of this, Yang’s mother put forward a different view, believing that modern young people need freedom and should not live with their elders.

However, the mothers of the two families expressed their own opinions, and in the end they couldn’t reach an agreement at all, and the meeting broke up unhappily. Shen’s mother took out the coupon to check out, and Yang’s mother chose to pay in cash. The obvious contrast made Shen Mingbao feel that his mother was a little arrogant, and he couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Only the mother and son snickered beside them.

On the other side, Chen Tong just took Xue Kexin to the beach to relax, and at the same time made her a box of delicious meals. Taking advantage of the blue sea and blue sky and the scenery is just right, Chen Tonggang took the initiative to confess to Xue Kexin sincerely, admitting that he had followed other people’s advice and resorted to various tricks to pursue, but he was actually sincere. In the end, his sweet words moved Xue Kexin, and the two were logically established. love relationship.

Since the last time we met, Yang Zheng has never contacted Shen Mingbao. As for what he is thinking at the moment, Shen Mingbao has no idea. But for Shen Mingbao, Yang Zheng is a good husband candidate. Besides, they have already rented the wedding venue, and they are only one step away from becoming a husband and wife. Xue Kexin guessed that Yang Zheng’s stinginess might lead to a discussion with Shen Mingbao. Site fee is required.

Sure enough, that night, Yang Zheng, who had been silent for more than half a month, suddenly called and just wanted to ask Shen Mingbao for money, but how could he know that Shen Mingbao found a step for him to go down, and the relationship was eased by ice breaking. Not long after, Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng held a wedding and invited their relatives, friends and colleagues.

As a bridesmaid, Xue Kexin naturally wanted to participate, and brought her new boyfriend Chen Tonggang by the way. Because Chen Tonggang was handsome and extraordinary, he attracted the girls who were present to strike up a conversation, and several of them also rushed to ask him for contact information. Xue Kexin watched the whole process, overturned the vinegar jar, and returned to the empty wedding hall with the bouquet. Chen Tong just noticed that she was sulking alone, so she grabbed the bouquet and sprinkled it into the sky, pulling her up under the rendering of the petals, Passionate kissing.

Apart from the short-lived love and wedding, the next few months were only dull and busy, and their relationship was more like a roommate living together than a husband and wife. They work in their respective positions during the day, and may face overtime at night. When they come home exhausted, they have to fall asleep without a word, and go out to work in a hurry the next day.

What marriage has brought to the two of them seems to be only the house that has exhausted the savings and down payment, the thick dust on the tablecloth of the coffee table, the mountains of clothes to be washed in the bathroom, and even the empty refrigerator, which is completely a decoration in the living room. Yang Zheng complained very dissatisfiedly, and hoped that Shen Mingbao could be a well-mannered wife and at least keep the house in order.

But Shen Mingbao, who is also working hard in the workplace, doesn’t understand her husband’s anger at all. A woman needs two choices to get married, either to be a full-time housewife at home, or to go out to work to accumulate wealth, so she is not a housekeeper now, and she is not born. Nezha, must have three heads and six arms, and be thoughtful everywhere.

However, Yang Zheng is a born macho. He wants both people and wealth, and he wants women to serve him with all his heart. Obviously, his marriage is not as satisfactory as he imagined. Shen Mingbao accidentally found out that she was pregnant, and she was not happy at the moment. After all, the company was carrying out a fierce elimination of the bottom, and the arrival of the child gave her a sense of crisis.

The female boss Qi Wei, as a past person, repeatedly taught Shen Mingbao the way of marriage, and then noticed that something was wrong with her, and guessed that she was pregnant. Although Shen Mingbao vehemently denied it, she went to the hospital for an examination after get off work, which thoroughly confirmed that there was a small life in her stomach. The doctor saw that Shen Mingbao was worried about pregnancy, and reminded her to decide whether to have an abortion as soon as possible, so as to avoid the difficulty of abortion after the fetus was formed, and even cause harm to the body.

Xue Kexin deliberately concealed her identity from Chen Tonggang. In front of him, she was still a poor girl who only bought fake goods. The two lived together in austere ways, and they still maintained their passion, which was not enough to become boring. One day, Xue Kexin went home to see her father and revealed the fact that she had a boyfriend in disguise. Father Xue told her to find an opportunity to bring the man to the house as a guest.

Shen Mingbao went home and didn’t tell him he was pregnant. He lay on the bed tiredly and declined Yang Zheng’s intimacy, which made him very depressed and couldn’t help complaining. After careful consideration, Shen Mingbao decided to keep the child and share the good news with Yang Zheng. Yang Zheng, who originally liked to ignore the answer, changed his attitude and treated her like a Lafayette. Instead, Shen Mingbao thought about the company competition while enjoying it.

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