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Two Conjectures About Marriage 婚姻的两种猜想 Episode 1 Recap

As he approaches his thirties, Shen Mingbao is faced with a major choice in life. This choice is about bread and love. Although the actual situation is more complicated, it is actually much more meaningful than ordinary. In the past ten years, Shen Mingbao graduated with excellent grades and came to the big city.

And love, because of the hasty incident, its face was confused and blurred in her heart at that time. On the eve of his 30th birthday, Shen Mingbao worked as usual, leading the team to stay up all night to conceive a project plan, but on the day of departure, Mr. Hu suddenly stopped him halfway, and took credit for it by suppressing it.

Unexpectedly, President Hu arbitrarily proposed to revise the plan, which ultimately made everyone lose the opportunity to cooperate with Party A. Shen Mingbao learned about this through Qi Wei, and broke into the office alone to find Mr. Hu’s theory, but her arm couldn’t twist her thigh. Although she came in anger, she left in frustration.

Ten years in the company are enough to show countless grievances and grievances, and because of this, Shen Mingbao finally pays attention to his life-long events. Without the urging of the three aunts and six grandmothers, it is completely a wake-up call. Although life is full of multiple-choice questions, the higher you climb, the more problems you will face, but getting married and having children is the most socially cost-effective choice for most people.

Therefore, in Shen Mingbao’s plan, it has been strictly stipulated that he must get married within one year, get pregnant and have children within two years, and the top priority is to find a suitable husband. Shen Mingbao never thought that ten hours ago, his future husband was sitting in the ambulance that whizzed past at the intersection. Back-to-back “interview” blind dates.

Due to Shen Mingbao’s high education, stable job and income, Ma Baonan asked the two to repay the mortgage on the spot after seeing his resume. Shen Mingbao readily agreed, repeatedly emphasizing that her name was added to the real estate certificate, how could Ma Baonan become angry, and in turn accused Shen Mingbao of being insatiable greed.

Ma Baonan ended the conversation extremely rudely, and took his mother to get up and leave. The blind date failed unexpectedly, and so did Yang Zheng behind her. Thanks to the fate of God, two people who failed a blind date actually found similar highlights in each other, exchanged their resumes, and even took pictures of their resumes and sent them to their mothers in a tacit understanding, which was unanimously recognized by the mothers.

In fact, life is like this, and surprises will always come at unexpected times. Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng both had a good first impression, left contact information, and took the initiative to take photos with the official announcement. The good best friend Xue Kexin swiped photos in the circle of friends, shocked Shen Mingbao took the lead to end being single. As for the second-generation rich, she still has the attitude of playing the world, and occasionally goes to the gym to admire the delicious little fresh meat.

The young and handsome Chen Tong just became the highlight of the gym, and also noticed Xue Kexin’s famous brand from beginning to end, so he was very enthusiastic about her and habitually continued to sell private lessons. The so-called magic height is one foot and the road is one zhang high. Xue Kexin deliberately caught Chen Tonggang. Although he would not pay for the course, he was able to fight for him and solve the troubles of other female clients.

Chen Tonggang expressed his gratitude and offered to treat the guests to dinner. How could he know that Xue Kexin went to a high-end western restaurant with ease. The price of the expensive dishes made him tremble. Fortunately, Xue Kexin let Chen Tonggang go for the time being and said that he would pay for the AA system. After dinner, Xue Kexin didn’t come because the driver was stuck in traffic, so she simply rode a bicycle home, which made Chen Tonggang suspect that she was a rich woman who bought fake goods.

As Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng started dating, they also had a deeper understanding of each other, and most of the results came from data. Just because Yang Zheng designed a matching test software, the two of them wasted the whole afternoon in the test, answered hundreds of questions, and got a super high degree of matching.

Yang Zheng, who is more of a man of science and engineering, directly took Shen Mingbao for a medical examination, and then went to the hotel he had decided to try to sleep before marriage. Even if Shen Mingbao could accept the flash of love, she still felt that Yang Zheng was too frivolous. After all, this kind of thing is based on the technique of love, so she slammed out of the door in a fit of rage.

Chen Tonggang drew up a series of strategy points under the guidance of senior coach Ruan. On the other side, Shen Mingbao had a good impression of Yang Zheng, so he quickly forgave the other party and agreed to fall in love for a while.

In the days that followed, Shen Mingbao and Yang Zheng got along more and more happily, and their relationship heated up rapidly. Yang Zheng bought a ring without diamonds and made a public confession to Shen Mingbao to propose marriage. Shen Mingbao was not carried away by the happiness in front of her. She expected Yang Zheng not to express her love with data, but to express her love from the bottom of her heart. Unfortunately, Yang Zheng retreated a little, which made her very disappointed to leave.

Not long after returning home, Shen Mingbao suddenly received a love text message from Yang Zheng, and immediately saw him at the door of the house, holding a bouquet of roses and a diamond-encrusted ring in his arms. Yang Zheng’s sincerity moved Shen Mingbao, and he agreed to propose marriage without hesitation, and the two embraced sweetly.

Just as Chen Tong wanted to strike while the iron was hot, he followed Coach Ruan’s suggestion and deliberately quit his gym job to create a sense of detachment for Xue Kexin. Sure enough, Xue Kexin immediately ran to Chen Tonggang, scolding him for being deceived, and giving all the client resources in his hand to Coach Ruan, obviously being teased by the other party.

While Chen Tong had just entered the room to change clothes, Xue Kexin saw the book on the table recording the strategy, and suddenly realized it, she responded to Chen Tonggang with a plan, and staged a refusal and a welcome. Shen Mingbao carefully planned the life of the two, and Yang Zheng felt that it was time for the parents of both sides to meet.

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