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Fifty World War II will all die

Fifty World War II will all die (Novel)
Other Name: 五十二战将皆战死, The Fifty World War II will all die in battle

Genre: novel, Xianxia
Author: My Long Spear
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The completed historical-themed “Fifty World War II Will All Die” is adapted from the author’s original novel “The Rise of the Prince” by the author “My Long Spear”. The key characters in this novel are Li Xinghe and Li Zhen, Introduction: The father of the prince Li Xinghe is King Xiao who has made great achievements in battle. The emperor appreciates the Li family very much. Because he has a deep relationship with King Xiao, he naturally loves the young Li Xinghe. Li Xinghe was a little bully in the capital, causing the whole capital to be smoky, and the people were miserable, but they had nothing to do with him. After the death of King Xiao, everyone found that the little prince, who had been drunk all day, began to concentrate on his career, and now he is worthy of a big job.

Free Reading Highlights:

“What about the defenders in the city?” “They were all killed. They killed many of our brothers.”

“Well, I reward you? All the looted wealth in the city belongs to your two thousand households? Remember to reward the soldiers, don’t embezzle them all.” Temuzhen said.

The two thousand households thanked them again and again.

Soon? A southern messenger came along the road in the distance? Passed through the large army camp? Climbed up the high slope and rode galloping towards the middle army.

But it didn’t bring good news? The Usha Castles to the south were still holding on, and it was difficult to conquer.

Temujin was very dissatisfied after seeing it, and his face was not good-looking.

“A few forts can stop my army…”

Mu Huali interjected next to him: “Khan, we can decide the outcome on the grassland, but we are not good at attacking the fortress. If the army of the southerners comes, they will definitely be able to fight such a battle.

The same is true of Shangjing now. From here, there is an army of Jingguo about 400 miles south. Jinguo is a vassal of Jingguo, or you have to beware of the rear and be careful of Jingguo. “

Temujin frowned after hearing this: “Do you think they dare to hit us?”

“Liao and Jin are not opponents, and Jing is definitely not afraid of us.” Mu Huali made his own judgment.

“Well…you lead the five thousand households to the intersection twenty miles to the south to camp and guard the rear of the army to protect the people of Jingguo.” Temujin said, “In addition, I will send someone to talk to Emperor Jingguo. , our two countries can have a good alliance, and if Jing Guo allows us to take the capital, I will repay them accordingly.”

Temujin experienced dark and hardships since he was a child.

He doesn’t know how terrifying the foundation he has created will be. At this time, his understanding of Mongolia’s strength is that he can compete with Jin State, and he no longer regards Xia State in his eyes. There are still gaps in the national landscape.

Just by looking at the weapons and crossbows sold to them by the people of Jingguo, they knew the difference.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the Jin Kingdom and avenge the hatred of the country and the family, he must forbear and bow his head to the great southern country Jingguo.

He didn’t know his terrifying status in Li Xingzhou’s heart at this time. After all, at this time, he had not yet defeated the Xia Army, nor the Jin Army, nor the Central Asian overlord Khwarizimo. What people can do, Often times it is unpredictable.

Temujin wasn’t the arrogant Temujin, so he didn’t know how powerful he was.

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