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Assistant of Superstar 天王助理 Episode 10 Recap

Looking at Yao Yao on stage because she was afraid that she could not say a word, Tong Jin attacked and slandered Yao Yao in public. Ye, the two left the banquet scene holding hands. Zhu Dazhuang almost fainted when he saw this scene.

You Xi and Yao Yao came to the river for a walk, and the two talked about why Yao Yao suffered from crowd phobia. It turned out that the anxious mother died in a traffic accident because Yaoyao kept calling and urging her mother to come, and Yaoyao’s heart was full of self-blame, and it has left a shadow since then.

On the other hand, Zhu Dazhuang was busy in the company because of You Xi’s public confession of his past. Then Zhu Dazhuang told You Xi that because he screwed up Tong Jin’s birthday party, Tong Jin’s father, as the investor of the new drama, threatened the crew with withdrawal of capital. By Xi. However, Youxi said it didn’t matter. At this time, Yaoyao said that it was her fault and wanted to apologize to Tong Jin, but was stopped by Youxi.

When Yao Yao returned to the room, he was still embarrassed because he caused Yu Xi to get into trouble. He was about to send a message and Tong Jin, but was discovered by Yu Xi, so he gave up.

Zhu Dazhuang said that it took eight lifetimes of bad luck to become Yuxi’s manager, but he was still worried about Yuxi. At this time, he was negotiating with the crew for Yuxi’s affairs. After the negotiation, Zhu Dazhuang came. You Xi’s family told You Xi a piece of good news. Not only did the crew not terminate the contract with You Xi, but instead brought in two new investors to replace Tong Jin’s father.

It turned out that the two new investors were both former students of Yuchi Linsen. After Yuchi Linsen knew the news of the breakup of Yao Yao and Yin Jiu, he helped You Xi.

Since he did not terminate the contract with the new crew, for the sake of the role, You Xi began to study again. But Yuxi had no intention of studying, so she made glutinous rice balls and ate them together. When Yuxi fed Yaoyao to eat glutinous rice dumplings, she accidentally burned the corner of her mouth, and immediately blew for Yaoyao gently, and their relationship quickly heated up.

In the class, Yuchi Linsen announced that the ten-day training was over, and Xi specially recited the poems mentioned before for Yuchi Linsen, which made Yuchi Linsen very satisfied.

While everyone was taking pictures, Wen Moxuan found Yao Yao, and put the card that he didn’t receive on the playground last time on his head. You Xi took it off with a displeased expression after seeing it. .

Yuchi Linsen asked Youxi to come to the office to find him. When you came to the office, you met Yaoyao at the door. Yaoyao told Youxi that a student had been persuaded to quit because she accidentally broke the decorations in her father’s office, and Yuxi was frightened. When talking with Yuchi Linsen, he didn’t dare to breathe.

During the conversation, Yuchi Linsen told Youxi that he wanted his daughter to be happy, and that if Youxi could not give her happiness, he would leave her. Quite a few, it can be seen that he is very satisfied with You Xi.

At the same time, Zhu Dazhuang received a call that someone was selling the photos of Yu Xi publicly confessing to each other at Tong Jin’s birthday party. But unfortunately, Song Qiege’s friend Shen Yiling has already bought the photo, and is discussing with Song Qiege how to use the photo to make You Xi fall into a big trouble.

After finishing the training course, Yuxi and Yaoyao returned home. When Youxi was about to relax, Yaoyao reminded him that he was only five days away from the selection of Weiran’s new drama, and he had to continue his studies.

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