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Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Miners

Wang Tianyu travels forward (王天宇往前游)

Wang Tianyu, the character in “Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Miners”, has a very high popularity and has gained many fans. As a fantasy novel, the content created by the forward travel is still interesting and not pretentious.

The following is a summary of the content of “Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Miners”: Wang Tianyu was taken by a mysterious jade gourd through the world of immortality, possessed by a beating The dead immortal cultivator was reborn, and he found that the death of his predecessor was not the worst, but the worst was that he was still a free-mining slave! Let’s see how Wang Tianyu uses the mysterious jade gourd step by step to reach the peak of his life!

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Cultivation of Immortals Begins with Miners Chapter 5: The Liu Family Wool

Breaking through the seventh level of qi training, Wang Tianyu’s enthusiasm for cultivation soared.

However, just after breaking through, he still needs to consolidate for some time. He must not ignore the foundation and forcefully cultivate.

Just after breaking through, he was going to continue his daily mining routine, while feeding the jade gourd to devour, and at the same time for his own cultivation. Only by constantly devouring spiritual things, the jade gourd can produce more Yuan Ling Divine Milk.

Now relying on him to dig hard every day, after the jade gourd devours a lot of spiritual things, it can produce a drop of Primordial Spirit Divine Milk every day, and he only needs a tiny bit of spiritual fluid every time, which is enough for his cultivation, and the rest All accumulated in the spirit of Tan.

Sometimes when he is interested, he will also use the fireball technique for refining. Although it has never been successful due to conditions, it does not affect his practice.

In addition, because there is no shortage of cultivation resources now, Wang Yu has also accumulated thousands of catties of gold spar and was not swallowed by the gourd. This gold spar worth more than 300 spiritual stones is a successor that Wang Tianyu left for himself after escaping and realizing it. .

Now his daily pleasure lies in how deep he digs forward. Judging from his current position, in the past six months, he has dug forward more than 200 feet, and he dug down obliquely. As for the distance from the ground. Shen, he didn’t know, and he didn’t bother to care.

This life continued for a few days.


Wang Tianyu used the jade gourd to cover the half-zhang-sized stones and dug. After the half-zhang stones disappeared, there was no longer a stone wall behind, but a layer of khaki light film?

“???,” Wang Tianyu was a little confused when he saw the light film in front of him, how did he dig the ore and disappear, and was cut off by a layer of light film!

“Could it be…”

He looked at the khaki light film thoughtfully, and suddenly a guess popped up in his head.

This is the boundary mask of the second-order low-grade thick soil formation that Liu family clothed, that is to say, he dug to the edge of the formation.

“Is it possible to let the jade gourd try to absorb the energy of the array?”

When he thought of it, he did it, and his consciousness mobilized the jade gourd to cover the khaki light film in front of him.


“Boom!” The thick earth formation broke a hole the size of the mouth of a bowl, and a burst of spiritual pressure erupted. Soon the surrounding light film spread over, constantly repairing the damaged formation.

“It’s possible!” Wang Tianyu looked happy when he saw this situation.

He only used one-third of his spiritual sense and infuriating energy to let the jade gourd break through the thick soil formation. Although the opening the size of the mouth of the bowl is a little small, it also means that this method is useful.

The big mouth of the bowl disappeared after a few moments, and the light film returned to its original state.

“Uncle Eighteen, the spirit-devouring ants broke a small hole in the formation again.” In a loft at the corner of the exit of the ground canyon, a 28-year-old charming girl looked at the phantom of the formation floating in front of her. A small hole was broken and he shouted out.

“Girl Rongxia, don’t make a fuss all day long, your uncle Liguang was recruited away, no one of us understands the second-order formation, just relying on those boys is useless, they can also handle the first-order formation, As long as the big formation is not broken, before your Uncle Liguang comes back, there is no need to report such trivial matters.” A young man in his twenties sat beside the bed drinking alcohol and reluctantly responded.

This person was Liu Xianqing, a foundation-building cultivator who was guarded here by the Liu family, and the one who called him was Liu Rongxia, a talented foundation-building seed of the younger generation of the Liu family.

“Oh, I see.” Liu Rongxia replied with red lips. Just after breaking through the eighth level of Qi training, she asked to be dispatched to perform tasks in order to help the family. Just as there was a shortage of people in the mine, she was sent here.

As a result, she stayed in the formation control room all day to observe the situation of the formation. It was really boring. I saw her black and white eyes rolled, and she had an idea. Liu Xianqing brought the wine bottle in his hand and begged pitifully.

“Uncle Eighteen, it’s too boring here. People don’t want to stay here to get moldy. I want to go to a lively place in Fangshi. Change the place for me, please, Uncle Eighteen.”

Liu Xianqing rolled her eyes at her and reprimanded angrily: “Little girl, do you think family tasks can be changed randomly? If you do this, it’s not a mess. You stay with me for at least one year, and there will be another one in half a year. A batch of family cultivators will come to take turns, and by the way, the newly mined ore will be transported away, and they will pass through Hongfenggufang City. When the time comes, you can just follow, and I will explain it.”

In the first half of the sentence, Liu Xianqing wanted to reprimand this little girl who was spoiled by the family, but when she saw that she was so pitiful and she was about to cry, she suddenly softened. Just do it, otherwise don’t think about it.


“I’ll stay for half a year,” Liu Rongxia wanted to beg for a few more words, but Liu Xianqing grabbed the bottle, turned her head and ignored her. Knowing that this was Uncle Eighteen’s bottom line, she had no choice but to accept her grievances, “Okay, okay. , Uncle Eighteen, you can’t lie to people, you will transfer them to Fangshi in half a year.”

“I know, I know, go and stare at the formation, don’t let anything happen again.” Liu Xianqing waved his hand impatiently, and quickly sent the little aunt away, who can’t be beaten or scolded, who calls his grandfather the patriarch!

What’s more, this is his own niece!

“Hmm!” Liu Rongxia reluctantly returned to the formation control room.

Wang Tianyu, on the other hand, paid attention to the situation after the jade gourd devoured the energy of the formation.

The result surprised him. The energy of this formation is the energy that is directly embodied and can be directly swallowed by the jade gourd for his own use.

In just a while, two drops of Primordial Spirit Divine Milk were produced, which was much faster than his day’s mining work, and consumed less spiritual consciousness and infuriating energy!

This gave him the idea of ​​smashing wool.

Of course, the wool can’t be stabbed in one place, otherwise the fool will know that there is a problem, so he starts to expand the channel laterally along the direction of the light film.

Then it devoured a wave of array energy every few dozen feet, creating a mouth-sized hole, so that Liu Rongxia, who was monitoring in the array control room, was too lazy to pay attention. She just recorded the situation on the jade slip, because the recent attack by the spirit-devouring ants The frequency of the formation is increasing, and the consumption of spirit stones has also increased a lot!

Although Liu Xianqing, the eighteenth uncle, is still not taken seriously, as a monitor, she must be responsible for keeping records and changing spirit stones frequently!

But Wang Tianyu didn’t know that his behavior of changing a place with a single shot invisibly matched the behavior of the spirit-devouring ants outside the great formation.

The reason why the Liu family set the boundary of the great array here is because there are soul-devouring ant nests a few dozen feet away, with dense passages all over it.

The Liu family’s gold spar ore vein can also be regarded as the soul-devouring ants that they robbed, but there are more soul-devouring ants and they are very flexible. group plan.

Turning his head, he set up a second-order low-grade thick soil formation to cover the place where the spirit-devouring ant colony had not yet been active, and snatched a piece of mineral vein fat from the mouth of the spirit-devouring ant colony.

The reason why the Liu family kidnapped foreign monks was to speed up the digging of the ore veins and give up!

Therefore, Wang Tianyu’s behavior was a mistake, and it also covered up a layer of protection for his behavior!

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